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Recommended Sleeping Positions with Lash Extensions

 After getting eyelash extensions, lash clients are led to different aftercare questions. As a lash artist, you need to inform and discuss the importance of having aftercare knowledge even up to small details like their sleeping positions with their lash extension on. Informing your lash clients helps them get the best retention for their lash extensions. 

Unlike false lashes, eyelash extensions are attached to natural lashes using adhesives, which means they cannot be removed every time wanted and reattached whenever needed.  Even in sleep, lash extension clients have extensions attached to their lashes. One of the most asked questions a lash artist gets from their clients is “how would they sleep not ruining their lashes?”  

Preparation before sleeping 

Like any other beauty treatment, questions on what can be good sleeping positions or can you even sleep with the enhancement on should not be a problem at all. A beauty enhancement such as having a lash extension should not be much of a  bothersome to your sleep routine.

After the lash session, lash clients might be confused on how they deal with the new enhancement they just had. In order for them to get used to that beauty enhancement, they need preparations. 

One factor that helps your client get a comfortable and restful sleep during the night while wearing lash extensions is having the right bedtime preparation. It should be part of the night routine before going to sleep to wash their lash extensions with the right cleaning product or a specifically formulated lash shampoo. Emphasize that washing their faces is not the same as washing their lashes.

Before jumping off to bed, remind them to take a little flip of the sheets on both sides to dust off debris and dust. This is important, as you don’t want to lay down with dust around you and get them on your lashes. Small debris can cause retention issues to your client's lashes. 

Lash Technicians BEST Recommended Sleeping Position 

Sleeping in the most comfortable way gives every person the feeling of satisfaction and rest. But when you are getting some beauty treatment, there are things to consider. In getting a lash extension, most lash techs recommend sleeping on the back as the best sleeping position. This sleeping position helps protect the eyelash extension from being rubbed, pressed, and tugged during their sleep. 

Sleeping with their back position

This is a very important sleeping position, especially for first-time lash clients as they are not yet used to having a lash extension, and are definitely new to the aftercare routines including the right sleeping position to retain good lashes.

Sleeping on your side position is okay too, but remind them not to lean on their faces too much and too long on the side as there are still chances of lash strands falling off especially right after getting the lash extension when lashes are still curing.

Lash Technicians NOT recommended sleeping position 

As much as possible, advise your client not to sleep on their stomach after getting a lash extension. Sleeping on their stomach can compromise the perfect lash extension crafted by these professional lash artists and can potentially damage your lashes during sleep. Continuously rubbing the lash extensions to the pillow or bed sheet covers can shed up your lashes and ruin that curls. There is a high risk of getting extension lashes bent out or being ripped off easily when lash clients continuously sleep in this position. 

Sleeping with stomach position

Best PILLOW to use - Important factor during sleep 

Much to the sleeping position, the type of pillowcase fabric used should also be considered as part of the aftercare reminders.

The most commonly used pillowcase fabric is cotton, linen, or polyester, which can potentially cause early shedding due to friction. 

The best and ideal pillowcase is the Silk cover. Silk covers don’t trigger friction or pull off strands thus, making it the most recommended type of fabric.  

Eye Mask: Can you wear them while sleeping with a lash extension? 

Eye Masks help people sleep especially when they are sensitive to light.  But the question is, can a lash client still wear an eye mask during sleep while having their lash extensions on?

Woman sleeping wearing eye mask

The answer is YES but with the right kind of eye mask. Cupped or 3D eye masks are more reliable than regular flat sleep masks, in keeping your lashes from being ruined because these types of masks allow a gap between the lash extension and the mask itself. 

Final Thought 

Sleeping is your reward after a full day and it should be as comfortable as it could even after getting some beauty treatments. These beauty enhancements should not put health at risk by sacrificing your good sleep. Getting a good sleep is very essential in regaining energy for the next brand new day. And while it may take some hard work and commitment,  it is still possible to follow these beauty treatment tips without sacrificing your sleep routine. Be sure to remind your lash clients of these important aftercare tips to get the best glam look and good lash retention while still having the best beauty sleeps. 

Happy lashing, queens!

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