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Store glues in the pouch with silica gel inside, seal it, and keep it in a cool place away from sunlight or other heat sources.

It is not necessary to store the glue in the fridge. However, during summertime, you may keep it in the fridge (not freezer). Let the glue return to room temperature before use.

Once opened the bottle can last up to two (2) months. Please note however that this period will be much subject to storage conditions as the glue polymerizes using moisture from air, and if not sealed tightly can get spoiled much faster than that.

We recommend using it within one (1) month after opening because no matter how ideal is the storage the nature of these glues is such that they are subject to aging, so the fresher the glue, the better. Please see production and expiry dates on the package.

Unopened bottles can be stored for up to 13 months under proper storage conditions in an unopened pouch before expiry. Once opened, the glue can last up to 6 weeks under ideal storage conditions (tightly capped, in the sealed pouch in a cool place), but we recommend using it within 4 weeks after opening because no matter how ideal is the storage the nature of these glues is such that they are subject to aging, so the fresher the glue, the better. Please see the production and expiry dates on the package.

We do our best to keep adhesives freshest and properly stored. Unfortunately, we have no control over shipment and delivery conditions, some bottles can get spoiled in transit if left sitting in the delivery truck or mailbox in the heat during hot season. Please always pay attention if the glue looks weird or unusual, has changed its normal consistency, or has an abnormally bad smell.

Squeaky clean lashes are important in eyelash application. Using a primer before the application of extensions makes perfect sense because it cleanses makeup, dust, and oil of natural lashes. We recommend using our Lash Primer as a part of lash preparation for removing body oils from natural lashes for perfect cleanness and ultimately better retention.

Clean lashes are key to retention. You can use our lash shampoo to remove make-up, dust, etc. followed by our primer for final degreasing to remove sebum to have squeaky clean natural lashes for better adhesion.

Different adhesives have different specifications, including the holding power, which is adequate for all adhesives to hold lashes until the next infill. Naturally, the stronger the glue, the higher number of extensions will stay on average, less extensions lost with natural lashes due to natural shedding cycle.

We recommend using our Pink Gel Remover for this purpose.

Clients should not get their extensions wet for 24 hours after the appointment unless a mister was used to fast-cure the glue. Adhesives need 24 hours to cure without misting. Otherwise, contact with water will cause shock curing making the glue look whitish and brittle.

The answer is no. Oil-based make-up, and to that effect any oil on extensions, will ruin the bond and retention.

Yes, all our adhesives are cruelty free. They were never tested on animals, and as they have no ingredients derived from animals can be considered vegan.

Yes, our adhesives are formaldehyde-free and comply with the FDA requirements concerning this chemical..

NO! All our adhesives are for professional use only. They must be used by lash artists who have undergone adequate training and are licensed/certified to do eyelash extension procedure. Self-application or DIY is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and can lead to serious reactions and irritations.

NO! All our adhesives are for professional use only. They must be applied by licensed lash artists on their clients eyelashes. Do not use for strip or cluster lashes.

Our adhesives belong to the class of semi-permanent glues for eyelash extensions. All of them contain Cyanoacrylate and have strong formulas for long retention and quick setting. They are not hypoallergenic and adequate precautions and training for their safe application.

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