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Lash Primer 50ml For Eyelash Extensions

Lash Primer 50ml For Eyelash Extensions

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  • Increases Glue RetentionUsing our distinctive formulated eyelash primer for Eyelash Extension ahead of semi-permanent lash extensions for better hold of eyelash extensions(individual eyelashes to natural lashes) will help with eyelash extension glue retention issues.
  • Removes Proteins And Oils (Lash Cleanser)Eyelash Primer for Eyelash Extension (eyelash extension cleanser) is used to clean and disinfect clients' natural lashes. This product will remove dirt, oil, and any makeup from the natural lashes which could prevent the eyelashes extension, and lash extension glue from adhering properly
  • Pleasant Smell And ColorEyelash Primer for Eyelash Extension scent gives you and your client an enjoyable experience.