Photo of a pregnant woman holding a teddy bear with a text typed as Rumor has it: The Eyelash Extension and Pregnancy.


There’s a lot of confusion around the eyelash community whether it is safe to have an eyelash extension while pregnant or forget about it during the nine months of carrying a baby.

Well,  let us answer some questions on what really should be considered and the truth behind this issue.

Even pregnant, why do women still seek
eyelash extensions?

It's simple: women want to feel beautiful, even if we're in their most difficult time! Not every mother is blessed with the pregnancy-beauty-radiance, and some may even find it to be a self-conscious period. Some women also had their maternity shoots done within the nine month period, and once the baby is out, there would be unavoidable mother and baby hospital photos. It would be best to capture these precious moments with a beautiful wispy wink, isn’t it?

I am a pregnant client, what are the things to consider in availing eyelash extensions?

Reaching out to your doctor about your eyelash extension plans would benefit you and your baby.
Reaching out to your doctor about your eyelash extension plans would benefit you and your baby. Image resource:

Consult your doctor. When done correctly, the process of eyelash extension sessions is completely safe. However, you must consult your doctor, esthetician or cosmetologist first. 

For non-pregnant women, the application procedure is totally safe since eyelash extensions are attached to the lash hair far from the skin. Those who are expecting, however, face considerable hazards (i.e., allergies, and unfriendly fumes). Also assess yourself if you have sitting position issues. Your doctor might have some advice for you regarding your delicate condition. But if you have a go signal from your doctor, surely a happy preggy may now soiree her way to her favorite lash beauty lounge!

My doctor told me that it is safe to get an eyelash extension, so what now? 

Congratulations! Your doctor has given passes for you to be more beautiful with eyelash extensions. Who would not love that? So what’s the next stage? Here you go.

Choose the preggy friendly lash studio. Because many pregnant women are sensitive to smell, the eyelash session venues must also be well ventilated. Considering your pregnancy, look for a lash studio that is properly ventilated, accessible and would be able to cater to your sensitive condition and other eyelash extension session needs.

Inflamed eyelid due to the adverse reaction from an eyelash adhesive.

Inflamed eyelid due to the adverse reaction from an eyelash adhesive. Image resource:

Observe allergic reactions. The adhesives, as well as the solvents needed to remove them, might trigger allergic responses. Synthetic materials, like nylon, as well as silk or mink fibers, can be used to create extensions. Mink allergy affects a large number of people. Your body might also have the tendency of reacting to the glue as well. You can prevent this by choosing the trusted eyelash extension products.

Watch out for the glue. If you have irritation or negative reactions, inquire about the eyelash extension glue's ingredients. Ask your friendly lash artist to use a gentle adhesive which is suitable for pregnant clients like you. Even though you had a patch test before your pregnancy, your body’s PH balance due to vitamins and other medical intake and sensitive pregnancy conditions may differ during this time.  Ask your friendly lash artist to conduct a patch test onto you before proceeding to the lash session. There is a proper technique for the patch test for adhesives. Observe the patch test skin area because any reaction can take up to 24 hours to manifest on your body.

The first technique in the patch test is to apply a little amount of glue to the final three lashes of your eye on the outer corner (excludes lash lift + lash tint) and the second method is to apply a drop of glue to the skin behind the ear. If your lash technician is properly trained, he/she is knowledgeable about this process . Image resource: 


Some lash artists might also use adhesive that contains formaldehyde. If this is the case, you should expect a lot of fumes during your treatment. This necessitates a break because formaldehyde can be detrimental to a baby. Once notified, lash artists must use a gentler glue that is fume free and does not contain formaldehyde for their expectant clientele. If you can't stand the smell during your patch test, it's not the right moment for you my dear preggy.

Again, the nicest aspect about eyelash extensions and adhesive is that they are attached to your natural lashes rather than to your skin keeping away harmful chemicals, if any, to the rest of your body.

Sitting position. Most people have no issue sitting on their backs for two hours but when you're pregnant, though, it might be a risky activity. Sitting needs you to remain still, which might be challenging if you're pregnant!

