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The totality of the look of your client’s eyes will determine on the proper choice of their lash extensions. The human eyes are unique, and if the client wants to make them stand out, you are the key to choose which style best suits them. It's similar to how different eye shapes require different eye makeup. Not every style will look good on the clients, that is why the lash artist plays a big role in the decision-making of the lash client.

Mark this page and let it be part of your lash bible. Here is a guide to assist you with lash curls, types, and lengths.


In case you are wondering why are these curls named after some alphabets, it’s because the letter that represents the curl's appearance is used to define it. The J curl has the most J shape and is the least curly and lifted. A smaller or basic curl is referred to as a B curl. The C curl is the most typical lash curl that most people have. The D curl is the most dramatic and elevated, the most noticeable from the front, and the most popular. L curl lashes have a harsher L shape, making them perfect for individuals with hooded eyelids for whom D curl is insufficient.

There is definitely the right curl for everyone! So here is an explanatory note on every lash curl for you to choose from.

Image of different eyelash extension curls

J CURL- This type of curl mimics the natural shape of eyelashes, it has a little bit of curvature at the tip and gives more a natural-looking appearance. 

B CURL-This curl’s bend is classified between the J and C curls and is typically used for the inner corners of the eye and bottom row of the lashes. B Curls are a popular choice to blend with C Curls to create texture and lift. The B curl has the most natural curl effect and is great for someone that does not curl their natural lashes. 

C CURL-This curl brings out the unexpected drama that every woman deserves. This curl tends to be blended with other curls for texturizing. This type of lashes appeals to both young and middle-aged demographics. This curl is a charming one as it appears as if it is curled with an eyelash curler. This curl is the most fairly used, and a great starter curls for first timers on eyelash extensions.

CC Curl- The CC curl is a hybrid curl. This curl is to be classified between a C and D curl. This type of curl has the likeness base as the C curl and arrives with a dramatic vibe of a D curl. This curl works best to add lift to the outer edges of the eyelash extension set, especially with clients that have droopy-looking eyes. 

D CURL-This curl creates an illusion of a bigger and opens up the eye. The D Curl is typically blended with other curls to achieve the desired texture. It is advised to map properly to achieve the best degree of the curl. 

L CURL-This curl is ideal for straight or downward sloping lashes or for clients with hooded eyelids, this curl offers a natural-looking lift, and has a square base that allows for a strronger, longer bond.

L+ CURL-This type of curl is ideal for straight or downward sloping lashes, or for clients with hooded eyelids. The L+ curl offers a more dramatic look than L curl and tend to resemble a C curl with straight foundation.

M CURL- M Curl, a curl that acts like a lash lift for clients with downward lashes, is particularly stunning when zoomed in on its upward-facing curls. Unless your client has hooded eyes or lashes that are naturally inclined upwards, it can enlarge the eye. It's also an excellent curl type for broadening straight lashes. The 'L' curl is slightly curvier than the 'M' curl and has a square base, but it is also slightly stronger. It's the most effective approach to defining your client's eyes and making them appear bright, gorgeous, and vibrant

U CURL- This type of curl has a180 degree curvature. These lashes are the curliest type and create a dramatic open-eye effect. However, this type of curl hits the eyelid which can bring irritation to the wearer. If the client has a heavy eyelid, use a shorter length U curl.


Presume that you have already chosen the right curl for your client, the next step is to choose the proper length of eyelash extensions. From the alphabets, we shall now move on to the numbers! Here are the lengths of the eyelash extensions.

Image of different eyelash extensions lengths

6mm–9mm- This length is ideal use on the inner eye.

10mm- This length is great to be used as a transition to the longer lash lengths. This length is too long to be used on the inside of the eye so it is advisable to compare its length to others.

11mm- This length is used on the inside of the eye or for achieving a natural look all over.

12mm- This length can be natural or dramatic depending on the client's beauty features.

13mm–15mm- This length will be so dramatic. It’s not advisable to start a client on a 13mm length or longer if it is their first appointment.

15mm- For this long length, it is advisable to be extra careful because it can cause damage a client’s natural lashes that can not handle it.

On this portion, we’ll talk about the thickness of the lash extensions. Here are the various options:

 Image of different thickness of eyelash extensions

.03- This thickness is advisable for creating a mega volume lash look.

