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Eyelash Extension vs. Lash Lift: Which One Best Suits You?

It’s been the talk of the town that lash treatment is gaining popularity in today’s era. Because the beauty sector keeps on improving, numerous eyelash treatments rise on the market and options are becoming more available. Two of these eyelash treatments include eyelash extension and lash lifts.  


The first thing people can think of when you talk about eyelash treatment is eyelash extension. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent treatments that use adhesives to attach synthetic lash strands to the natural lashes. There are many options to choose from style to types of extensions you can suggest or according to your client's preference. 

Eyelash Extension application

Eyelash Extensions - PROs 

Eyelash extensions give that perfect natural-looking vibe to your lash client's eyes. Those dramatic eyes can easily draw other people’s attention. You can also play with style, curls, and thickness all you want when you do lash extensions since it is customizable. It can also be easily removed or changed during infills. 

One more advantage of lash extensions is that they don't require heavy eye makeup which save your client so much time. Even if you check it now and then, it looks almost entirely put together without even putting on mascara. 

Eyelash Extensions - CONs 

One disadvantage of eyelash extensions is that clients may experience allergic reactions due to lash extension adhesives. It is important that client are inform of the possible allergic reaction brought by the adhesives use. Aside from booking and scheduling, setting an appointment with clients is also a good time to discuss the process and collect client health information vital to a safe lash extension application. Remember, your client's health should not be taken at risk during the whole process. 

Lastly, lash extensions are much pricier than lash lift treatment. If you want to have a perfect looking customized lashes, you can’t go for cheap ones. Lash extensions also need some infills after weeks of getting them and this adds up to the cost. 


Lash lift is one of the eyelash treatments in the market offered in most lash salons. It is also called Lash perm, which is a semi-permanent treatment that uses chemical solutions to curl and lift natural lashes. This treatment is basically for those who prefer to use their natural long lashes, rather than adding extensions

Lash lift application

Lash Lift - PROs 

Lash lift maximizes the natural lashes. It is way more natural- looking. Since lashes appear to be more visible, it also creates a visible frame around the eyes that enhances its beauty.

A lash lift also saves so much time. Your client doesn’t need to curl their lashes every time they prepare for the day. They just need to directly apply mascara, and voila! Curl and natural- looking lashes all day!

Lash Lift - CONs 

Since lash lift is about using the natural lashes, customizing, volumizing, and lengthening is not possible. In order for you to lift and curl lashes up, your client must have naturally longer lashes. It is hard to lift shorter lashes, and you might suggest opting for a lash extension instead. 

Last but not the least, you should let your clients know that they should be careful with the product they are using. Oil-based products are not advisable if they had a lash lift treatment as they lessen the lifting effect of lash lift. Furthermore, waterproof mascara can also affect the lifting effect, so you might want to remind your client to refrain from using those products. 

Eyelash extension vs. Lash Lift - Comparison 

  • Application 

While extensions are attached to natural lashes, a lash lift improves the appearance of natural lashes by lifting and curling the natural lashes.

In lash extensions, synthetic lashes are individually attached to natural lashes by certified lash technicians, or "lash artists," making the treatment expensive, time-consuming, and maintenance-intensive.

  • Maintenance 

Aftercare and maintenance are very important in every beauty treatment your client gets. When talking about the maintenance process after application, a lash lift definitely needs lesser maintenance than lash extensions. A lash lift just needs mascara and can get the day done. On the other hand, lash extensions require more thorough aftercare such as cleaning the lashes, avoiding sleeping positions that may damage the extension, and other do’s and dont’s lash tech my remind their clients about to improve lash extension retention.  

  • Effect 

The good thing about the two treatments is that both can eliminate the use of heavy eye makeup to make the eyes visible. Both of these treatments add emphasis and make the eyes more stunning. The difference is that lash extension can be customized- you can play with the length, style, and volume of the lashes according to preference.

  • Style 

As mentioned above, lash extensions are customizable. Meaning in terms of style, you can do more with lash extensions. With lash lift, it is limited to style a dramatic lengthy look especially if your client's lashes are shorter. 

  • Durability 

Both treatments are not permanent as people naturally experience eyelash growth and fall-out cycles. A lash lift can last from 4 to 8 weeks while lash extensions can last 3-4 weeks. Applying a chemical solution to lashes during lash lift sessions can make them brittle and lead to dryness. On the other hand, eyelash extensions' durability relies on the materials used such as the quality of adhesives and the application techniques of the lash artist.  

That’s why choosing the right lash salon and professional lash technician for both treatments are very important to achieve that final captivating gaze and value for money. 

  • Cost 

Depending on your location, professional salon-quality eyelash extensions cost anywhere from $100 to $300 or more. Every time you need a touch-up, the lash extension fill-ins you need to keep a full flutter can cost anywhere from $30 to over $100.

Contrarily, lash lifts can cost anywhere from $100 and $120 on average and don't need to be filled in every month.

Conclusion: Which is BETTER??? 

Beauty enhancement should be a personal preference. As a lash artist, it is better to educate your client on what they are getting. 

Lash lift is best if your client's main goal is a minor boost of their lashes without thinking or worrying about maintenance. Although lash extensions look far more dramatic and spectacular than lash lifts, lash lift's can also look great on any occasion. Additionally, lash lift’s overall look can be enhanced by applying mascara, which is not advised when wearing lash extensions. Lash lifts are a great deal for beauty enthusiasts on a budget because they need less work than eyelash extensions, require little maintenance, and have fewer strict aftercare instructions.

While fulfilling satisfaction of added volume, lsength and dramatic look to the lashes, eyelash extension is the go-to option for those who want to look extra and more captivating. Working with eyelash extensions can boost your creativity from styling up to mixing and matching colored lashing. Eyelash extension makes a woman's prep routine much easier as it saves so much time by eliminating makeup application on the lashes. 

As you can see, deciding between lash extensions and lifts really comes down to one’s preference. The choice should be based on needs, whether if it is for an everyday look, or for a one time big event. By doing the correct and safe technique in any eyelash treatment, your clients can achieve attractive and glamorous eyes they always dreamed of. 

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