Here are some sitting positions to avoid while having an eyelash session and even during the whole pregnancy:

  • Crossing your legs
  • Turning or twisting at the waist
  • Sitting too long in the same position
  • Using a chair or stool without a backrest
  • Sitting in a chair or recliner without leg support

When a pregnant woman reaches the 20-week mark, most doctors advise her to avoid lying on her back. Once you reach this stage of pregnancy, the weight of your uterus might compress a major blood artery called the vena cava. If you have decided to avail eyelash service, in finding the right position during the session, a soft knee pillow while lying down on your side will help and relieve muscle tension.

Which one of the following recliners and/ or beds would be comfortable for your eyelash extension session? Some beauty bars may differ from each other especially on the set up but you may want to choose the best option for your maximum comfort during your lash session. Image source: Pinterest


Take breaks. Nothing to rush on your eyelash extension session. Your friendly lash artist will understand your situation. Take frequent breaks and do everything you can to soothe yourself and keep as comfortable as possible while completing the eyelash extension application. 

I am a lash artist, what are the things to consider in handling pregnant clients?

Every 150 days, our eyelashes fall out and are entirely replaced. They re-grow till they reach their ideal length, then fall out and renew themselves. Image resource:


Hair growth and Hair Loss. Aside from the basics, as a lash artist, you must be aware that every woman's experience with their hair growth and hair loss while carrying a baby on their tummy is unique. Every woman differs from each other. Hormones may have an impact on lash extension retention. If you inform them ahead of time about potential retention concerns, they won't be startled if the outcomes aren't what they expected.

Choose the right product. Avoid applying eyelash extension glues and other products that have fumes. As mentioned above, products with formaldehyde may have adverse effects on your expectant clients. You won't like a bad rap, right?

Assistance to your client. A pregnant client is different from regular ones you are having. One thing to think about is how long she'll be on the lash table and how uncomfortable it will be for her to stay there. In certain circumstances, however, your studio should employ the following:


 Regular hand sanitation and wearing of face masks is one of the keys in keeping yourself and your clients away from infections and diseases. Image resource: 


➧Strict sanitation practice. Once caught with allergies,without the consent of their doctor, your pregnant client cannot just take antihistamines for bacterial issues . If your client caught an allergy during the lash session, there are natural remedies that can substitute antihistamines that won’t harm her. These include consumption of a tablespoon of raw honey, apple cider vinegar, or use of humidifier and inhalation of eucalyptus vapor.  Also, as a lash technician, it is very important that you and your client must wear a face mask to avoid common cold transmission. Your lash tools must also be regularly disinfected every after or before use.

➧Proper air ventilation including sanitized lounge, toilet and wash area and other furnishings. 

➧A very comfortable, reclinable chair to complete the task for your pregnant client. Lash lounges may vary; some use massage tables instead of reclinable chairs, some have specialized seats, some have ergonomic and medical grade chairs and others have a customized aesthetic chair for lash sessions. To aid the comfort of your client, provide an additional sanitized pillow for them or you may advise them to bring their own for their utmost comfort.

Assist your client whenever they are shifting from one position to another or standing from being reclined. You don’t want your client to get out balanced don’t you? 

➧ Assistance to your client during toilet, snacks and water breaks, if necessary

➧The right eyelash extension products that will cater to your sensitive clients.

To comfort your pregnant lash clients, it is a must that you have these facilities in your lash studio. Once you have a good impression, your valued service will spread through word of mouth and you’ll get rewarded with lots of clients. So go the extra mile!

Extend Patience. While a regular lash session of two and half hours per client is common, it might be different for pregnant clients since they have a special need that needs to be attended to. They might go for toilet breaks, change of body position, and snack breaks among others. It is also important to consider the time extension of more than two hours for pregnant clients.

Consult an Aesthetician or other related professional. If you have an option, work with an aesthetician or another related professional who has an experience with eyelash extensions for pregnant women. It’s also best to examine customer evaluations on eyelash extension beauty products that you are about to use and inquire about necessary policies. Also, it’s better to ask your client if she has the consent from her doctor or OB Gyn. If the potential mother decides to keep her appointment despite the usage of formaldehyde in your adhesive, you should have a waiver document available for her to sign. Check out this one of the great exemplar beauty bars in the industry which has its protocol for their clients to fill out a consent form through before their eyelash extension appointment.

 Inquire if your client has received permission from her doctor to use eyelash extensions. Allow her to sign a consent form if she has a go signal. This will relieve you of liability once you have the right documents.  Image resource:

Above all, you must safeguard not only your client and her baby, but also yourself and your company. Keep it documented because this will free you from the liability once you have the proper documentation that includes the filled out client’s consent forms and/or waivers

I’m getting a lot of appointments from pregnant clients, and I think my eyelash extension glue’s ingredient is not safe for them. What shall I do now?

