How to Clean Lashes

How to Clean Lashes

Hygiene is essential and is very important when it comes to your eyelash extensions. Making them clean prolongs the life of extensions and protecting your eyes from irritation and skin problems. A quick fact! Each natural eyelash has its oil gland that produces sebum while eyelids have modified sweat glands. These glands are prone to blockage of their duct with sebum and debris like dust or makeup. Not washing the face and eyes before going to bed may cause irritation, redness, or inflammation. Therefore, it is so important to keep the eyelids and lashes clean! 

So what's the best way to keep lashes clean and healthy?

1) Use an oil-free lash cleanser.  Using an oil-free cleanser avoids breaking down the lash glue. Aside from removing dirt and build-up oils, lash cleansers can also remove make-up and other sorts of cosmetic residues. An oil-free cleanser is also recommended for professional lash technicians before they apply a full set of individual eyelash extensions. It’s great at preventing inflammation of the eyelid.  

2) Apply the lash cleanser on a soft applicator brush. Eyelash extensions need careful cleaning to avoid premature fall outs. In addition, the skin of eyelids are generally thin and eyes are one of the most delicate parts of the body. It is important to use a clean and soft applicator brush. Gently brush the eyelids and the lashes up and down and side to side. Use a cleanser as needed but do not overdo cleaning as it may cause irritation. 

3) Rinse off your face and eyes with water. Pat dry your face with a soft towel or tissue. Then, softly sweep lashes with a lash wand. Use a lash cleanser every day or as needed.

4).  Finally, wash the brush and the wand after use. Store your cleaning brushes in a dry place to avoid contamination. 

You must thoroughly clean your face and the eye area before going to bed every night. Look for cleansers especially recommended for eyes. Washing your eyelashes boosts the health of your eyelids and it extends the life of your eyelash extensions. 

We recommend that you invest in eyelash shampoo as part of your daily after-care regime as it will improve the longevity of your extensions 


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