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Social Media Tips To Grow Your Lash Business

Achieving your client’s dream eyelash curls is one aspect of your lash business; making other girls know that you can do wonders on their lashes is another. One of the best and cheapest ways to market your lash business is through social media where almost all, if not all, of your clients spend ample hours with.  Whether it’s on FB, Instagram or Youtube, as long as it’s where your ideal customers hang- out, then it’s also where you must show up and be on people’s feeds.

Social media has been a phenomenal avenue for marketers, business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs who are trying to reach their audience. With about 200 million Instagram users who visit at least one business profile a day, it’s never a question now whether to appear on social media- it’s just how to do it better to optimize its potential in marketing your business and reap its benefits.

This article teaches you some tips that could make your social media marketing better and more effective. So open that notepad and list down these tips as guidelines!


Before anything else, set up your social media accounts as business accounts. A business account gets many features where a personal account doesn’t. You get the analytics tabs where you can see the important metrics on how well you’re doing on your social media marketing by seeing the overall response you’re getting from your target audience. With this, you will have a good picture of what works to improve it and what doesn’t stop wasting your time on it.

With a business account, you can also add important contact information for your business to be reachable such as email address, your business phone number and your business info for potential lash clients. You can even set- up your appointment booking link inside your social media accounts.

Lastly, having a separate business account intended only for your lash business consolidates content and even audience that are relevant and coherent to the objectives of your marketing.


Giving a variety of content types builds a personal connection with your audience and motivates them to keep checking back for more. Whether you’re sharing lash extension aftercare tips, lash extension-friendly make- up, or sharing your journey as a mobile lash artist, try to always incorporate the element of surprise so your audience are excited to see what you have to share for the day. Utilize different content types such as short- form videos, static images, carousels and stories. There are also varied content topics that you can juggle from before-after lash images, how-to tutorials, BTS and even motivational posts as long as they’re relevant in promoting your service.

But your content is not just for fun. Remember your marketing objectives- build trust and of course, more clients and sales so no matter the content form or topic, always prioritize to give value and information that strengthens your authority in the industry, their trust on you and the connection between you and your potential clients.


Your strategy and branding will differ from a lash artist who concentrates on generating natural looks if you want to develop your business around creating dramatic, volumized looks. This is why to plan for your strategy and content is significant. Before posting tons of those saved lash set shots, ensure they align and that they are relevant to what you’re really trying to promote.  

And if you’ve already started running your social media accounts, there’s no post and ghost now. The very secret to growing your account and expanding your reach is consistency. Plan for the frequency and the schedule of posting that you could commit and stick with it at such enough period that you can assess whether what you’re doing is effective or not.


Again, no post and ghost now. It’s called social media for a reason- for you to engage, connect and collaborate with your community or in the industry. Like or share ideas, lash extension application techniques or even lash sets from other lash technicians that you agree with. Answer queries and provide information for lash clients and even those that are not on your booking list. Engaging and connecting to people humanize your brand or your account appearing to be more trustworthy.

Plus, your consistency in showing up in forums, in groups and online communities gives an impression that you’re the kind of professional who is always there, ready to help and gives assurance to clients that they’d be well-taken care of.


And lastly, it pays to dig in with the trend. It’s a trend because it’s what’s working for many. After all, no harm in trying. Most trending social media strategies give you the first benefit of wide reach or the chance to get seen by many. While the quality of your audience matters more than the quantity, exposure is still exposure.


Nowadays, with so much of our lives taking place online, it's critical for lash artists to have their own web and online presence. You can increase brand exposure, attract new lash extension clients, and cultivate devoted clientele who will follow you everywhere you go by developing a strong social media presence.

With so many opportunities the social media is presenting, you as a lash business owner should make the most of this technology to grow your business, educate people about the industry and share your passion.

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