Image of the no-makeup look of a girl who only wore eyelash extension 

8 Refreshing Summer Lash Looks

Thinking about summer is what most people are excited about. It's the best time for people to be simple but classy. People most likely wanted to be natural-looking all this time. Are you wondering how to do it? Eyelash extension is the simple answer. 

Two of the most favorite things people are looking for are summer and lash extensions. We think it's safe to say that summer is finally here, with the opportunity to relax in the warm, bright sun fully!

Who doesn't wish to freshen up their appearance? It's summertime, which means it's time for eyelash extension. The lash extension is a popular procedure in the beauty and cosmetic industry that will never go out of style because it is painless and straightforward to maintain.

Summer and lash extensions are a match made in heaven! Here are eight refreshing lash looks you should try while enjoying your summer fun activities. 

  • Naked/Natural Lash Look 
  • According to the new fad, achieving natural-looking eyes, even wearing lash extensions, is a big hit. Lash artists must have extreme skills to complete natural-looking lash extensions. This lash look will make you feel good even when you get off the water or flaunt it while having a great talk with your friends. 

    Image of Kylie Jenner with no make-up look, just natural lash extensions

    Look at Kylie Jenner's no-makeup look and just wearing a natural-looking lash extension. She had to take a great selfie with it. She's looking stunning with those lash extensions. 

    1. Brown Lashes

    Because many people are up to the challenge of trends nowadays, they choose to be more adventurous with how they want their lash looks. As nearly-natural sets become trendy, many lash wearers opt for dark or medium brown rather than the regular black lash.

    <span style="font-weight: 400;"> Image of lash clients opted for brown lash</span><span style="font-weight: 400;"> </span>


    Brown extensions paired with a classic set technique can give the effect of waking up like this. The style is best suited to people with lighter skin tones or light natural hair—a must-try for natural girls.

    1. Wet Lash Look

    Summer is about going to beaches and taking some great selfies with the waves, beach lines, and the sunset; what's more incredible is taking a picture with a wet-look face. It sounds like real summertime, right? 

    Image of Lash clients satisfied getting the wet lash look 


    Hybrid techniques are used to achieve this wet lash look. A combination of classic and volume techniques. Some lashes have single extensions applied to them, and others have multiple. 

    1. One full-color Lash 

    You can never go out of style with eyelash extensions, and what's more, when you have color lashes attached! Color lashes have been so much popular. It could be seen on Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, and different social media influencers' sites. 

    Image of ladies chooses one full-color lash 


    With colored lashes, you may unleash your inner artist and express yourself in a new and exciting way. The vivid and bright colors of colored volume lashes will give your clients the volume and lushness they desire while adding a distinctive touch.

    1. Mix and Match Colored Lashes 

    Are you thinking about going to a summer party or just enjoying the music along with other beachgoers? Another way to be more adventurous and creative is to mix and match the colored lash to look perfect for any season. All bright colors are perfect for a warmer season. There's a new method to make your summer clothing stand out. 

    <br /> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Images of lash clients getting different mix and match colored lash extensions </span></p>

    Mix-and-match colored lash extensions are the perfect accents to create a captivating lash look. You can also find a shade that will compliment your natural eyes, even more, using color theory. 

    1. Diamond-studded Lashes

    Diamonds are a girl's best, and so with lash extensions. Many of the world's most gorgeous women prefer diamond studs because they make them stand out. The perfect look for any occasion is a lash extension with a diamond stud set. 

    <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Image of a lady who opted to try lash extensions with diamonds </span></p> <p> </p>


    1. Longer Lashes 

    Today's eyelash lovers want long lashes. Especially most people wanted to achieve no make-up look during summer, and they opted to go with eyelash extensions. For it to be more capturing and attractive, they wanted it longer. More and more lash clients want sets that focus on length, and we've seen lash extensions that were as long as 25 mm!

    Image of before and after lash extension application


    Just keep in mind that natural lash health is the most important thing. Lash stylists have to consider how much weight a natural lash can hold when doing lashes. If an extension is too heavy, it could hurt or break the lash. Give them length, but don't risk anything! 

    1. Textured sets 

    In 2022, it's all about the feel! No more sets that are a perfect match. Instead, lash clients want very smooth looks and have a lot of layers. Textured backgrounds can be as thin as a feather or as thick as a mountain, depending on how the sets are used. 

    Image of a woman whole chooses to have texture sets 

    If you've never looked at eyelashes closely, you might be surprised to learn that they don't grow in a straight line. Our lash lines have rows of hair follicles, just like other hairs. When you put on lash extensions, you can separate these rows, which can help you get that textured look.

    To get all of the great benefits of eyelash extensions, you need to find a professional who been an experience in the field. After all, they have to be able to put each extension on each natural lash perfectly, without letting the lashes stick together or the glue touches your eyelid. When eyelash extensions are put on correctly, they don't hurt your real eyelashes or slow down their growth, which is important for your eye health and appearance.

    Here are some tips for maintaining Summer Lash Looks

    Have you ever liked how a child's eyelashes were long and shiny and wished yours were the same? Some of us weren't born with long, beautiful eyelashes, but many were, and they've just gotten a little shorter over time. Or, maybe our lighter skin and hair just make our eyelashes not as dark or thick as we would like. 

    For you to be able to maintain eyelash extensions that will not only last for days, make sure you consider the following: 

    Don't go outside for the first two days

    In the first 48 hours, retention can be affected by how hot it is. Even after two days, the glue is still bonding. Stay inside and out of the heat as much as possible while the glue is still setting, and make sure you book an appointment and have your lash extension ahead of time before your getaway.

    Following rules after getting eyelash extensions

    • Pool Rules

    Taking a few simple steps while lying by the pool can help your eyelashes last longer. First, don't use sunscreen with oil in it. Your natural lashes and a lash extension will break off if you use essentials with oil. We always say to wear sunglasses to protect your eyelashes and your eyes from the sun. If you swim, you might want to wear goggles. The chlorine and the friction from the water can loosen the glue on your eyelashes.

    • Ocean Rules

    Like at the pool, you should wear goggles in the ocean because the salty water will also mess with your eyes. After you swim, make sure to dry your eyelashes with a soft towel.

    Spray Tanning

    Don't spray it on your face or wear goggles to protect your eyelashes if you want that perfect summer glow from a spray tan.

    Watch out for more lash growth.

    During the summer, both your hair and eyelashes grow faster. Don't worry if you see more blood. If you want to keep your full set of lash extensions, you might want to come in for fills more often.

    Bring some tissues or a small fan.

    Anything you can do to keep your lash extensions dry and free of sweat will help them last longer.

    Avoid Intense Heat

    Whether it's a campfire or your hairdryer in the morning, be extra careful to keep your eyelashes away from direct, intense heat. They'll get plenty of it anyway.

    Lash lovers opted to have eyelash extensions while spending their summer, they need to take care of their lash extensions while having fun. But maybe eyelash extensions are faster and easier to get the look we want this summer.

    Final Thought

    Lash lovers always wanted to experiment with their looks while looking more natural. Eyelash extensions are one trend that has been popular for quite some time but appears to be gaining even more popularity with each passing year. Make sure that you experiment with a new trend in eyelash extensions for the occasion that is coming up.

    People adore lash extensions because they are a low-maintenance alternative for "getting up and going" with little or no additional make-up. When the sun comes out, and everything starts to heat up, we've never been happier to discard that pesky, messy make-up!

    Are you ready to have a refreshing summer lash look? Comment below and let us see how eye lashing helps you achieve your summer lash look goals! 

    Happy Lashing! 

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