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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But clearly, adding eyelash extension to the eyes makes many beholders agree to one meaning of “beautiful”.

Indeed, eyelash extension has been revolutionary. It has made an easy way to the mainstream market and has been one of the top options for many women and men to get full, curly and thick eyelashes and steal the scene.

So, whether you’re a first- time client or a lash professional beginning to learn the craft of eyelash extension, it is a good start to know a handful of the basics of this beauty procedure.


An eyelash extension is a fine synthetic lash that is being attached to the natural lash with the use of an eyelash extension adhesive or glue to achieve fluttering lashes and more emphasized eyelash curls. It is a painless lash procedure that is done by a certified lash technician. Unlike DIY lashes and falsies, an eyelash extension can have retention for up to 6 to 8 weeks depending on the products used, quality of application and the aftercare maintenance.

An eyelash extension is the best substitute to eliminate the inconvenience of falsies and mascara. Although this luxurious option is fairly expensive than the alternatives, many have already invested in getting the procedure as its benefits have been recognized to be worthy.


  1. Material

Professional eyelash extension artists might choose from mink, silk, or synthetic materials. Several salons provide "faux mink" extensions, which are just synthetic versions of real mink hair.

Real mink lashes use the actual hair of minks which are known to have soft and silky fur. But mink lashes are becoming rare nowadays due to the shift to a cruelty- free industry. On the other hand, silk lashes are mostly made of synthetic silk fibers which can be very soft and lightweight making it more expensive and rarer to find as compared to synthetic ones.

Lastly, synthetic lashes are made of a material called polybutylene terephthalate or PBT which are simply known to be plastics. This type of lashes is the most used as these lashes can be strong and flexible while still being lightweight and natural-looking. 

  1. Curls

Various curls (I, J, B, C, D, CC, DD, U, L, and M) are accessible in the eyelash extension market, with the curvature of the lashes serving as the determining factor. 

J CURL LASHES - This eyelash extension curl is looking like a naturally straight lash. It has the least curl among the different eyelash extension curls. It is also best used for clients who want a "conservative look". This is also the usual curl that can be used for male clients who want eyelash extensions without looking too feminine.

B CURL LASHES - This eyelash extension curl has a simple lash curl yet with a little more lift than J Curl lashes. This is a good option for clients with straight lashes.

C CURL LASHES - One of the most popular curl lashes. This eyelash extension curl has a slight, natural curl often used for customers who are looking to achieve a very natural look. This type of curl does not open the eye much, therefore, might not be the best choice for people who have “closed eyes”

CC CURL LASHES - This eyelash extension curl is one of the most often used curl types, can carry especially during volume application. This curl allows an open-up look for the eye. It picks up the lashes that are growing down and creates a fresh and rested look for clients.

D CURL LASHES - It is very similar to C Curl. This eyelash extension curl is also trendy because it gives more lift and shows a more visible lash line. It provides one of the most lifts and tends to give the eyes dramatic effects. 

L CURL LASHES - This eyelash extension curl has a similar shape to a reversed L, only that it’s slightly tilted downwards. This curl best picks up natural lashes that come from deep-set eyes. It’s also best used to pick up natural lashes that grow downward and create a more naturally opened-up eye look.

L+ CURL LASHES - L+ curl lashes look like the “L” curl, only that it has an additional bent angle. This eyelash extension curl also provides a lift to lash lines. This is another option for clients who have a straight natural lash.

  1. Length

The length of the eyelash extension is a good variation to experiment on different styles and look.

If you want to add length to your natural lashes, you can choose from a wide variety of lengths, often 5-20mm. This variety is the standard though some lash studios or lash artists may have more.

Short lashes vary from 5mm to 8mm, moderate lengths of 9mm to 12mm, long lengths of 13mm to 16mm and extra-long choices up to 20mm. 

  1. Diameter

Eyelash extension diameter is the thickness of the individual synthetic lash. The most critical factor to consider in selecting the diameter or thickness of eyelash extension is the condition of the natural lashes. Some eyelash extensions can be too heavy for the natural lash to carry and may cause damage. Premature fall out and poor retention of eyelash extension can result in the wrong choice of eyelash extension thickness.

Clients with thinner and smaller natural lashes can have eyelash extensions with thickness around 0.10-0.15mm. Beyond these diameters, extensions should only be applied to clients with stronger natural lashes. 


The first application can take anywhere from one hour to four hours, depending on the desired look and the skill of the lash technician. In some cases, the infill may take a couple of hours. 


Depending on the quality of the eyelash extension application and the aftercare maintenance, eyelash extension can last up to 8 weeks. Infills are done every 2 weeks depending on the growth cycle of the natural lashes.


The location, the expertise or skills of the lash artist and the style of the eyelash extension (classic, volume) will determine the price of the service. Typically, a classic set costs around $80 to $150 while a volume set will cost more as this style is more intricate and requires more time to accomplish.

 The experience and skills of the lash artist will also impact the pricing. Experienced lash artists can demand more than the beginners as they have already established their name and their output has already been tested.


Yes! Colored eyelash extensions have become the newest and hottest trend in the eyelash

extension industry. Choosing the colors of the synthetic lashes that best fit the theme of the event you’re attending or just best describes the mood your feeling has become easy and sought-after. Thanks to innovating clear lash extension glues

Final Thoughts…

Adding eyelash extensions to the overall glam have transitioned from being just an option to being a must-have. Having beautiful, thick eyelash curls makes the look eye-catching and that’s exactly the reason why this lash enhancement procedure has been the crowd’s favorite.

Aside from the beauty it adds to the eyes, having eyelash extension is really enticing knowing that you won’t have to fret every morning on prepping your eyes for the day. 

Beauty enhancements are not just luxuries now. They have turned into a big part of one’s self care. And eyelash extensions have become an expression. 

For a beautiful life!

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