Product credibility matters when it comes to health.It would be preferable for your company if you chose a competent eyelash glue supplier or manufacturer that is fit for pregnant clients. When we say “competent”, these companies do not just settle for anything less but these are establishments who seek clinical trials for their products before distributing it to the market for consumption of their clients. 

Are there any known expectant mothers who availed eyelash extensions? I want to know more about their experience.

What to Expect, a community forum of pregnant moms at has yielded various opinions regarding eyelash extensions. When asked about pregnancy and eyelash extensions,here are some respondents who shared their positive experiences;



The eyelash extension techniques, which had been popular in South Korea for many years, were just introduced to the United States in 2004. Since then, it has been a growing fad among key personalities.

Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and Lindsay Lohan are among the celebs who have expressed their love for eyelash extensions. Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry, for example, have recently flaunted their love of eyelash extensions. Aside from the media hype, these superstars have helped to keep the trend of eyelash extensions alive in popular culture, paving the door for more expensive and quirky looks.

In the world of A-list Hollywood celebrities, it is a must to be beautiful as the cameras are in every angle. Sneaky paparazzis would snap their cameras anytime. That is why, it is a must to be glamorous and lash ready..

The 34 year old Lauren Goodger, the former Only Way Is Essex series star is pregnant with her first child, and making headlines in the internet as she wants to look her best when the time has come she meets her baby daughter. 

Sporting a set of eyelash extensions, Lauren Goodger posted the above photo on her Instagram reels. Image resource: 

Captioned with, Love some of my pregnancy shoots over these last few months. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing”, Goodger posted this maternity photo on Instagram 25 weeks ago as of this writing.

As she prepares to give birth, Lauren Goodger flutters her wispy eyelash extensions in her maternity photoshoot. Image resource: 

Who would not recognize the iconic Kim Kardashian? Though she has openly confessed to having difficulties during her pregnancy,on any occasion her lashes were still on fleek. We might not know whether it is false eyelashes, plain mascara, magnetic eyelashes or eyelash extensions that she is wearing in the following photos but we can always agree that she is stylish from head to toe. Take a look at her wispy eyelashes on her 2013 and 2015 pregnancy photos.

Everything is on point, especially preggy Kim Kardashian’s eyelashes. Shown above is Kim’s 2013 pregnancy photo. Image credit:Gary Miller/Filmmagic

In her 2015 pregnancy photo, expectant mom Kim Kardashian never missed any stylish detail, especially her eyelashes paired with subtle eye makeup. Photo Credit: Gregg Deguire/Getty Images

Husband and wife Jay-Z and Beyonce posed for a photo at the 2017 Grammy Awards. Image credit: Image resource:

Of course, the All the Single Ladies hitmaker Beyonce has not escaped our watchful eye. In the 2017 Grammy Awards, Queen B is dashing in a shimmering red gown while her protruding baby bump is noticeable. Also, who would not envy those stunning long eyelashes?

Photo of Jennifer Lopez.alongside with husband Marc Anthony taken in 2008. Photo Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images North America


Jennifer Lopez is dashing in a minimally embellished white gown with a gorgeous set of eyelashes. Alongside Jennifer is former husband Marc Anthony. Image resource:

Jennifer Lopez is definitely one of the key personalities why eyelash extensions are a booming industry. Jenny from the Block, as we call her, has been wearing flashy sets of eyelashes in numerous events while carrying her baby bump. She is a fan of mink eyelash extensions as she claims that she is comfortable to wear it.

Aside from the above mentioned fab preggies, I bet you have seen a lot of personalities flaunting a glam look with their eyelash extensionsEyelash extensions are one of the most fastest growing trends in the beauty business, and they are far from a passing fad. It's a burgeoning trend that's quickly gaining popularity all around the world. According to Grand View Research, Inc., the lucrative global market for individual eyelash products and services is predicted to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.6 percent from 2019 to 2025.


Have you found a safe eyelash extension product that caters to your pregnant clients' needs?

If you will scour the market, not all eyelash extension products are created equal. Only a few are tried and clinically tested. You might be using one or the majority of eyelash extension products that are possibly present in your eyelash extension kit that did not pass a hazard test. As an eyelash extension artist, it’s good to invest on products which have undergone quality control.


