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Eyelash Extension 101: Lash Extension Aftercare Reminders

Eyelash extension is undeniably a fluttering way to add beauty to the eyes. Yet, creating that stunning eyelash extension set is just half the job. The other half portion of the job which is the aftercare maintenance of the lashes should be performed holistically by your lash clients. You, as the lash artist, is responsible in ensuring your lash clients are informed of these aftercare instructions and that you don’t fail to remind them to do so regularly until they return to your lash studio. It is not a one-man job to maintain such fabulous and long- lasting eyelash volume and curls. You and your lash client should be in rhythm for the Tango.

Lash aftercare is not only crucial in maintaining that pretty eyelash curls but also detrimental to the health of the natural lashes. The build of dirt and oil in your client’s eyelashes affects the bond of the false lashes, the glue, and the natural lashes. That’s why your lash clients must understand full well the importance of lash aftercare and their responsibilities to it. Lastly, you wouldn’t want to be in a blame game, much more dealing with unhappy clients gushing over you with dismay because their lashes are falling out in 2- or 3-days’ time after application.

So if you’re looking for a list of do’s and don’ts for an eyelash extension aftercare, we got you covered now! Be sure not to miss educating your lash clients any of these rules:

1. Do not wet lashes for 48 hours after application

Remind your lash client to save drama 48 hours after those false lashes had been attached. It is very crucial for this period that lashes remain dry and no water must come in contact. This also includes avoiding steamy environments, saunas, hot showers, etc. for 24 hours minimum. Keep your lashes as dry as possible to allow the lash adhesive to cure durably. After this 24- 48-hour window, eyelash extensions are then waterproof.

2. Wash lashes regularly with lash shampoo

Hygiene and sanitation are still the main goal of eyelash extension aftercare routine. Eventually, oil, dirt and dead skin cells build up in the lashes ruining eyelash retention. Furthermore, the presence of these dirt facilitates a good breeding environment for eyelash mites to populate and intestate the eyes consequently irritating them. These creatures are disgusting enough that if your lash clients know about these, they would surely be washing those lashes regularly without fail.

Lastly, recommend a good foaming eyelash shampoo and demonstrate the right procedure in washing their lashes using a spoolie or an eyelash brush. Encourage your lash clients to have clean lashes aside from having beautiful ones.

3. Do not sleep on them

This is a not-so-common rule and is often left out, but it is very important that lash clients are being informed of the correct sleeping positions that must be observed when having eyelash extension. Sleeping on their faces and sometimes, burying face on a pillow result to lashes that are going every-which direction and premature fall- outs. Don’t forget to mention that satin/silk pillowcases are the ones advisable. 

4. Avoid too much heat

Sunbeds, saunas, sunbathing for hours in direct sunlight are big NO- NO’s when having eyelash extensions. Technically, eyelash extensions are made of plastics and when exposed to extreme heat, these lashes can melt. Furthermore, heat causes the lash adhesive to become crispy and brittle thereby weaking the bond and resulting into fall- outs.

5. No oil-based products

Oil causes retention issues to the eyelash extension so when you remind your lash clients that they should be avoiding oil-based make- up products, make them mean it. This is a very essential aftercare instructions as lash clients tend to assume that if a particular oil- based product is not applied directly on lashes, then it’s safe.  Nope, still not safe even if not applied directly to the eye area! The skin, including the lash follicles can still absorb these products harming the retention of the eyelash extension.

6. Don’t rub or touch the lashes so often

Touching the lashes frequently disturbs the bond of the lash adhesives, the false lashes and the natural lashes that may sooner result to fall- out. Rubbing the eyes is just a faster way of not just disturbing the bond but also deliberately applying force for the bond to break. Remind your lash clients to keep those hands-off o their lashes.


Just the usual narrative: you, as the eyelash extensions technician, are only there for the eyelash extension application process for 3-4 hours, but your lash clients are the ones who live with that lash set for the entire 2-3 weeks until their first lash refill or lash touch-up. It takes a responsible lash client to perform all the lash extension aftercare and take heed of the do's and don'ts carefully.

According to Luxe Cosmetics lash extension statistics, the lash extension market continues to grow, reaching an estimated USD 2.31 Billion by 2028, with a significant portion of consumers being young women (51% are aged 18-34). This highlights the increasing demand for high-quality lash extensions and the importance of proper aftercare to ensure a positive experience for both the client and the lash artist.

Regular maintenance is crucial because the natural lash cycle causes extensions to gradually fall out with your client's natural lashes, typically within 6-8 weeks. To maintain the fullness and beauty of the extensions, refills, and touch-ups every 2-4 weeks are recommended, usually costing between USD 50 and 100 depending on the number of lashes needing refill.

Therefore, it's essential to be a responsible lash technician, educating your clients about proper lash extension aftercare and ensuring they understand the importance of following the guidelines for a happy and long-lasting lash experience. Be the lash queen who promotes good aftercare and empowers your clients to maintain their stunning lashes!


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