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Doing unimaginable wonders in the eyelashes of your lash extension clients is one thing; making them feel really beautiful and pampered is another. Nowadays, customer experience has become a vital aspect of every business especially in those serviced- based businesses such as lash artistry and lash salons. Making your clients feel cared and tending to their needs have been proven to increase customer satisfaction and retention- even exceeding the effect of pricing it has. After all, customers are the core of every business. 

For lash artists, their service may also be a business but at the same time, the relationship they build with their clients is beyond just “marketing” or “customer service”. Most often than not, clients become dear friends. And that is why the care lash artists give to their clients are more of an expression of their love language than just a performance of customer service. 

In this article, we will try to enumerate some ways to go above and beyond your business as a lash artist These tips are doable and will greatly impact your word-of-mouth referral and at the same time, build a strong foundation of relationship between you, the lash artist and your masterpieces, your lash clients. 

  1. Inquiry and appointment setting

Before you jump in and begin the actual work, as a lash artist, there are many ways to treat your lash clients with first-class service even before they set foot through your lash salon doors. Here are some of the tips you can do in order to start a quality lashing experience:

1a. Respond to inquiries immediately or as soon as you can. When a client reaches out, she already has the intention to get your service or at least scouting to get one. Your response time is critical. Set-up a template of frequently asked questions and answers in your business page or website. People tend to be impulsive and it is almost true to all that the first one to respond to their queries gets the job.  

1b. Be clear in communicating everything- price, schedule, policies and pre-treatment instructions. Avoiding all the unnecessary confusion and misunderstandings not only saves time for your clients, but to you mostly, as a lash artist who operates on a strict timetable. Not to mention the frustration your clients will feel which hurts your customer service real bad.

  1. During the appointment 

The moment your lash client enters your lash salon for their appointment, you need to be sure your 5-star customer service is in place to create that lasting impression clients carry on their way out of your salon and hopefully, tell their friends about. So dig in these interesting and simple tips you can do:

2a. Remind and confirm your client a day before her appointment. This way she’s able to plan her schedule and won’t ruin yours. 

2b. Set the VIP mood in your lash salon. Welcome greetings with welcome drinks, soothing aroma in the air, calming music and a relaxing lash bed are just a few of the tricks to set that premium lash salon impression. 

2c. Be on time. It is general knowledge to all that nobody likes waiting, especially if you’ve agreed on a schedule. 

2d. Examine and discuss with your lash client the right lash extension type she could get that matches her eye physique and personality. As a professional, it is invaluable to clients to hear your expertise and perhaps get some insights if it’s their first time getting a lash extension. 

2e. Never forget to do an interview with your client regarding her health safety. It is indispensable that you know her health condition including allergies and sensitivities to chemicals. Perform patch test. This should be a priority. 

2f. In connection to safety and quality of your eyelash extension, use premium and trusted lash products. Know your products’ formulation, instructions on how to use and the safety precautions. 

2g. If possible, offer package deals. Offering bundle services is a great opportunity for your additional income stream while delighting your clients with several options of services to choose from for a complete pamper day. 

2h. Do your best in every lash work you handle. All throughout the day, whether she’s the first or the lash client you will do lash extension application on, she deserves as much quality output as everyone gets. Your craft and your commitment to deliver stunning results speak volume about you as a professional. 

  1. Aftercare

As a professional lash artist aiming to provide 5-star customer service, the work does not end when all the lashes have been placed. In fact, the quality of your eyelash extension not only depends on your expertise in applying but also the cooperation of your lash client to adhere to all aftercare instructions for a good lash retention. Below are some tips to follow:

3a. Discuss with your client the aftercare do’s and don'ts to take good care of her new lash extension. Be very clear about these instructions and explain why they are so important. 

3b. From time to time, reach out to your clients and ask for the status of their lash extensions. This way you will know if they're having issues with their lashes and so you can give recommendations. 

3c. Politely ask for feedback or customer review from your clients. These customer reviews are very powerful in promoting your craft as well as making your service and business even better. 

3d. Respond to complaints professionally and courteously. Do not be defensive right away without examining what must be causing the problem. Empathize with your clients and provide solutions that best serve both your interests. If necessary, compromise. Unhappy clients will tell 5 times more people of their bad experience than a happy client about getting a good one.  

3e. Build a loyalty program. Your loyal clients make your business running. Give out loyalty cards, point systems, discounts and freebies to your constants. The loyalty they give to you is your most precious reward as a professional- value it. 

Sure, the quality of your lash extensions and their retention are big determinants of your client’s satisfaction or frustration. However, the way you make your client feel all the way in their lashing experience is something that impacts both their lashes and their journey to beauty and confidence. 

As someone who aspires to deliver something of value, be it in beauty or friendship, nothing is more rewarding for a lash artist than to know you never held back in delivering your craft with love and knowing such love is ever received and recognized. 

Happy lashing, queens! 

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Thank you for sharing such informative information. As a lash artist, I take great pride in my work and make sure my lash client has that 5 star experience from the moment they walk in and to the moment they leave. This article also provides additional service value that I will implement in the future. Aftercare instructions and incentives are very important as well as necessary for the clients overall experience.

- Nirvana Lash Co


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