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Do-it-yourself or DIY eyelash extensions, is it a Yay? Or a Nay?

In this blog, we’ll highlight topics that have been a subject of debate. From eyelash extension Podcasts, Facebook groups, to Youtube comments, Tiktok videos, and even Instagram posts! Some have been in favor, some were neutral, while others are opposing the whole idea of DIY eyelash extensions.

How about you? Is it a Yay for you? Or is it a Nay? Which side are you on? Share with us your answers and opinions, and continue with this blog to see if it’s truly a Yay or a Nay!

Eyelash Extensions have been around for quite some time already, but in recent years, it has become more popular as ever.  From being occasional wear to becoming a daily necessity, the eyelash extensions industry has been taking the world by storm. And the eyelash extension industry is not stopping anytime soon, good news for all of us! 

For additional information, eyelash extensions and all the other products to be used are made professionally to be medical-grade, as extensions of natural lashes to human eyes. It’s an art for the sensitive and delicate part of a human--the eyes. And as the eyes are to be thought of for safety, eyelash extensions should be applied by professionals, who definitely are educated and know what they’re doing, thus coining the term Professional eyelash extensions.

Compared to mascara, and strip and false lashes, eyelash extensions have longer retention which can last weeks to months! When applied properly, eyelash extensions promise convenience and instant beautiful eyes even during the first-morning blink.

For some, eyelashes have also become a standard of beauty, which has influenced worldwide trends. Eyelash extensions are no longer an accessory for A-listers alone because even the average individual can have them and already wears them glamorously.

From something that ladies have been wanting, it’s become something that they’ve been needing and have been obsessing about!

However, there’s a catch! Oops! The catch is that the products used for eyelash extensions are not all hypoallergenic and therefore can cause discomfort, irritations, and allergic reactions to some individuals. Aw! That’s a bummer! But fret not, reactions are only for “some individuals”, if you’re blessed enough, you’d be on the list of those who can wear eyelash extensions without negative reactions!

But wait, there’s another hold-up, let’s talk about the price, how much do eyelash extensions cost? Well, let’s say that as an art, it is pricey. Yes! Eyelash extensions is a form of art that requires skills, dedication, time, and grace, that’s why professionals who apply them on our natural lashes are called eyelash extension artists or in short, lash artists. 

So, considering that eyelash extensions are a form of art, with a better function compared to strip lashes and false lashes, it costs additional dollar bills. Depending on the various factors, eyelash extensions sets, both fill and full,  may cost around 50 USD to 300 USD per appointment, and mind you, it’s not just a one-time appointment. Eyelash extension appointments can go at up to 2x a month.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that there are individuals who are tempted to do it themselves instead of seeing a professional lash artist. But that’s not the entirety of the reason, DIY eyelash extensions also became rampant due to the recent ripple of lockdown because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. 

Eyelash extensions may be needing some retouching and maintenance that, during the quarantine, there were a couple of eyelash artists who gave a brief tutorial on how to care for them or remove them in the comfort of their homes during the lockdown. But since then, DIY eyelash extensions have become mainstream that even amateurs would post video tutorials about how to DIY eyelash extensions on Tiktok. 

So, without further ado, let’s further tackle the Yays and Nays of DIY eyelash extensions. 


Why DIY Eyelash Extensions is a Yay

  1. Ideally, it looks like it doesn’t break the bank. Earlier, we tackled how much each professional eyelash extensions appointment can cost an arm and a leg, and this is one of the reasons why it’s tempting to do DIY eyelash extensions, it can cost way cheaper. Since it’s DIY eyelash extensions, you’ll be doing it yourself and no professional eyelash extensions artist will apply the eyelash extensions on you, this will remove the professional artist fee you’re supposed to pay during every eyelash extensions appointment. WIth DIY eyelash extensions application, you’ll only spend a couple of dollars for the products you’ll be using such as lashes, glues, tweezers, patches, and lash remover, etc.

  2. Convenient scheduling. For some, money is not the issue but the schedule is. And setting up an appointment can be a hassle especially for someone with a busy schedule. Maybe you put your eyelash extensions appointment a priority, yet because of unforeseen events, sometimes setting up or appearing at an appointment can be grasping at straws. This too can be a temptation to perform DIY eyelash extensions. 


We’ve presented all the possible Yays for DIY eyelash extensions, and we can’t help but admit that it’s quite a shortlist, and it’s probably going to be just that short. If you think we might have missed something, do leave your comment below, we’d love to hear from you and discuss with you. 

