Lash Tip: The Beginner's Guide

Lash Tip: The Beginner's Guide


After long days of training, here you are a Certified Lash Artist! Voila!! But why does it feel nerve-wracking when you think of handling a client on your own for the first time as a Lash Artist? I feel you! It is very common to have a lot of questions and thoughts and wonder if you are going to be fine. The fact that you are reading this article, is most likely you are a new technician. First, let me congratulate you! This is one of the most satisfying and exciting jobs one can ever have!

Being a lash artist is a work in progress. You get better as you go along. Some say it takes 10,000 hours to master something. Others say it takes anywhere from 6-10 years to be great at something. Well, it still varies from person to person and depending on the skill and other factors. The point is, mastery doesn’t come overnight. It takes a lot of practice. A lot! Here are a few practical tips I'd like to share with you to gain your confidence and improve your application just like a pro!

1. Always Clean Lashes

Begin by cleansing the client’s lashes prior to applying for eyelash extensions. Any traces of dirt, oil or make-up on the natural lashes will cause a gap between the natural lash and the adhesive causing a lower retention rate. Using a primer or protein remover for pre-treatment will ensure the lashes are squeaky-clean.

2. Determine the Length and Width

Inspect your client's natural eyelash strength to know the appropriate length and width to be used. Using eyelash extensions that are too long or wide for a client’s natural eyelashes could break the natural eyelashes over time.

3. Match the Adhesive with Experience Level

It is vital to work with an adhesive that suits your experience level. If you are still having difficulty with isolation, it is best to use an adhesive that has a longer drying time so you will have some time to reposition the extensions.

4. Go for a Natural Style

The best approach you have is to follow the natural pattern of your client's lashes. Take a close look at her natural lash and apply the extensions from there. Alternate between the eyes every 2-3 lash applications. By simply making those lashes longer can save you from a major disaster. If your client already knows what they want then by all means just follow what they want. When you have done many sets, you will be much more confident with styling.

5. Mind the Moist

Once you noticed the client’s eyes are watering, you must stop what you are doing. Address the issue immediately. One of the common reasons for the reaction is when the tape or eye pads are placed too close to the water line.  Another common reason could be the client opens her eyes during the procedure. The fumes of the glue can irritate the eyes. Holding a handheld fan can help keep them dry during application.

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