Eyelash extension glue for extra sensitive eyes
Eyelash extension glue for extra sensitive eyes Eyelash extension glue for extra sensitive eyes Eyelash extension glue for extra sensitive eyes Eyelash extension glue for extra sensitive eyes Pure Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue

✔ FUME FREE -PURE Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue for Sensitive Eyes is made up of premium quality glue, odorless and Non-Irritating.PURE Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue is specifically formulated to eliminate potential irritation, burning sensation, and allergy for clients with extreme sensitivity.Pure Sensitive Eyelash Extension glue works best at 40-70% and temperature 70-74F° (21-23C°). 

 STRONG RETENTION and IMPROVED PERFORMANCE- With PURE Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue, longevity and gentleness are 2 important factors in considering Sensitive Glue for sensitive eyes. It contains a flexing agent that is very gentle to keep from causing damage to your clients' natural lashes. Pure sensitive eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes is yet gentle yet performs beyond expectation.

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Marissa C.
United States United States
Good Glue for a Good Price!

For Sensitive glue, this one has beat any glues in the market so far! Very low sensitivity thought it's a bit slow drying of course, it does the job for my clients! Really Happy!

Darlyn G.
United States United States
First time applying lashes..

Love this, best glue I’ve found for doing my own lashes, actually last long, I don’t lose a pile over night the first night like I have with other glues, had them on almost a week and lost maybe 1 or 2 clusters, happy with this overall and DOES NOTTTT BURN YOUR EYES when doing your own which is amazing!! No smell either!

David M.
United States United States
Easy application for lashing!

This is a great product. Easy application and great adhesion. I would recommend it for lashing.

Twanna S.
United States United States
I used it for my cluster lashes!

And I love it! First time doing my own cluster lashes and it didn't burn one bit (when i get them done my eyes usually burn badly) and this glue has great adhesion. Its been a week and from what i can tell only one cluster has come off. Usually I'd need a fill by now. Safe to say I'm doing my own lashes from now on. My only complaint is it takes some time for it to dry enough to stick to your lashes and that can be aggravating but that's to be expected with a gentler formula. Also had absolutely no problem squeezing it out. I saw a lot of people mention that and it made me hesitant to buy but it comes right out for me I'd definitely recommend. I'm grabbing a second one now

William B.
United States United States
Very good adhesive!

It works well. I am hypersensitive and this only burns a little. I was impressed with the strength and I’m no pro. This made it tolerable to do my own with/without a fan. Feedback from the company was appreciated. I recommend if you hate tearing up and fumes.