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Russian Volume Lashes Application Tips

Known for years, Russian Volume lashes have been part of the eyelash extension enhancement and has been a popular choice of many lash clients. Due to its rising demand and popularity, many professional lash artists opted to offer Russian Volumes in their salons. 

What are Russian Volume Lashes? 

Russian Volume lashes, commonly referred to as Volume lashes was developed in its name itself, Russia. Unlike classic lashes, Russian volume lashes involve applying several ultra-thin fine lash extensions into one natural lash that creates fluffy full-looking lashes. The fan's base is quite thin, and only a small amount of adhesive is used.

Russian volume technique can also be used to conceal holes in a client's natural lashes by putting bigger fans on the lashes just close to the gap. For lash clients seeking the most dramatic, dark, and full lash line, Russian volume lashes are ideal to offer. The darkest and most dramatic outcome can be achieved by utilizing larger fans. 

Who can get Russian volume lashes?

The Russian Volume style works best for those who have exceedingly thin or fragile eyelashes and desire greater volume in their lashes.

But because Russian Volume produces such a lovely impact and glam-like appearance, everyone may now enjoy the outcomes of this technique, even those with longer natural lashes.

Why offer Russian Volume Lashes to your lash clients? 

  • Safe to use to lash clients 

Russian Volume lashes are lightweight which makes them safer when attached to natural lashes thus, they won’t hurt and trigger pressure on your clients' lashes. Opting for volume lashes gives your lash client that dramatic vibe without sacrificing its safety during the application and while wearing them. 

  • Convenience 

Most lash clients want lash extensions for convenience purposes. Most lash clients wanted to look more dramatic and attractive without having to exert too much effort and spend too much of their time putting on makeup or mascara.  Well luckily, Russian Volume lashes do their job. Your lash client can wake up in the morning without worrying about getting too much time preparing their lashes. Instead, they can have more time for other stuff, while still getting the looks they opted for the day. 

  • Filling lash gaps 

Not all women are blessed with naturally long and thick lashes, that’s why lash extensions are here to help. Lash clients can still achieve that unblemished dazzling eyes without worrying about the gaps in their lashes. Making a softer and fluffier look, Russian Volume lash fills that gap naturally. 

Benefits of Russian Volume Lashes 

It’s no wonder Russian volume lashes are becoming a fad nowadays. Some of the benefits of having this set are as follows:

  • Russian Volume lashes last longer since they are created in groups, they fall out less. 
  • Ideal lash extension technique for lash clients who have thin/sparse lashlines.
  • Russian Volume lashes fill lash gaps. 
  • Comfier to have because of being lightweight.
  • Giving a gorgeous, dark lash line that can be very attractive and seductive in one. 
  • Giving the vibe of voluminous, fluffy, and dazzling-looking lashes can Improve lash clients' self-confidence

Russian Volume Application Must-Have 

Tweezers  - this tool is used to make fans easier to grab and make volume fans. Volume lash tweezers or tweezers that have curvature at the tip. When making handmade volume fans, the best-recommended tweezers are those with an L shape.  

Lashes - Russian volume fans as 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D. Russian Volume lashes are made of synthetic mink lashes with a spherical base because they fan more easily than other traditional lash varieties like Flat lashes.  The recommended eyelash extension thicknesses for the volume lashes procedure are 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, and 0.10.   

Adhesives - High in viscosity or those fast-drying adhesives are the most recommended lash glue to use while making volume fans. 

Russian Volume Fans: Pre-Made Fans Vs. Handmade Fans 

Pre-Made Eyelash Extension Fans are fans that are already made to directly attach to the natural lash. This is much easier to use if you are a starter artist and still not used to making your own fans. It will save so much time as you can attach it easier and faster. Handmade Eyelash Extension fans are fans that are made by hand using single strips attached together to make volume fans. For you to be able to make handmade fans you need to keep practicing and invest time. Most professional and experienced lash artists take it this easy but for a starter, you must take some time to learn easier techniques to make fans without consuming so much time. Not only a perfect volume fan is needed in making handmade fans, but you also need to be aware of your adhesive usage, if too much adhesive is used surely it will cause weight in your lash clients' lashes which is not good. 

Russian Volume Fan Methods 

Pinching Method: One of the most well-known methods in volume fans. Take a lash from the strip to begin, then firmly grasp it between your thumb and forefinger (use your tweezers to maintain the grip if you need to). Keep pinching with your fingers while you slowly pre-open the fan with tweezers. Once the fan is in the desired position, apply adhesive and set it in the natural lash. 

Lean and Pinch Method: By leaning forward, you pick up the fan near the base while being careful to prevent it from crossing over. After that, you need to set it on the strip, lean it back and separate the lashes. 

Off-tape Method: Picking up a volume lash, isolating it from the other lashes on the tape, and then fanning out the lashes is what you're basically doing in the off -tape method. After that is finished, you can raise the lash by grabbing the middle of the lash and pulling it up and toward. 

Russian Volume Lash application:  

Before the Lash application, the best tip to have a successful volume set is that you need to prepare all the necessary tools needed. 

You can achieve making the Russian Volume technique using the two options 1) Use premade lashes 2) Made handmade volume fans 

To begin with, wash your lash clients' lashes thoroughly using lash shampoo. This helps provide a solid foundation for adding eyelash extensions and improves lash retention. After cleaning, use a primer. It dries and sanitizes the lash surface. Next is to put eye pads/tape into the lower lashes to protect your skin from the glues. Always make sure that you remind your client to close their eyes during the whole process. 

Now, you are ready to start your volume lash technique by isolating one natural lash and adding the volume fan. If you're using pre-made fans, you must select one from the strip, dunk it in the glue, and stick it on a single natural lash. Another option is to use the handmade volume fan. When using handmade volume lashes, there are several ways to make a fan. The bases of the fans should be thin and joined, and it is crucial that they are symmetrical. Some people like to select a number of lashes, reapply them to the strip, then use tweezers to wiggle them slightly to form a fan. Using the pinching technique, you pick up the desired number of lashes and squeeze the base of the can with your fingers to form the can. 

Russian Volume Fans glue dipping

Give the glue a few minutes to fully set once you have filled the lashes. To avoid stinging and ensure that the adhesive dries properly, we suggest using a nano-mister or settling solution. Cleanse the lashes, then take off any tapes and gel pads. Voi-la! A gorgeous new set of lashes have been given to your client! Don't forget to provide your client with home care instructions and cleaning tips to prevent infections and poor retention.


Making of Russian Volume Eyelash Extension

How long will a Russian Volume Lash last? 

If done correctly, Russian lashes can last up to 8 weeks and up to a full month before the first infills are required. The lightweight nature of the employed extensions and the ability of the fans to wrap around the natural lash contribute to their retention capacity. However, in order to keep them in top shape and ensure that the client's lashes are healthy, it may be necessary to schedule infill appointments every two weeks, just like with traditional classic lashes.

How long does Russian Volume Lash take to apply?

Applying Russian lashes can take anything from 1.5 hours for a full set to 4 hours if you're going for a more lavish appearance with many lashes per fan. Applying Russian Volume Lashes correctly is a complex operation that simply cannot be rushed. It takes a lot of experience and skills.

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