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Lash Extension Eye Pads and How to Use It

Preparation before lashing is very essential as a lash artist, you should check if everything is complete before starting your session. Making sure that everything is set helps you manage your time and energy while lashing.

One of the tools in lash kits that are commonly prepared by the lash artist is eye pads. The top and lower eyelashes are kept apart during the eyelash extension procedure using eye pads. Without them, the extensions above and the natural lashes below. 

Do you want to know more about eye pads and how to use them? Well, let’s dig deeper into this lash set and get to know them better below. 

What are Eye pads? 

Eye pads are one of the tools in a lash artist’s lash kit lash application. They are sticky patches attached to your lower lashes to keep them out of the way and fit around the lower portion of the eye. Commonly in color white, eye pads are made into various materials but in recent years, the use of eye pads designed specifically for delicate skin has grown dramatically. Most quality eye pads in the market are made of materials that are hypoallergenic that are a friendly and healthy option for sensitive skins. 

How Does Eye Pad Work?

A successful lash application needs to have successful isolation. When isolating lashes, an eye pad takes a big part. When separating a single eyelash using tweezers, the eye pads let the lash artist touch the under-eye area by not touching the skin directly. It also makes the isolation process become more visible during the process. It makes the isolation process easier. 

Eye pads are considered to be a protection as well for the delicate skin under the eyes. Not only protect tweezers from contact directly with the eyes but also prevents adhesives from sticking to the skin as well.

Isolation process preparing for eyelash extension application

How to identify a good set of eye pads? 


  • Gives comfort and relaxation during application. Your lash client is using the eye pad from the start of lashing up to the end, making sure that it is not itchy, moving, and uncomfortable to wear helps you continue lashing without any delay. You are also allowing your client to feel comfortable in every lash application that makes them keep coming back. 
  • Eye pads should be in a light color, especially white ones. Part of the job of these pads is making sure that it is easier to manage the isolation process during lashing, if eye pads are in a light color like white they will work really well. Isolating lashes make them more visible and easy to see.  
  • Make the application easier for you. It should make it easier for you to grab the inner and outer parts of the lower lash. 
  • It sticks well. Above all, you don’t want to have accidents during your application, unintentionally, if eye pads keep on sliding, you might accidentally injure your lash client. Eye pads that stick well make sure that you can move and do your application without worrying about sliding eye pads. 
  • How to obtain great results using eye pads? 

    Before applying the eye pads, the lash artist must make sure that the entire area around the eyes is clean. Using lash shampoo can make the job easier. Cleaning the entire eye area ensures the stickiness of the eye pads when attached. 

    Most eye pads are commonly made and designed for almond eyes, the most common eye shape. To know that it is a good fit, you can try to put the eye pad on while the client opens their eyes and see if it fits, if not you can try cutting out excess parts until it fits perfectly. 

    The next thing you need to do is to stick that eye pad. You should be careful in this part, make sure that you position it right down the eyelid margin and the eye pad doesn’t touch it. You can also ask your client if the eye pad position is making them comfortable and if not, adjust it. 

    Why invest in good-quality eye pads? 

    Investing in good-quality eye pads can make huge quality results rather than buying a cheap one. Cheap eye pads might not stick well or last the whole session, they could also be too sticky that can be difficult to remove after lashing while buying quality eye pads, save your time, give your clients satisfaction, and ensure quality that both you and your client wants. 

    By investing in quality eye pads you can also avoid eye pads that trigger allergic reactions. Of course, that’s one of your top priorities, to ensure the safety of your client. Invest in hypoallergenic eye pads that ensure safety for your clients. If you are still doubtful, perform a patch test before using it. 

    Eye pads stick to the lower part of the eyes perfectly

    Final Thought 

    Preparation is necessary for every lash extension application, ensuring that you and your clients are comfortable with the whole process using quality tools in your lash kit takes a big part of your lash career. Lash clients will keep coming back not only for your good service but also for the quality tools used in your application. 

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