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Forabeli Max Solution For Eyelash Extension

Forabeli Max Solution For Eyelash Extension

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✅Accelerates Curing Time - Max Solution Lash Glue Accelerator is formulated with active components that speed up the glue curing and drying time between the natural and artificial lash, ensuring a quick and efficient lash extension process.

✅ Extreme Retention - Max Solution Lash Bonder creates a strong bond that extends the eyelash extensions wearing period, allowing you to enjoy your lash extensions for the maximum number of weeks.

✅Versatile - This Forabeli lash bonder and seal is perfect for all types of lashes, including classic, hybrid, and volume lashes. It's a must-have in your eyelash extension kit.

✅Maximizes Treatment Effect - The lash bond and seal not only ensure a strong bond but also maximize the effect of the eyelash extension treatment, giving you the best possible results.

✅ Activator For Low Humidity - Max Solution Lash Glue Accelerator rebalances the working environment if the air in the work area is too dry, the humidity is very low, and the room temperature drops.


How To Use Forabeli Max Solution as a Lash Glue Accelerator: CLICK HERE

How to Use Forabeli Max Solution as a Lash Bonder:  CLICK HERE

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Omg!!! I just try Forabeli Max Solution and Im so stock. Why I dont try this before ?? Say goodbye to the stickies. The extension bond immediatly on the lash and seal. Im so happy thank Forabeli !!!

Tina Truong
Best solution of your environment!

As a long running lash artist that moves around a lot it was extremely hard to navigate the humidity need of each space. When I got my hands on this beauty it was a game changer for me a small swipe on your strip of lashes let it dry and proceed with making your fans or placing classic lashes it helped me speed up my glues when my environment was not ideal game changer!

Kimberley Siemens
Best clear

I have used a lot of different waradhesives for my colored lashes and this one absolutely slays the game! 10/10

Johanne L.
Max Solution

It's probably the best product I've used so far that makes a big difference in retention and speeds up my work. I love it and highly recommend it!

Roxana M.
Good product

Product’s a little sticky