What’s the best formaldehyde-latex and fume free, fastest drying time, and advanced formula eyelash extension glue available in the market?

Amidst all the brands in the eyelash extension industry, this is where a promising company called Forabeli Beauty comes into the scene. If you are looking for a formaldehyde,latex and fume free, fastest drying time, and advanced formula eyelash extension glue, the name Forabeli Beauty is exceptional, safe, and has been clinically trialed.

All Forabeli Beauty glues and essential eyelash extension essentials have undergone careful clinical testing on humans under the supervision of scientifically qualified professionals and laboratories according to a clinical protocol and in a clinical setting. 

Speaking of the latest clinical trial, in September 2021, the Forabeli Beauty Pro Care Eyelash Extension Glue underwent a Primary Skin Irritation Test on Humans conducted by Corederm Skin Research Center in Seoul, South Korea. The study was participated by 32 Korean women aged 20’s to 50’s with various skin types. The study found out that the respondents did not develop any skin reaction after 30 minutes or 24 hours after the skin patch testing. To add on that, Forabeli Beauty products have undergone various laboratory testing which assures that it is safe to use for its clients. For further product background checking, you may visit 

Meet the Forabeli Beauty glues! A selection of formaldehyde-latex and fume free, fastest drying time, and advanced formula eyelash extension glue for every client's needs.

To complete your formaldehyde-latex and fume free beauty kit, here is a selection of quality and advanced formula eyelash extension products for your delicate pregnant clients. Forabeli Beauty products are here for you!

Aside from eyelash extension glues, Forabeli Beauty comes as a whole package for lash masters! Forabeli Beauty also offers a wide array of essentials such as eyelash extension curls, lash shampoo, lash primer, pink gel remover, and max solution lash glue accelerator and lash bonder. Add these products to your beauty kit and witness how breathtaking your lash works will transform into!

Is there any possibility for me to skin patch test the Forabeli Beauty products?

Worrying about adhesive glue allergic reactions? If you are looking for lash artists for skin patch testing, the good thing about Forabeli Beauty is, there are a number of Forabeli Beauty brand ambassadors that can cater to your needs. The Forabeli Beauty ambassadors are consistent users of Forabeli Beauty products in their eyelash extension practice in various states of US and Canada. Check out, you might have one near your area! The Forabeli Beauty Brand ambassadors’ best eyelash extension works are featured in Forabeli Beauty’s Instagram and Facebook page. Primarily, you can reach them through the Forabeli Beauty Instagram account. Any concern regarding skin patch testing or usage of Forabeli Beauty products plus testimonies and reviews, the Forabeli Beauty brand ambassadors are very much active and willing to book your eyelash extension appointments. Aside from that, for product inquiries, the Forabeli Beauty Lash Agents are very much responsive and accommodating to every client's needs.



When it comes to their children's health, mothers should be notoriously cautious. Health cannot just be compromised. 

Secure permission from your doctor and once you have the go signal, inform the lash specialist of your concerns. She would be delighted to assist you with your eyelash application.

Rule of the thumb, anyone who walks down a beauty lounge for a lash appointment must confirm their pregnancy with the lash artist. Though it may not be customary for a lash technician to inquire about this with her customer, it is critical for the client's and the baby's safety. There is a potential that a client will develop allergies or reactions to the ingredients used during an eyelash extension treatment. During this stage, any difficulties or discomfort are undesired. For lash technicians, break the ice and go ahead and affirm this, even if you know the client may be uncomfortable, this should be set as a protocol in your lash studio. 

There are potentially modest dangers, such as inappropriate lying postures and improperly made adhesive. Those causes, however, are simple to avoid by choosing the right eyelash extension products.

Eyelash extensions are one of the least invasive cosmetic treatments available, as long as you work with a qualified lash artist who utilizes high-quality formaldehyde-latex and fume free, fastest drying time, and advanced formula eyelash extension glue and other eyelash extension supplies in the market.

A lash technician is not just after money but also for valuable service. Following a set of standards is a true indication of a professional lash artist. Your client will appreciate the fact that you are one. Once and constantly done, you can expect more recommendations in the future.

Overall, getting eyelash extensions while pregnant is totally safe. All you have to do is take the essential precautions to make the process as safe and comfortable as possible.

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