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Lash Career Talks: Can you continue to lash while pregnant?

A woman's pregnancy is a very exciting time in her life. During this time, women encounter difficulties not only with their body image, and physical looks but also with their choices and considerations because of hormonal changes. It also comes with a long list of things you can't do, which can limit a woman's activity. When you're pregnant, you might feel frustrated, especially if you can't do some things you love.

Pregnant women take a break from habits to keep their babies healthy, but it may be hard for them to give up everything, especially their careers. 

For example, a lash artist to be specific, might consider taking a break from being a lash artist, because of pregnancy that is so sensitive enough that they know they couldn’t fulfill their duty well. 

Are eyelash extensions safe during pregnancy?

In short answer, it is, YES. Eyelash extensions are generally safe for pregnant people. But the real question is, is it safe for a pregnant woman to be exposed to the possible effects of the ingredient composition of lash extension products during lash application? 

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Here are some of the considerations you should take a look at while you're as a pregnant  lash artist: 

When a woman gets pregnant there are things that uncontrollably change like sensitivity, moods, hormonal changes, and other things that might arise during pregnancy. These things might be taken into consideration before deciding on continuing your lashing while pregnant.

How comfortable it is: 

You know your body and what it can and can't do better than anyone else. When doing eyelash extensions application, you have to sit in a fixed forward-leaning position for a long time, which can be hard on your body. On average, putting on a full set of lashes for a client takes between 2 and 3 hours, and a Lash Lift takes about an hour. 

You being in that position while pregnant is not the same way as comfortable when you are not pregnant. 

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How sensitive you are: 

During pregnancy, it's common for your sense of smell to change. Most of the time, it gets more sensitive, which can make you feel sick or make you throw up. Most lash services use lash adhesives with Cyanoacrylate as the main ingredient when putting on eyelash extensions. This has strong vapors that may smell bad when you're pregnant. Ammonium Thioglycolate, which is in the perm solution used for Lash Lift, has strong fumes that can make pregnant women feel sick or make them throw up.

Again, your sensitivity to smell and other factors is not the same when you're not pregnant. 

How it will affect your unborn baby: 

There is no known scientific basis between Cyanoacrylate, Ammonium Thioglycolate, and birth defects. However, the safety of your child is the most important thing, so if you can, you should put your lash career on hold until your baby is born. 

It is not like you will stop forever with your lash career, but waiting until you give birth, makes an assurance that your unborn child will be safe from these chemical compositions. 

How hormonal changes affect you: 

Due to changes in hormone levels, your body may not react the same way it would normally. This can make you more sensitive or allergic. During treatment, if you have a severe allergic reaction, you wouldn't be able to take antihistamines. This would leave you open to the reaction. To reduce this risk, staying away from what triggers your allergy is the best way not to take risks. 

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Even though no large-scale research has shown that eyelash extension application is bad for pregnant women, you should still talk to your doctor before getting them. This is because each person's hormonal imbalance is different, and your doctor is the best person to tell you what is right for you.

So, can you continue to lash while pregnant? 

The answer may vary from yes and no, depending on how your pregnancy is going. Maybe in your first trimester, you can still go lashing without feeling sensitive or uncomfortable. But many lash artists consider the fact that unborn babies are their priority over anything else and it’s valid. 

It may be hard at first to stop what you are doing for a little while but it doesn’t mean that your lash career ends up here, you can always go back after you gave birth if you choose to. 

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Bonus Tip

What are the best cardio workouts during pregnancy? 

As long as your doctor has a go signal that you are allowed to do exercise, go ahead. Start little by little and build up your fitness slowly. For instance, start with 5 minutes of activity every day and work up to 30 minutes.

Here are some alternative activities you can do while you take a short break from lashing. 


There’s no easier exercise to fit into your hectic schedule than walking during pregnancy and it’s a routine you can continue right up until your delivery date (and even on that day if you’re anxious to help along with the contractions). You don’t need any special equipment or a gym membership to participate – just a pair of nice sneakers.


Want to go a little faster? Running is also one of the safe activities a pregnant woman can do. If you used to run before pregnancy, you can stay on track even during pregnancy with a doctor's approval. Stick on level terrain (or a treadmill) and never overdo it. 


Swimming and water aerobics may just be the perfect pregnant workout. Why? In the water, you weigh less than you do on land, so you’ll feel lighter and more agile. A plunge in the pool may also help reduce nausea, sciatic pain, and swelling ankles. And because babies float along with you, it’s gentle on your loosening joints and ligaments (your body’s normal response to pregnant hormones).

Group dance or aerobics classes

Low-impact aerobics and dance workout classes like Zumba are a great way to increase your heart rate and get the endorphins flowing if you are pregnant. As your abdomen expands, avoid any activities that require careful balance. If you’re new to exercise, opt for the water version of aerobics, which is an ideal exercise for every pregnancy.

Image of a pregnant woman doing a light workout

Final Thoughts…

Pregnancy is different for every woman. It will be easy for some, and hard for others. In the future, when you decide to be a mom, the unborn child must be on top priority. 

If you know enough that you are sensitive and might possibly be at risk during pregnancy, the most advisable thing to do is wait until you give birth before continuing your lash career. 

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