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12 Secrets to Make your Lash Clients feel VIP

Many clients love to feel beautiful and special for a few hours and every customer, of course, wishes to be treated as a VIP. 

You don’t have to be a big business in order to offer a premium service but we believe you can with these twelve easy to follow steps!

In this blog, we have come up with a list of intricate details that you can embellish to your clients services during their appointment. Achieve a 5-star customer satisfaction by training your staff, if any, to be hospitable to all of your clients by following these easy strategies:


1. Welcome Greetings

"Remember that a person's name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language to that individual," Dale Carnegie, a personality improvement lecturer, once stated. 

Calling your lash client by their name is a marketing strategy in and of itself, and welcome greeting messages are no exception. A warm welcome would make your clients feel overwhelmed while an effective greeting can melt your clients heart and if you unlock this portion, they’ll stay with you and become your loyal customers.

The Strategy. A welcome greeting is a warm gesture for your lash extension clients. Make something that is both creative and informative. If your clients are booked in advance, you can project a welcome greeting onto a plasma tv including their name and/or picture(s).  

It only takes a few skills to do this because creating welcome greetings and other powerful content comes in handy. There are a number of free image editing tools and templates on the internet to assist you like Canva, editing apps like Picsart, Pixlr, Prisma, and a whole lot more choices online.

If these resources are not available, you can use a small chalkboard or simply print a greeting with images or pictures of your client to welcome them upon their arrival. 

Your enthusiasm plays a big role! Remember, the way you greet someone determines how he/she will welcome you into his life.

2. Complimentary Drinks

Your welcome drink should not only make your guests feel welcome, but it should also set the tone for the rest of your services and offer them a glimpse of what they may expect. Customers will be pleased if you provide some beverage options. 

The Strategy. As your clients choose their treatment on your service menu, you can offer them a selection of drinks with healthy, natural and local options or the basics such as decaf coffee, cappuccino, fresh fruit juice, soda, herbal or iced tea, cucumber lemon or bottled water among others. Giving your guests choices increases the likelihood that one of your drink offerings will appeal to them and will serve as their favorite pick every visit. With these drinks, you can help your clients calm down and relieve their exhaustion. 

Drinks are conversation starters! Start by asking about their favorite quencher which you may want to include on your list of beverages. 

Make every interaction count! A simple drink can make your clients wink!

Chit chat with your clients

In this day of chatbots and technology, still, nothing beats a genuine, human interaction coming from an actual customer attendant. 

When it comes to choosing services, did you know that a lot of clients are making an impulsive decision without first consulting with the knowledgeable people in the field. 

The Strategy. Invite them to sit for a talk. If your clients are new to your salon, discuss the exceptional services that you offer, the products that you use and its benefits and advantages to other products available in the market. The information that you share with them will be useful in choosing which treatment(s) to pursue and how much follow-up the client may reasonably expect.

This will be also the opportunity for you to introduce the basic things and a skin patch test to your new clients to check on their allergic reactions. Let guests know why one of your distinctive services is rare or unique when they book it. Make a point of mentioning that you used a creative approach or a high-end product. By demonstrating this, you are showing your utmost professionalism.

Create a relaxing ambiance with just the appropriate amount of intimate talk. As a result, clients will love their trips and desire to return to your lash salon. You'll establish the tone for a relaxing visit if you take your time getting to know a client and letting them know what to expect. One good conversation can shift the direction of your lash business.


 4. Offer Package Deals and/or other services

To make your lash business more unique, offer combinations or bundle services that your clients can  avail. Aside from lash extensions, offering a wide variety of services can give you more options to earn.

Brilliant ideas for you. Learn everything you can about your customers, and tailor packages to fit their needs. If you have a high level of professional ladies as clients, you can put together a package for them to prepare for a speaking engagement. 

Create a girls night out bundle for your single clients. If you can sense that the  wedding bells are ringing, create a bridal package. Your clients will appreciate how well you grasp their intimate requirements.

     To give us an idea of what other services lash artists offer their clients,we made a simple survey in the lash communities on Facebook. Here is a summary of responses  that yielded out of the mini survey:


 Are these services already on your menu? Consider maximizing the use of your business to offer other services, in this way, you can be versatile with your talents and skills, learn new things and earn more in the beauty industry. A business strategy is a battle plan for a better future.

Aroma in the Air

A scent in the air can help establish a calming ambiance in your lash salon.  Aromatherapy diffusers or known as scent diffusers can be a great tool in achieving this. It releases essential aroma into the air, filling the salon with a pleasant indulging scent.

The Strategy. Diffusing scents like chamomile, lavender, and clary sage can provide a welcome relief from the stresses of the day and aid in relaxation for your clients.

Inquire about your client's favorite scents and utilize products that include  them, or light a scented candle or two in the nearby space to achieve an aromatic effect. Scent is the strongest tie to memory. An invigorating fragrance makes clients identify the distinctive scent with your lash salon.

Soothing music

Music has a powerful impact on both the mind and the body. A slower rhythm helps calm thoughts and relax muscles, making your lash clients feel calmer and letting go of the day's stress. Music can help your client relax and manage their stress.

Brilliant ideas for you. Lash artists have something to say about playlists too! We’ve asked the community of lash artists on Facebook about their playlist in their lash salon. Here are some of their Spotify playlists:

Relaxing music should be a regular staple on your services. Create a personalized playlist that you can play during the lash session of your client. Play quiet, relaxing music at a low volume in the background to achieve a relaxing mood. One good thing about music, when it hits the heart and soul of a person, he/she will feel no pain.


