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Why Become a Lash Artist?

What you choose to become in life must be something you are passionate about and that you would really love to see yourself doing for a long time. Because to commit to a profession is not just bread and butter. One must learn how to sow the wheat to have something to harvest.

In the realm of cosmetology, lash artistry has become a fad and an ultimate favorite. And while it is indeed a lucrative job, it entails and requires 100% commitment and dedication. That’s why those who have become or wish to become may not have hundreds but definitely have enough reasons why they chose the path.

So what makes the craft of eyelash extension worthy of the hustle?

  1. You become an artist

For those who have an eye for art and is gifted with the prowess of a creative mind, eyelash extension application is quite an indulgence. Every day you assess and decide which style, colour, length, thickness and curl suits your lash client’s eye shape and even the personality they want to portray. You also become a good critique of a good lash fit. Lastly, the amount of effort you pour into your lash work in order to have the accuracy and precision is a state of the art, itself. And as an artist, you have the ability to change a client’s dream into a reality.

  1. Flexibility in Schedule, Eliminate Commute and Be your Own Boss

Some jobs are better suited for the unpredictably hectic lifestyle of a mother. A perfect career would be one in which you could determine your own hours, bring in a decent income, still let you pursue your interests and most importantly, don’t miss a chance to take care of your family.

The flexibility in schedule and the opportunity to eliminate the hassle in commuting or driving to work are some of the few very enticing reasons why many have considered and pursued a lash extension career. You get to decide the most convenient time and place where you do your lash work and that’s such an underrated benefit. If you’re not a morning person, then you can easily take appointments that do not require early alarms and that’s such a luxury!

Lastly, you can be your own boss (unless you work for a beauty salon). You get to decide everything for your business, from fees to policies that which are according to your fair terms and basically what best suits your schedule and lifestyle.

  1. Expand Clientele

Now for those who have been in the beauty enhancement industry, having a one-stop-shop like skills is very attractive to clients. Not only do they  get the overall glam look they wanted, but they won’t also stress out looking for many professionals who can do one thing and then hopping onto another beautician for another treatment. A beauty enhancement professional that has the ideal skills of different sought- after treatments is a dream fairy godmother that truly works wonders from head to toe!

Whether your expert in hair treatment and styling, nail arts and polish or a make- up artist, adding a lash extension skill is never a loss but a huge opportunity to expand your clientele and your business. Upskilling is the only way to enhance and expand one’s opportunities, in terms of income and career growth.

  1. Money! Money! Money!

Being a lash artist indeed, offers a wide range of benefits and one of them is the luxurious income it can possibly provide. When you have already built your reputation and have established a loyal client base, lash artistry becomes a high- income generating job many dream about. Because the lash industry continues to boom, a well- marketed lash technician can earn up to $50,000 per year and even more.

In addition, the lash industry also offers many opportunities to generate income, from providing eyelash extension services to educating aspiring lash technicians and even creating and selling your own eyelash extension product line.

  1. Work with People and Make People Feel Their Best

One of the benefits of lash extensions is that they complement their wearers' natural beauty without drastically altering their appearance. And it is a rewarding feeling that you were quite an instrument for many people to gain more self- confidence and help them in their dreams of enhancing how they look. A lot of your work is done one-on-one with your client and the time you spent together strengthens a sense of trust and friendship. Your client trusts you and in return, you build a good relationship that can extend beyond the corners of your lash studio.

Final thoughts…

Because beauty is a subjective matter, beauty enhancements are people’s chance of being the beautiful them that they want. Whatever that makes one feel beautiful, as long as it’s not harming them or others, is a valid way to get that satisfaction.

As for being a lash tech, this is more than just a job, a business or a passion. This is a service industry that has been making a difference and elevating the way people perceive beauty, in general.


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