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Lash Extensions and Eyeliners: How to Wear Them?

Getting eyelash extensions means adding up volume to natural lashes, and eliminating the need for makeup or mascara. However, many lash extension clients are also makeup lovers and might wonder, can they still wear eye makeup such as eyeliners when they get eyelash extensions? 

Before getting an eyelash extension, many lash clients were probably makeup lovers and still wanted to use eyeliner as part of their makeup routine. As a lash artist, you can educate them about getting eyelash extensions and using eyeliners. 

What are Eyeliners? 

Eyeliners are cosmetics applied around the contours of the eyes to give some accent and aesthetic looks. Basic ingredients of eyeliners include film formers, thickeners, and pigments. 

Eyeliners really make difference in everyday makeup looks. The color and style of the eyeliner can alter the shape of the eyes and even highlight various features of them. 


How eyeliner works

Wearing eyeliner for years is still a trend up to this time and looking for eyeliners is not hard as it could be because there are many options to choose from when getting one. However, in the case of having eyelash extensions and using eyeliners, there are different do’s and dont’s that should be considered without damaging lash extensions and their retention period. 

Understanding why lash clients opted to wear eyeliner 

The reason why many lash clients still desire to wear eyeliner is that it can be the best eye makeup product in defining their eyes and making it look more appealing. Smaller eyes can look bigger and vice versa. That wing-like design is also captivating and gives more attraction. 

Eyeliners for Eyelash Extensions 

If it happens that your lash clients are looking for eyeliners to use that can be safe for eyelash extensions, here are some of those that you can suggest. 

Powder Eyeliners -  this eyeliner is also called shadow liner like powder eyeshadows that work well with eyelash extensions.  This uses an angled brush to create the look of lash clients without irritation. 

Liquid  Eyeliners  - also called ink liners, this eyeliner is also great while wearing lash extensions as it is easy to apply and easy to remove using warm water without the fear of damaging the lash extensions. 

Water-based Eyeliners - like liquid eyeliner, it is also easy to apply and the best part easy to remove. It doesn’t cause too much tagging that lessens rubbing in the eye sides. 

Cake Eyeliners - an easy-to-remove eyeliner, cake eyeliner is a water-activated product thus it is also safe to use when lash clients have lash extensions. Using an angled brush can create the look lash clients prefer. 

Oil-Free Eyeliners - one of the things many people know about lash extension’s enemy is oil-based products, remind your lash clients to avoid using oil-based products, and look for oil-free ones that can help definitely them protect their lash extension from falling off.

Eyeliners to avoid while having Eyelash Extensions 

Lash clients' eyelash extensions can look more natural using eyeliner but not all types of eyeliner are advisable to use while having lash extensions. 

Waterproof Eyeliner - these eyeliners are hard to remove eyeliners and sometimes, some of them will stick into your clients' lashes, this will potentially damage the lash extensions if they keep using this kind of liner. 

Oil-based Eyeliner - of course, you don’t want your lash clients to suffer retention issues while having their lash extensions. Oil-based eyeliners triggers fall which is not good. 

Pencil Eyeliners - using pencil liners can trigger pull and stretching and leads to pull-off. Again, you don’t want your lash client to experience this pull-off especially when they just got their lashes. 

Ways to apply eyeliner with lash extensions

If your lash clients opted for eyeliner, they should be instructed of how to use it. After getting what products are safe and not safe to use, it's time to educate them about how to use them without damaging their precious lashes.  

Step 1: Ensuring that their lashes are clean. 

  • Make sure to remind your client also that aside from cleaning their lashes, they also need to only apply clean, tested, and hygienic eyeliners to avoid irritation and infection. 

Step 2: Apply it gently. Make sure as well that when your lash client applies the eyeliner, it is not directly in the lash extension. 

  • Make sure to apply for the eyelash extension carefully to avoid direct contact with the eyes that can cause a corneal abrasion. 
  • Avoid pulling or tugging lash extensions when applying eyeliner. 
  • Never use oil-based eyeliner if your client doesn’t want to sacrifice their lash extension retention. 

Step 3: Add a little bit of liner in the corner to emphasize that look. 

  • Don’t overdo is one of the important rules when it comes to applying eyeliners with lash extensions. Even if your clients wanted to wear eyeliner, less is more and just add a little bit of wing-like effect in the corner. Let the eyelash extension shine itself. 

Eyeliner in the eyes with wing like effect

Final Verdict 

Individuals who enjoy creating new looks while still using lash extensions can use eyeliners. Your reminder to your lash clients about these things can really help them secure a great experience in making their eyes look more captivating and achieving that ever tantalizing gaze.  

Applying eyeliner when wearing eyelash extensions can give your lash clients a bolder, fuller appearance but they need to be extra careful not only because they can possibly ruin their lash extensions but also, they need to protect their eyes from irritation and allergies. Keeping their lash extension clean and choosing the right product is the best way to enjoy the perks of using eyeliner together with lash extensions. 

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