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Must- Haves for Your Lash Room

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Your workplace speaks so much about the amount of passion and commitment you pour into your job. How organized, the kind of wall decors and the level of comfort it provides to its guests become a portrait of your personality that leaves impressions.  

One big part in starting your lash career is setting up your lash room because it is a vital aspect in providing that premium, VIP experience for your lash clients. Though setting up your lash room should be an exciting period, of course it is not just fun and colors- it comes with a responsibility. You have to ensure the necessities are well- provided and whether it’s a tiny unit or a huge studio, it should function what it’s built for.

Before any moving and decorating, you have to find first that room you will transform with the best location, facilities and size. Using a vacant room in your home is a great way to start; saves you bucks from paying monthly rent which could cost relatively high especially in commercial locations and another ton of bucks in commuting to and from work.

After having found the perfect room to turn into your lash studio, the essential tools and facilities must be determined. In this article, we will fill- out your shopping list of the must- haves for your lash room make- over.

  1. Good lighting

Good lighting is very crucial in your performance of eyelash extension applications. A clear vision of even the tiniest detail so as to ensure accuracy in your results is imperative. Without good lighting, you would strain your eyes and risk your eyes developing future eyesight problems.

Ring lights have become a trend in being a good source of lighting at flexible mechanisms that can be repositioned anyway or any angle that can best serve you. A recommendation to have 2 lights positioned opposite to each other can also be considered so no shadow is being casted on the one side.

Aside from its main purpose, good lighting is also an insanely perfect addition to the theme of your lash room’s interior design.

  1. Hygrometer

The quality of the eyelash extension retention you give to your clients is very much affected by the condition of the environment where the process was performed, particularly when the lash glue is being applied. Every lash extension adhesive works at a specified environment condition in order to be effective and a hygrometer tells you just about everything you need to know about your room temperature and humidity.

  1. Storage boxes and cabinets

Well, being organized really makes a big difference in your day to day mood. Everything in its place and a place for everything rings true every time in every work place. Being organized makes you more efficient in your routine and saves you a good amount of time. Such a good amount of time is wasted in suspending what you’re doing or starting off late with that lashing sesh just because you have to look for things that went missing and cannot recall where you might have placed them.

In selecting what to store at which storage box or cabinets, the MSDS’ of your chemical- based supplies have all the information about how to store these supplies properly. After all, storing things in their right corners is not only for the sake of neatness in the eyes but more importantly, for the preservation of the quality of your lash supplies. For example, a lash extension glue should be kept in a storage where it’s cool, free of moisture and is out of direct hit of sunlight. On the side note, you might want to have those rolling carts where you can organize your daily lash kits and move them around where they need to be which is very convenient and efficient.

  1. Lash bed, Stool, Pillow

The lash bed, pillow and stool are like the ground zero of your battle- make them do you justice and for your lash clients. In choosing these paraphernalia, choose to achieve the level of comfort you and your clients would need for that 2-4 hours treatment. Comfort affects so much of your accuracy in your results. If the stool is too high or the cushion’s too hard, then you’ll be more concerned of back pain than at what you’re doing.  Nonetheless, comfort and experience are included in the services that your lash business provides so you ought to give them to your clients.

  1. Cleaning and Sanitizing Supplies

Now, cleanliness and sanitation should be on the same level of priority as beauty in your lash studio. While you’re spreading and sprinkling your magic in those eyelash curls, safety and health protocol shouldn’t be ignored and dust be left inside hiding in the cupboards. The beauty industry maintains a high standard of sanitation in every line of process to prevent contamination and infection. Be sure to abide to the regulations of the state board.

Final Thoughts…

You’ve already come a long way from your lashing journey when you’ve arrived at this point of deciding and designing your very own lash room. Your lash room will be your second home and where you spend a thirds of your day so equip it with the things and facilities your and your lash clients’ comfort and convenience is well- served.

Congratulations Queen on your new lash studio!


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Thank you so much for including my room as part of this post! This is a wonderful post for beginners needing the basics to get their lash journey started.

Savana Loftin @IndigoMoonAesthetics

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