7. Discounts and other Personalized Service

Almost every client is on the lookout for ways to save money when availing a service. Giving your customers a discount is undoubtedly the most effective approach to get them into your lash salon quickly. 

The Strategy. No matter where your clients are coming from, provide them with personalized treatment during their visits. You may offer them the best spot in your salon, the best products or special touch on premium or customized services maybe. For example, eyelash extension and brow lamination are two separate services but can be offered at a special discounted rate. You may combine two or more treatments that your clients can avail at a markdown price. 

Giving consumers palatable service is an important component of generating great word of mouth - what we call "Wow" moments. According to research, more than eight out of 10 Wow encounters are sparked by a customer's perception that someone has truly gained ownership of a memorable experience. 

Keep in mind that the words “promo”, “sale”, and “discount” are every woman’s favorite, it’s up to you on how you make it more tempting!

8. Relaxing lash bed

A relaxing lash bed and ergonomic pillow can make your clients feel comfortable during the lash session. When it comes to picking the right one, the aim is to strike the right balance so that both the lash artist and the client achieves the maximum comfort. Choosing the right lash bed should be a wise decision. 

The Strategy:  Consider the following on your lash bed purchase: wide space for bigger clients, adjustable setting to your sitting height and to tailor it so that your legs can fit underneath it and functionable space if you prefer having your glue stone on the bed.

For sanitation purposes, for every client, put on a fresh towel on the lash pillow. For extra comfort, you can offer a soft blanket to your clients.  Regularly replace your linen. 

9. Luxurious Touch

Massage can reduce stress and enhance relaxation are two things that can be done to reduce bodily discomfort, and tension. This can also benefit you as it helps clients take a nap while you focus on your lash work. When your client falls asleep, they’ll be prevented from talking, moving, or taking toilet breaks, making your work easy to accomplish. Just make sure you did not offer them a caffeinated coffee or tea for this will keep them awake throughout the session.

The Strategy. Offer a relaxing head, facial, shoulder and arms massage while your client is lying on their back. In such a way, they can relieve muscle tension, take a short nap and relax while you are doing your task of making eyelash extensions. Later on, they’ll wake up with a beautiful glow with their fresh lash extension. 

A bed is every person’s refuge for the pursuit of rest. Make it everyone’s comfort zone!


Selfie Station 

With selfie walls, you can make your lash client’s extension session a beautiful lasting memory by capturing some photos.  Selfie walls are dedicated spaces within the lash salon where customers may interact with, photograph, and share their photos. Selfie walls are becoming increasingly popular, and it has been shown to be entertaining and beneficial to both customers and lash businesses.

The Strategy. After your clients’ eyelash extension, offer them a mirror so that they can appreciate their new look. Help them build their confidence with compliments on the dramatic transformation of their lashes.

Let your clients feel more beautiful by establishing a selfie corner in which they can opt to take an Instagrammable photo of themselves with their new eyelash extension. Your selfie station is just a matter of creativity. Decorate the area with neon lights, dried flowers, mirrors, or even plants. They’ll sashay away from your lash salon with not just the fresh lash extension and souvenir photo but a wonderful lash experience

11. Loyalty Program and other Freebies 

Loyalty cards are designed to keep customers earning points on every visit. Once these points are accumulated, the client may claim it in exchange for a free service. This is a strategy employed by most establishments in order for them to keep their clients availing services and earn rewards. 

Your lash clients will also be filled with joy if you are going to hand out a few gifts. It's a great idea for marketing or promotional things that are distributed as part of a marketing campaign. 

Brilliant ideas for you. We made a survey in the Lash communities on Facebook, asking the lash artists what freebies they give to their clients after their lash extensions treatment. Here are the responses:The freebies may be a little bit of a cost but the recurring clients is a return of investment to your business. In this world, there really is a law of cause and effect: You reap what you sow. Then the energy you put out really does come back to you.

12. Lash Care Tips and Reminders

care is not really a complex relationship! To make it even easier, give your clients step-by-step aftercare instructions for their classic, hybrid, and volume lash extensions. Save time and avoid late-night texts from clients by sending them home with lash extension aftercare cards after their appointments.

The Strategy. Before you part ways with your client, send them a lash aftercare card for them to be guided on caring for their eyelash extensions.There are ready made prints available in Amazon. But it saves cost if you can customize the aftercare cards according to your preferences. If you have not prepared this beforehand, there are templates on Pinterest for you to download and edit.

To keep your clients on track with their next lash session, along with the lash care tips, allot a space in which you can write the possible schedule of their next lash session. For booking confirmations, ensure that you’ll also reach out to your lash clients by having a record of their phone numbers . 

Rule of the thumb: Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement of your lash business.


Final Thoughts

Establishing a business is a battle of the fittest. If business owners want to create an impact on clients, one must be creative and employ various strategies in offering services. 

Businesses must evolve and should become abreast of the latest trends in order to thrive. That is why there are techniques involved in pursuing efficient and effective services. 

A good first impression is crucial in building a solid relationship with potential clients. Small details can make a huge difference while quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. The goal here is to offer the best customer service that is not just the best but legendary. So hit these strategies and make your lash salon a happy place!

Can you think of any that we've overlooked? We would love to hear from you. Please let us know if you have any further suggestions to add to the list.

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