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Shaking the Glue: Why is it Important?

Eyelash extension glues are used to attach lash extension fans to the natural lashes. Cyanoacrylate is a composition that mainly makes up the glue. This is the ingredient in every bottle of lash extension glue that makes sure the glue dries quickly and keeps the eyelashes in place for a few weeks. Without lash glue, there is no way lash extension can be attached to natural lashes that will last within a span of up to 6 weeks. 

There are a few things any lash artist should know about eyelash extensions glue before using it. One of the things is that prior to lashing, you should always make sure to shake your glue. It’s pretty obvious and straightforward that everyone knows why most liquid products require a little shake before using just as your favorite lash glues. Here’s to understanding the simple science behind why.   

So, why is it important to shake your adhesives? 

Eyelash extension glues are one big factor in the success of a lash application, if the glue isn’t working properly then it can be a big challenge to master successful results.  That’s why shaking your glue is very important because it is a crucial part of having good glue to work around with.

To mix it well! 

When a bottle of lash extension glue is stored for a little longer period of time, ingredients can separate from each other. Ingredients like cyanoacrylate in lash glue, which is responsible for bonding lash extension and natural lash, tend to sometimes separate from other components same with the carbon black that may sediment at the bottom of the bottle. 

To keep all components compact as in their original formulation- shaking the bottle to mix it up would definitely help. Keeping it that way would impact the overall process of the lash extension application to achieve the best results. 

Avoid retention issues! 

Shaking your lash glue can ensure that the lash extensions stay in place for a longer period of time. When the ingredients are thoroughly combined before use, the adhesive performs better, and the extension bonds to the natural lash more effectively. 

This is one way you can avoid retention issues that both you and your lash client don’t want to happen. It is possible to avoid retention issues if you shake your glue well. 

Drying time is vital! 

Different lash glues have different drying times and as a lash artist, you value that efficiency so well. Not shaking your lash glue can turn 1 second drying time into 3 seconds or 2 seconds to 5 seconds it is because if cyanoacrylate is not distributed evenly with the other ingredients, then it will not do its job as the bonding agent that can make the glue dries fast, which means the drying effect of each glue will end up taking longer than it should be. 

Simple steps to shake’em glues up! 

Manual Hand Shaking 

  • To start, remove the glue bottle cap, change the nozzle cover with a piece of foil (or a sponge, but not cotton, wool, or natural fibers), and hold it down firmly with your index finger (while holding/gripping the bottle with your thumb and middle finger) to prevent clogs. 
  • When shaking your adhesives, you need to shake them side by side, not up and down. Shaking it up and down may allow the adhesive to get stuck in the nozzle and harden. By shaking it side by side, it will mix well, which is what you really need - to shake that bottle very well. 
  • Shake vigorously for between 30 and 60 seconds up to 2 minutes.
  • Before dispensing your first drop, remove any bubbles that may occur during shakes by gently squeezing the bottle to release the trapped air. 

The 10-second magic shake - Electric Adhesive Shaker 

If you do a manual glue shake with your glues, it can be up to 2 minutes, and it could be tiring as you should do it every 20 minutes during application. Luckily, because of the beauty industry's popularity, tools are becoming innovative in this sector. Adhesive shakers are now out in the market to help lash artists like you make shaking glues easier and faster. 

The electric adhesive shaker ensures the best lash retention while saving your time and effort by quickly mixing the adhesive and its ingredients. Additionally, it generates little noise, so your lash client won't be disturbed. This time saver adhesive shaker will help you become more productive in your lash application.

  • To begin with, your shake, get the rubber attachment that could fit your bottle cap. (You don’t need to remove that cap off your glue bottle if you use an adhesive shaker) 
  • Attached bottle cap into the rubber. 
  • Press the start button of the shaker to shake the bottled glue
  • Mix for about 10 seconds and detached the bottled glue from the shaker 
  • Viola! You now have a good mix of adhesive. 

Lash extension glue dropping from a perfect mix glue

⏰ Glue Drop ⏰

  • Change your glue drop every 15-20 minutes as that glue is already exposed to humidity and air that affects how the glue works. 
  • As a lash artist, it is important to know that the size of your glue drop is important as well. It is because you don’t want to waste any adhesives, if you drop more of what you need within 20 minutes of lashing it could start to polymerize and it will dry soon and become unusable. 

*Do not apply the glue yet, if you notice a foggy outer ring around it; instead, shake it once more.

(If your glue isn't properly shaken, it will appear as a hazy gray liquid. If you look closely, you might even catch a glimpse of this foggy gray hue just as the droplet lands on your palette, glue ring, or jade stone.) 

* Never use alcohol wipes or cotton rounds to clean the nozzle

(Alcohol makes your glue polymerize which could clog and block the nozzle from dispensing the glue and the cotton fiber may cause fire/burn when in contact with the adhesive)

* Do not dip extension fans on the top or bottom part of the drop, instead make sure that it is to dip in the middle part of the adhesives. 

(Top and bottom start to polymerize and eventually dry first.) 

Other tips to take care of your adhesives

Finding the right bottle of adhesives is very important, so if you find one you need to take good care of it. Aside from shaking your adhesives for up to two minutes, here are some of the tips you need to do to get the most out of your lash glues.

Burp your adhesive bottle

As said, any liquid that has been shaken may create bubbles, that bubbles are the air that has been trapped in the bottle after you shake it.  Burping is letting out air that bubbles. You can give a gentle, slow squeeze (removing the cap) and allow the air bubble to slip out. 

Cleaning nozzle after using the glue 

After using your adhesives, expect that there are excess glues in the nozzle. If you don’t want your glue clogged in the next use, you need to clean it with foil or a lint-free cotton pad. 

Use an airtight container for storage 

Extending adhesive shelf life is important, and using an airtight container makes it easier. These containers will help keep the humidity and temperature controlled as much as possible. 

Forabeli Eyelash Extension Adhesives


Lash adhesives are varied, unique, and unstable substances. Ingredients in each bottle tend to separate in some glues. The chemicals can vary from fume levels, consistencies, drying time, and so forth. Because of all these changes, maintaining your adhesive is essential if you want to get the most out of it. You must monitor your room's humidity, temperature, and, most especially,  before and during lash application.

It sounds easy but as a lash artist, you must not ignore these things. Following simple advice, like how to properly shake adhesive, can make a difference in your client's retention and in your lash application. ⁠

Shake that glue, babe! 

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