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Lash Career Talks: Why is Pre-treatment in lashing important? 

Preparing the natural lashes before the actual lash extension application is very important if you want to get a successful lash extension. You want to give the best service to your lash clients and so you want to make sure everything is taken care of prior to application, especially the natural lashes.  

Lash application sessions may take time especially when your lash client opted to choose a style set that takes up to 2 hours to complete. So, giving them advice on dos and don’t before taking the session can save so much time for both of you. 

Here is some advice you can share with your lash clients: 

  • Avoid wearing oil-based products 24 hours before the appointment (it may include eye cream, face lotion, eye makeup, or moisturizer) 
  • Avoid wearing makeup like mascara or any eye makeup prior to your appointment 
  • Avoid drinking too many liquids before treatment (this may cause too many interruptions like going to the toilets)
  • Tell them to inform you if they had botox or filler done prior to your session 

What is Pre-treatment in lashing? 

Pre-treatment in lashing is a preparation stage before the actual lash extension application. The process is to clean, moisturize and prepare your client's natural lashes for the lash extension. Deep cleaning can remove excess dirt, oil, and debris that can damage your client’s natural lashes. 

As mentioned above, it is very important that lash clients follow your instructions of not wearing any eye makeup before coming to your lash salon in order to save up time. Pre and post-treatment have a big impact on the success of your lashing. 

Why is Pre-treatment before lashing important? 

Like when you’re painting, you need to clean the area where you wanted to paint, then prime it before painting with what color you wanted. That’s what lash artists also do in lashing. They clean the natural lashes or even the existing lash extension when doing infills before the actual lash extension application. Pre-treatment is a very important part of lashing as it takes a big part in the success of your entire application. It could also affect the longevity of your lash client’s lash extension if not followed. If lashes are cleaned and prepared, lashing will be easy and will prevent retention issues.  

Before applying for eyelash extensions, natural lashes must be clean, ready, and moisturized. Products like lash shampoo, lash cleanser, and lash primer is commonly used when doing the pre-treatment in lashing. In order to give more length and volume to each natural eyelash, lash extensions are applied individually to each one, that’s why thoroughly cleaned natural lashes are very important in the process. You don’t want to attach eyelash extensions while there are dirt and debris in your lash client’s lashes. 

Forabeli's Application Kit: Lash Shampoo with micro brush and Lash Primer

Pre-treatment Routine: 

You will probably wonder how pre-treatment works step by step. Here are some guidelines on how to treat/clean your lashes first before the actual lash extension application. 

Cleaning your client’s lashes with lash shampoo is A MUST! Choose an excellent lash shampoo that can thoroughly clean the lashes without having sensitivity issues. Again, you are dealing with one of the most sensitive parts of the face and one top priority is the safety against allergic reactions. Lash shampoo that does not irritate when used and performs well in cleaning your lash client's lashes are important things to consider.  

In cleaning lashes using a lash shampoo, follow these steps:

-Dispense a little pump in your lash clients' lashes

-Massage the lash line gently with a brush and lash shampoo.

-Rinse it and ensure that there are no traces of shampoo left on the lash line.

-Pat it gently till dry. 

Lash Shampoo application

  • Use protein pads 

A protein pad is used to clean the lash line and remove any trace of makeup.

-Using protein pads, gently wipe the lash line, eyelids, and around the eyes that can be still covered with dirt. This help removes all the possible leftover dirt. 

  • Use Lash Cleanser 

Lash cleansers are usually alcohol-based cleansers that easily get rid of oils, makeup, and sebum. 

In using lash cleansers, follow these steps:

-Drop a little bit of cleanser into a cleansing brush and slowly pat the lashes.

-Be careful not to get those shampoos directly to the eyes.  

-Ensure that every part of the lash line is cleansed with the cleanser.

-Repeat these steps with the other eyelash. 

After cleansing, you need to use a water-based product that can wipe away alcohol from the cleanser and moisturize your client’s lash extensions. A lash primer can set the lashes ready for the lash extension procedure. 

Here’s how to use a lash primer:

-Drop a lash primer into a micro brush (make sure no excess primer drops into lash clients' eyes.) 

- Gently brush it into the lashes and ensure that every part of the lashes is covered with a lash primer. 

-Repeat this with the other eyelashes. 

Your lash clients' new and perfect set of eyelash extensions is achievable when you value the pre-treatment procedure. Cleansing and moisturizing your lash clients' lashes are very important that’s why choosing the right pretreatment products and knowing the techniques in pretreatment are crucial. 

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