.05- This thickness can be used to create the desired soft volume look or Mega Volume eyelash extension.

.06- This thickness is one of the most commonly used widths for volume eyelash extensions.

.07- This is one of the most fairly used widths for volume eyelash extension. Lash artists can use up to 6 of these in a fan if the natural lashes can handle such weight.

.10- If the natural lashes are still growing and still shorter, this can be the best option while doing a classic or volume eyelash extension set.

.12- If the choice of the client very subtle classic look, this one is the best option.

.15- Most commonly used diameter for classic lash extensions 

.18- This thickness is best used for a thicker fuller look for classic eyelash extensions.

.20- If the client wants to achieve a scene stealing look, this is the most dramatic look a client can achieve with classic lashes. Before opting for this, ensure that the client can handle the thickness of the lash extension.


Image of different eyelash extensions by shape

NATURAL-Choose the natural lash style if you want your lashes to look as natural as possible. It will give your eyes the appearance of having natural, long, and fuller lashes. This design mimics the natural curvature of your lashes. The inner and outer margins will have a bit less length, while the middle of the eye will have an extended and mixed length. This style will make your lashes look like they are growing naturally, but much better.

Image of clients having an open eyed shape availing eyelash extension using Forabeli products

OPEN-By adding volume and length to the center of your eyelid, this style opens up your eyes. At each end, the length and volume will taper down, forming a symmetrical graduation in your eye. Your eyes will receive roughly 8 mm of lashes for the corners and around 12-14 mm for the center of your eyelid with this lash type. 

Image of clients having an cat eyed shape availing eyelash extension using Forabeli products

CAT EYE-If your client has small eyes, Cat Eye is the finest option. You'll need a broad variety of curl mixes in this style, starting with C and working your way up to D. You can also use CC and C+.

  Image of clients having an doll eyed shape availing eyelash extension using Forabeli products

DOLL EYE-The key to achieve this look is to combine ultra-curl lash extensions such as D and DD curl. Always remember to base the curl on your client's natural lashes in terms of texture, length, and curl. dependent on your client's lashes' texture, length, and curl.

SQUIRREL EYE-From the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner, the eyelashes become longer. The edge is adorned with really long eyelash extensions. With a remarkable bend, the eyes' edges shine out. 

The squirrel ears inspired the moniker for squirrel lash extensions. The style can be created using either the traditional or volume eyelash extension procedure, depending on the client's desired density.

CLUSTER- Glue is used to adhere them to one other along the lash line. Eyelash extensions/volume lashes are put with military precision to one single eyelash. Clusters are more akin to gluing a whole artificial eyelash to your eyelid because they are cemented together and so do not shed with your natural lash.


Image of the three (3) eye shapes


This eye form is thought to be the most appealing and seductive of all. The length is longer than the height, as indicated by the name, and the outer corners have an upward flick.

You're in luck if you have almond-shaped eyes because any of the styles will look wonderful on you. Choose the open or doll eye if you want your eyes to be more prominent and dramatic. Choose the cat-eye style if you want them to appear seductive and intriguing.


You can experiment with the natural or cat eye lash style if the client have a monolid or single-lid eye. These designs can make your eyes appear longer and more appealing. Monolid is one of many varieties of oval eyes, and it is the most common eye shape among Asian women. If the client have this eye shape, lash extensions can open up your eyes and make them appear larger.


The client have round eyes that are the most prominent feature on her face. It occurs when the height of your eyes is nearly equal to their length. Avoid the open eye style if the client have this eye shape since it will make her eyes appear larger than they are. The cat eye is the greatest lash style for this eye shape. It will help to balance her eyes by increasing length without adding height.


Although the client’s eye shape is vital in determining the ideal eyelash extension style, you, as a lash artist, should also think about your personal tastes and style. A professional lash technician should be able to customize the client’s lashes to match any criterion you need to meet if you need assistance making decisions.

These are the various options available when picking which eyelash extensions to utilize on your clients.These are just the basics on eyelash extension curls, lengths, color, and styles and things are continuously evolving and there are a lot of new products in the market from time to time. Feel free to study new craze on lash extensions in order for you to update your lash clients.

We hope this information has assisted you in deciding which lash extensions are right for you and your clients.

Happy lashing!

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