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 Best Bridal Eyelash Extensions Styles 

 A wedding is one of every woman's dreams and there is no better way to celebrate a wedding day than having the best bridal look you could ever have. Every woman’s dream wedding is to look at them as the prettiest woman in town. Without any work on your side, eyelash extensions might be the secret to making you feel gorgeous and have picture-perfect photos on your special day. They enhance your lashes' length, fullness, and color, and they go beautifully with stunning bridal makeup looks.

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You need a little more lash definition on your wedding day, why? Because you want your eyelashes to be visible in your wedding pictures. Believe it or not, eyelash extensions appear beautiful in photographs. Eyelash extensions do more than just make you appear better in photos; they also sweat- and cry-proof and stay put from the first glance to the last dance.

Why should you get a lash extension prior to your wedding day?

For your special day, you as a bride should have some kind of lash enhancement. Whether these are full-on, temporary eyelash extensions or semi-permanent ones. Lashes really add up to your makeup appearance and draw attention to your eyes in photographs. 

Even if you choose a more natural makeup look for your wedding day, lash extensions will still make your eyes look stunning in pictures and make them appear less weary considering the stress you've been under in the days leading up to the big day.

Eyelash extension styles for your wedding day

  • Natural Lash Extension 

Choose natural extensions if you prefer a less dramatic eyelash extension style. They fit every eye shape and follow your natural lash line. These extensions add the length and fullness your lashes require without seeming overly theatrical.

Image of a natural lash extension look
  • Doll Lash Extension

To open up your eyes, longer lashes are put in the center of your eyes using doll lash extensions. This eyelash extension technique can make your eyes appear larger if they are wide-set or downturned. These extensions don't work well with round eyes because they could make them appear astonished.

Image of a doll lash extension look 
  • Stylish - Glam Lash Extension 

Using lashes that are thicker than other types, glam eyelash extensions give you a more dramatic appearance. For events like weddings and celebrations, they are perfect to wear. It's preferable to wear this look to formal gatherings because glam lashes draw attention to your eyes.


Image of a glam lash extension look 
  • Cat-eye Lash Extension 

Cat-eye extensions, which insert longer lashes in the outer corner of the eye, can enhance the beauty of your eyes. These lash extensions can make your eyes appear bigger if you have round or close-set eyes. Wide-set eyes are not advised because the result may give one a fatigued appearance.

Image of a cat-eye lash extension look
  • Wispy Lash Extension 

Wispy eyelashes are quickly becoming popular among individuals with more experience using eyelash extensions. This design uses changing lash lengths to produce a spikey, feminine appearance.

The result provides a natural-looking glam that is popping and appears as though your lashes are long, wet, and thick. Wispy lashes are the look that will help you shine the brightest if you enjoy attending parties or have a significant occasion coming up.


Image of wispy lash extension look


FAQs about getting eyelash extensions at weddings 

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When should you get eyelash extensions for your wedding?

Getting them earlier is preferable to getting them later since you'll have more time to fix any problems that come up with your extensions before the big event. Future brides are advised to schedule a refill a few days prior to the wedding and to arrive at least 2-3 weeks beforehand for a full set. But the earlier, the better!

Will your lashes be damaged or will they fall out if you cry during the wedding?

No, not at all! They will remain in place. This is a huge benefit since you can go mascara free and not worry about panda eyes!

Can you still wear eye makeup?

Absolutely, yes! But it is mostly not advisable to wear mascara. Your gorgeous lashes will clump up in mascara, ruining their appearance, and also you should always use an oil-free makeup remover to gently remove any makeup you do wear before going to bed because oil-based products will reduce the retention of your lashes.


Image of a bride wearing eyelash extensions and eye makeup 

How can you be sure the eyelashes will look well on you?

A knowledgeable lash artist can give you advice on the length and style that would be best for your eye shape. They also consider the ultimate appearance you desire and work to deliver the outcomes you seek.

Final Thought

If you're thinking about getting eyelash extensions for your wedding, careful planning is essential to attaining the results you want especially when you are a newbie in getting it. Trying out various appearances and finding the ideal style can be part of that. 

Yes, as the bride, you should appear beautiful on your special day. Keep with a natural appearance that will highlight your eyes. If you are fair, you can choose brown lash extensions and should always choose synthetic eyelashes in the hue black.


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