Now, let’s go down to the Nays of DIY eyelash extensions, and spoiler alert, it far outweighs the Yays of DIY eyelash extensions! The list is going to be way longer.

Why DIY Eyelash Extensions is a Nay

  1. Ironically, it can be more expensive. One of the 2 reasons why DIY eyelash extensions are a Yay is because of the ideal cheaper cost. But if we analyze the possible outcomes and unforeseen events, unsupervised eyelash extensions application can cause trouble, specifically with your vision. Yikes! The price you might’ve saved from an eyelash artist’s professional fee might end up being given to a medical doctor instead, and at an even higher cost!

  2. Consumes longer time. There may be convenience with scheduling your DIY eyelash extensions application at any time of the day or week, but there’s a whole pool of patience that you’ll be needing to prepare for during the application time. An average time for an eyelash extension appointment with a professional lash artist can range from 1.5 hours to 3 hours (sometimes longer), note the convenience you’ll have just lying down. On the other hand, DIY eyelash extensions applications can last way longer for a full set, and sometimes applications can stretch to days just to achieve that full set, and you’re not even lying down for you need to be standing up or sitting up while facing a mirror. 

  3. Impossible Isolation. Oh, we’re not done with the list! DIY eyelash extensions application can result in an impossible, if not difficult, isolation. Isolation is hard enough for some eyelash extensions artists while looking from the top angle, with both hands carefully handling the tweezers. Now, imagine doing isolation while in front view of your own natural lash, with the tweezers millimeters away from your pupil! And you’re not just isolating 1 natural lash, that’s around 90 to 150 natural lashes!  

  4. Crazy sharp tweezers. Scary! Eyelash extension tweezers are technically designed to have sharp thin tips to meet the need for natural lash isolation, volume fanning, etc. Regardless of its functionality for eyelash extensions, we can’t deny the fact that eyelash extension tweezers are crazy sharp, and dangerous if used unprofessionally! You don’t want any crime scene happening to your eye, would you? 

  5. The fumes! The main ingredient of your eyelash extensions glue is Cyanoacrylate, meaning every eyelash extensions glue has Cyanoacrylate. It’s an ingredient that makes our eyelash extension retention stronger and longer. When Cyanoacrylate is exposed to the air, it releases fumes and may irritate your eyes. That’s why when applying eyelash extension, your eyes should be closed at all times. 

When you attempt to lash yourself, your eyes are wide open, and your eyes will be exposed to the fumes and with this exposure, you may develop irritation, discomfort, or even an eyelash extension glue allergy. Glue allergy comes in different forms like runny nose, itchy, watery, swollen eyes, tightness in the chest, nausea, dizziness, and other flu-like symptoms. 

However, some sensitive-friendly eyelash extensions glue, have low to no fumes that are sometimes suggested for DIY eyelash extensions, but again, for the safety of your eyes, it’s better to apply eyelash extensions when they are closed, which is impossible for DIY eyelash extensions application, for at least one eye is needed to be opened. 

  1. Environment condition and allergic reaction. A basic rule for eyelash extensions is that prior to application, you should know your humidity, temperature and most of all you should know if the product is right for you. Humidity and temperature must meet the eyelash extension glue’s preferences to achieve the best performance. And the reason why eyelash extensions artists do patch testing first is to make sure the adhesives are compatible with the client. Some people may experience irritation, and allergic reactions toward eyelash extensions glue. The last thing we want is to see you end up with an adverse allergic reaction that will cause you puffy, irritated eyes or loss of natural lashes.

    To know more about patch tests, click on this link and read this Forabeli article about it.

That’s our list of Nays of DIY eyelash extensions. If you think we might have missed something, do leave your comment below, we’d love to hear from you and discuss with you. 

Now, upon presenting these, it shows that the Nays of DIY eyelash extensions far outweighs the Yays. We don’t want to drop this as a bias, but instead, let’s look at it as logic, and the need to value our eyes and to keep it away from danger! Eyes are very sensitive, that’s why we make sure that we’re all doing eyelash extensions correctly. More so are we blessed with our eyelash extension artist who can professionally take good care of our beautiful eyes while transforming them into a more fabulous look. 

So now, you’re either dropping the DIY eyelash extensions alternative for the Professional eyelash extensions or you’re not. But I just hope that you’d consider this as a friendly suggestion and gentle reminder, DIY eyelash extensions at your own risk. But let’s not try to risk putting the windows of our souls in danger.

Again, Professional Eyelash Extensions, for a beautiful and safer life 💛

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