Image of an Eyelash Extension Glue ring and how it is used by lash artist

Guide to Lash Extension Glue Ring

How to select the most effective eyelash extension tools? For a lash artist, lash glue accessories or tools must be added to provide an excellent service to all of your valued lash clients. High-quality lash extension equipment means high-quality service.

Lash studios' equipment and tools might sometimes be expensive, but not all. The lash artist's most commonly used inexpensive accessory as a part of their lash extension session is wearing a tiny piece of ring called a lash extension glue ring.

What is a lash extension glue ring?

One of the ideal things during eyelash extension application is a glue ring. A lash extension glue ring is a ring that holds your adhesives while you are applying eyelash extensions to your clients. It can also have lash remover and lash primer.

Image of glue ring worn by the lash artist


Not having lash extension ring might sometimes lead to a messy workspace around. You might be seeing adhesives everywhere without knowing that it spilled or any circumstances that may happen. 

The lash extension process could also be easy on the part of the lash artist. They opted to do the work as clean as possible without any mess or accident during the session. Having glue rings will be such a big help. 

How to use it? 

Place the ring on your non-dominant hand and drip a drop into it. Because your hands are closer to the client's face, these disposable adhesive rings make applying eyelashes easier and faster.

It is good for lash artists who dislike cleaning the glue pallet after every use. It makes cleanup a breeze: quick, simple, and mess-free. Use and dispose it after. 

Why choose to use lash extension glue rings? 

Some lash artists might not be a huge fan of rings, but you'll be sure to enjoy using these lash extension glue rings if you would like to give them a try. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider it is adding to your tools:

First and foremost, every lash artist wants an easy, clean, and relaxed session. Lash artists always consider tools that would help them make their work easy. Lash extension glue rings work best for it. 

Second, no mess. This little tool is a mess saver since lash artists ensure glues will not spill around your working space. 

Third, it is easy to use. Just put the ring in your non-dominant hand, which means put it from the opposite side of your hand that is not using a tweezer for the application. That's it, and you can now use it.

Fourth, it could be the most inexpensive tool in the process. Glue rings can be purchased much cheaper when you buy them in packs.

Image of glue rings that can be bought in packs of up to 100pcs

What's great about eyelash extension glue rings? 

Because each adhesive/glue ring can be adjusted with relative ease, you may make it so that it fits perfectly on any one of your fingers. The glue ring can hold on to more than just the adhesive by itself. 

Its efficiency in your operation is one of the most significant advantages that the glue ring provides.

You don't want to clean small stuff, do you? Don't worry, and the glue rings are for one-time use only! You can switch them recklessly between different glue dips like you would socks. 

All of the factors mentioned above combine to make the glue ring the holder of choice for the majority of lash artists when compared to other options.

Types - a helpful feature of the glue ring 

One example of their choice can be a glue ring with a shallow. The shallow well that stands in for a diamond for eyelash extensions is worth far more than its carats. It helps reduce the amount of glue used and allows adhesives to dry more slowly, and an inner edge with a zigzag pattern helps remove excess glue.

Image of a swallow type glue ring

Another one is the V glue ring with a  heart-shaped glue ring design. This design will also help assist the easy process of building a pointed foundation for professionally built Russian volume fans. Ideal for ensuring the highest possible levels of client safety and hygiene by removing the possibility of adhesive spillage.

Image of a Heart-shaped glue ring

Lash artists could also choose a V glue ring with a multi-sided flower design, and was created to encourage the base to connect effortlessly, resulting in volume and mega volume fans. Each hole will keep stray lashes from getting too far away from the rest of the fan. During lashing sessions, the 2-sided glue chamber design eliminates the need to discard each ring after 30 minutes.

Image of a flower-shaped glue ring

Aside from the types of design, you can choose from, and there are also different colors of eyelash extension glue rings. It can come in white, blue, yellow, pink, and more. 

 Image of different glue ring colors



Many lash artists opted to choose tools that can make their work easier and improve the accuracy of their work. Glue rings might be tiny, but this little thing is a time saver. This means the lash artists can accommodate more clients if they save time.

Would you mind if I ask you a question before letting you go now, 

Are you ready for a lash extension career!? 

Just PUT a ring on it! 


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