Everyday Makeup Look for Luscious Lash Extensions

Everyday Makeup Look for Luscious Lash Extensions

Hola, lash baes! 🥰

Now that you’re looking BEST with your eyelash extensions on, what do we do next? Well, we figured out maybe you need a little bit more help with “makeup”. 

So, this is all about you and how beautiful you are and we want to help you feel more confident about yourself and create the perfect makeup look for you. Trust us, you don’t need to be a makeup pro.

First of all, we like to tell you that there are no rules when it comes to makeup besides the obvious. So ladies, don’t fret! ;) Here is a quick tip: You only need good judgment. 😉 But because now makeup experts introduce their own philosophies about “standard and acceptable” makeup rules, we tend to get scared. (Ugh, two words I hate!) 

As an empowered lash bae, you do not need to fit in to look and feel a certain way. You have the freedom to choose your look and it’s as important as choosing the eyelash extensions set perfect for you! Again, you don’t need to be a pro to appear more confident and beautiful. 

Here we are going to just give you some Bae-sic tips. 🧡 We’re no experts, but when we say simple, we state the “obvious”. We will share some simple ideas, tricks, techniques and thoughts on makeup, all the while encouraging you to be creative in the process of mixing your ideas and ignoring those you don’t like.

 (If you’re a lash artist, you can share these tips to your friends and clients as well. I’m pretty sure some of you are already doing these. *wink* *wink* )


If you are planning for a breakfast meeting or a simple walk in the park, your makeup look should appear soft to match the coolness of the morning light. Mornings are perfect for something natural because this is the time of the day when you wear the least amount of makeup. 

You can choose a more dewy foundation. Apply only a little amount. But just make sure that it will last all day if you plan to stay outside the whole time. Matte or heavy foundations appear to be artificial in the morning light. 

Do not choose bold eyeshadow colors. The lighting will only accentuate any harsh colors or if you did not blend them well. Complement your eyes with the subtle eyeshadow color. Classic eyelash extensions go well with this. A little creativity will go a long way especially during daytime. 

Since you’re wearing eyelash extensions, you don’t need to curl your lashes or use mascara. You’re already good to go! We’re all aware that curled lashes can make you look awake and more vibrant. But many women skip taking care of their eyelashes. And it is a huge mistake. You can tap a friend and share this as an amazing tip. ❤  

You can check our Cashmere Lashes to see our different lash trays. Our Cashmere Lashes are only available in Canada. To those who have Amazon prime, visit us at amazon.com/forabeli. Tag your favorite certified Lash Artist to get the procedure done for you. This is not for DIY. 😊

Also, lip color should be soft and natural, too. You don't need to be extra fancy though we’re always fascinated with it because of it’s candy-like appearance. Allow your natural glow to radiate from the inside out. 

(Quick tip: Put powder over the top of the first coat of lipstick then re-apply. It will help it to last longer.) 


By this time of the day, the sun is up! (Plus, it feels hot). The natural light is directly above you at this time of the day which is a little harsh on your skin. So make sure you applied moisturizer, toner and sunscreen before applying any kind of makeup. Skin preparation is always the first step.

Don’t wear dewy or sheen foundation. It will look shiny and reflective especially if you have an outdoor photoshoot. Wear the least amount of foundation as possible. You’ll look best if you try lightweight foundation and matte powder finish.

Shimmery blushes are also a Big No-No. A creme or matte blush will be great choices for this time of the day. If you have an oily face, we recommend that you stick to powder blush. Creme blush doesn’t work well on oily skin.

Choose an eye makeup which is not too dark. Highlighting shade works well during this time of the day. This is one of the best choices because the shimmer effect will open up the eyes together with a cat eye style of eyelash extensions. We’ve always been a fan of neutral colors, especially for the eyes. Light beige to dark brown-based colors are found to appear natural on the face. You can try wearing neutral makeup extraordinarily well and see how your best features are highlighted. 

Natural to matte pinky-beige lip color adds some balance to the overall look of your face. Depending on your facial features, this will create an unmade-up look to a natural look. 


Late afternoon gives us the most beautiful light. It creates a beautiful warm glow. So the question is, what look is perfect for this time of the day? 

Since the light is forgiving and beautiful, we can start to create a little dramatic eyes. The light begins to be softer so you can mix different shades, have more options, and wear more eyeshadow. (Shimmer is fine, too!)

Use a little more foundation and concealer to cover your flaws. Do not forget to powder -- matte skin looks better during photographs and night in general. 

Wear a little color on your cheeks. It is fine to use a shimmery blush at this time. Contour your face and use a bronzing powder. 

For your lips, choose to wear a richer lip color. Adding a little gloss, adds effect to the fuller lips. A wispy eyelash extensions set will achieve a chic look, adding more character on you. This creates a balanced look because of your dramatic eyes and a softer yet fuller lips.


Glam it up for a dramatic look. Play with colors and wear more makeup. Depending on the occasion, be the Glamour Queen  you ought to be! 

When applying eyeshadow to the crease of your eye, keep your eye open. This will help you blend the colors better and will also help see the shape you are creating which will go a little above the crease. If you will go to a bar, attend an evening gathering or any formal occasion, you may experiment on having smoky eyes. It can either be soft and subtle or mysterious and dramatic. Eye area is integral for a successful look. Again, because you’re wearing eyelash extensions, there’s little to no work in terms of curling. A full set of mega volume eyelash extensions is definitely a head-turner!

For better coverage, use concealer. If you have to layer foundation for coverage, it lessens product creasing and looking too heavy. Apply light pinkish blush and make sure to bronze generously to give your skin a glow. 

When going from a day look to evening, try adding a stronger lip color. Experiment with red to add to the sultry and sexy look. Choose a lip color that lasts. You want to give your lip color “stay-ability” to keep that “oh-some” smile.

Everything should be defined and/or blended perfectly -- from eyes to cheeks to your lips. Make sure to have lip color and powder on at all times.  Click, Click! Cameras will flash at any time. :) 


--------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤❤❤ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Any of these looks can be modified or altered to suit your personality, taste, facial features, and skin tone. You may choose to intensify or soften the application. There are many lash styles you can choose from when deciding to have eyelash extensions for your self. Make sure you book your appointment with a professional lash artists. These are eyelash extensions technicians who have gone through training and have received their licensed or certification. You can experiment, mix different looks together --- there are no limits to possibilities. What is important is that you have fun! 😉

Finally, you’re home and it’s now time to rest. Part of the daily skincare routine is removing makeup and cleansing your skin properly. But what’s the most important technique? 

According to a skincare expert, one of the most common mistakes people make when cleansing is choosing the wrong products. 

Read more: How to cleanse skin and remove make-up (stylist.co.uk)

It is not enough that you use wipes to clean your face. We need to thoroughly cleanse by washing our face using water and facial cleanser. Also, since you are wearing eyelash extensions, we have a special product to clean eyelashes, our Lash Shampoo. It is pro sensitive, cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. 

Make sure that you ALWAYS clean your lashes to avoid buildup of dirt and impurities.  Remember that clean lashes mean better retention. Here’s a great tip on how you can clean your eyelash extensions 

Our skin deserves the best treatment since it is our largest organ. Take time to do some research before purchasing and adding to cart.  Investing in a quality eyelash extensions product is the wisest decision you’ll ever make. 

Happy lashing, loves! 🧡

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