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Haunting Scares in the life of a Lash Artist


The hype of black and orange theme is once again revived. Life- sized scary figures embellished the yards, influx of horror movies on TV channels, busy families carving pumpkins and picking the scariest costumes flood the vibe today in preparation for the coming Halloween. Sure, almost everyone goes the extra mile to have the spookiest October 31st.

And whoever misses such a festive season? Our dear lash artists are always up for that seducing and devilish witch look on Halloween. To dial up the scare score, spiderwebs, bubbling cauldron and lots of pumpkin carvings now adorned many lash salons. 

But for lash artists, Halloween is nothing scary but just a festive season because the real scare happens occasionally in their lashing career life. 

So, what really scares a lash artist besides Dracula? Here is a list of the real and haunting scares in the life of a lash artist. 


Whose heart wouldn’t skip a beat in fear of receiving a text message from a lash client that she’s having an allergic reaction after having eyelash extension from you? Moments like these are super scary knowing that instead of making your client look glamorous, she now looks like Gollum with bulging, red eyes not mentioning you endangering her safety and may have instead given a medical issue.   

There are notorious reasons for these allergic reactions in clients receiving eyelash extension. One known culprit is the eyelash extension glue used. An ingredient of eyelash extension glues known as Cyanoacrylate causes these allergic reactions. Sure, everything is frightening about an allergic reaction after eyelash extension application- from monstrous angry clients to that uncanny feeling when you think of the scenario happening again in the future. 

But luckily, there are ways to avoid these incidents. First, a lash artist should know the importance of performing patch test and do so prior to lash extension application. The second option is to use a lash extension glue specially formulated for sensitive eyes such as the Forabeli Semi and Pure Sensitive Glues. 


Another income and time- sucking vampire- like scenarios that even the light of day can’t scare are late clients, last minute cancellations and no- shows. Scary and absurdly funny how some lash clients are like vampires who are cold- hearted and who could just run off fast abandoning their commitments with their lash artists. And when they come in covens, these could leave our poor lash artists drained of their income and even their valuable time. 

There are however, so- called silver bullets now to these vampires. The cancellation policy you established can be a strong protection against these kinds of attacks in the lash business. 


Lash artists experience many horrors in their day to day lashing. Eye make- up such as mascara are like poison to lash extension applications. It endangers the ease of application and lash retention if not cleaned well. What a nightmare of having to deep clean eyelashes, extending the lashing time and ruining your schedule because your lash client did not clean her lashes prior attending the appointment. 

Fortunately, lash artists are becoming good at the witchcraft of lashing that they have created potions to make those mascara and other oil- based makeup go away. One good potion is using a good quality lash cleanser or a lash shampoo. These lash cleansers definitely are go-to choices in removing dirt and make- up in the lashes. 


There is a rare kind of sinister feeling a lash artist feels when many of her lash clients complain about poor retention or lash extension falling out shortly after application. This is a challenge haunting every lash artist for a long time because there can be quite a number of reasons causing poor eyelash extension like a number of evil spirits being conjured to make a lash artist’s life a living hell. It can be the lash glue, the pre-treatment, the lash environment or the aftercare commitments of the lash clients. Because of these, you can’t truly pinpoint and name the demon that causes your problem. And because you can exorcize that bad spirit out of your lash client making her lashes fall out, this make this an ever frightening dilemma.  


Now this one’s a different kind of thriller. The one that’s trusting in the first part but entails a foreboding betrayal on the other main character. Every lash artist knows the importance of maintaining and caring for the eyelash extension and hopes her lash clients also do. But more often, these instructions are neglected and lash clients come back to their lash artists with an even bigger problem. 


These lashing challenges never fail to set a different level of eerie mode to a lash artist’s day. The idea that these are so true, could happen to every lash artist and no Quija board could tell the solutions to perfectly eliminate these evil scenarios make the thought even more haunting and ominous 

But like all horror stories, someone must emerge as the one beating the daily monsters or someone just has to live with the fear and survive the day. 

The season is all about scare and tears now. Halloween is just around the corner.

Happy trick or treating, lash queens!

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