Common Challenges in Lash Extension Application

Common Challenges in Lash Extension Application

Hello again, loves! 

Here is a breath of fresh air (in the box!) -- since we want to put an end to the many struggles you have as Lash Techs.

We heard too many stories about Lash Technicians’ difficulties with a lot of things concerning the lash application. We see some lash artists post in our Lash Community and other Facebook groups asking for product recommendations, application tips, and likes. Here, let’s check out some of them. 

Check out Lash Tech 1’s post above in our Lash CommunityIt seems that she used an adhesive that doesn't match her application time. It dried fast even before she applied lashes. It may have looked sticky but it’s already dried and a perfect bond was not created. Therefore, lashes fall off very quickly. Retention was not good. She asked for a recommendation.


See the post here:

Here is Lash Tech 2. She is just starting her career as a Lash Technician. Based on her post, she took a course to get her certification; however, her problem was that it wasn’t enough to build her confidence to begin her lash journey. She sought help from fellow Lash Technicians. 

Every day you can see hundreds of posts in different Facebook groups seeking help. These Lash Technicians, especially those who are beginners, increase their chances of being mentored as they mine the wisdom of several like-minded people. We understand that you want to increase your chances of getting positive opportunities through the relationships you build in the groups.

We feel you and we’re here to offer a solution. Here is everything you need in one tube! We are relaunching our Forabeli Max Solution. Here is a powerful solution -- an awesome hack we are proud of. 

Forabeli Max Solution will address your concerns about: 


This is tricky. As humidity may or may not be in favor of you. Too low or too high humidity can cause your adjacent lashes to stick to one another, or to poorly attach to the lash extensions respectively.

Our goal is to find its balance. The right humidity will help you to achieve the optimal performance of your glue. Thus, this brings forth stronger and better retention while reducing the possibility of irritations.

Our Max Solution is guaranteed to aid you in rebalancing your work area without having to use a mister or humidifier. 


We understand that you have your own preferences when it comes to adhesives. But you’ll love this because it works well with any type of adhesives. 

Your adhesive and application would depend on your clients’ level of sensitivity to eyelash extension products. Forabeli Max Solutions works perfectly with any type -- ranging from sensitive to strong adhesives. It helps to accelerate drying time. 

One dab of the Max Solution on the eyelash extensions before the lash application process and your glue’s drying time will speed up. Say goodbye to extended lash appointments and clumpy lash extensions.

Regardless of the variant, you can still count on the quality and amazing features that Max Solution can offer you. (But, we’d be happy to have you try other Forabeli products.

We also guarantee that our eyelash products don’t have an unwanted or bad smell. We put too much attention on our product research and development to give you only the best products you can have in the market. You can check Max solutions ingredients below. 


We hear about this concern a lot of times. The truth is you can’t control humidity, but you can sure control the products that you use. Let’s save you some time and energy. 

On days when humidity is high, your lash adhesives dry fast from outside to inside. Are you aware that SHOCK POLYMERIZATION occurs when moisture is too high, and the cyanoacrylate adhesive cures from outside to inside? Under this circumstance, the eyelash adhesive will not cure correctly. Fumes from the adhesive slowly vapors, which can lead to irritation. 

Curing time will be slower if humidity is too low. There is not enough moisture to 'cure' the eyelash adhesive which will result in poor retention. You'll expect that the adhesive is becoming hard and stiff. 


All of the amazing benefits of using Max Solution can help amp up the quality of your lash sets. Using our Solution guarantees better attachment between natural lashes and extensions. 

Some clients are sure to be lashing out. With the help of Max Solution, you can say goodbye to this problem (And not to your client! We hate canceled or rescheduled appointments, right?) 

With FORABELI MAX SOLUTION, it locks glue fumes, and the lash attaches easily to the adhesive bonding points. The added inclination makes the lash more flexible, less sensitive to touch, and less prone to falling off, leaving your clients a tighter lash bond.

Also, always put in mind that there are factors that help with retention: Great quality glue, proper placement or application, and client's aftercare. We recommend that you also try our Lash Shampoo. 

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We have to remember that quality products mean quality output. Quality output means more clients and more appointments. 


MAX is a revolutionary product that works like an accelerator and a sealer/bonder at the same time. 

ACCELERATOR. As an accelerator, it is applied on the extensions pre-application to speed up your adhesive’s drying time. Now you can be sure that you create even the trickiest fan you can think of. Just dab a little onto the lash extensions and let your creativity do the rest.

Wonderin’ how to use Forabeli’s Max Solution as an accelerator? Simply follow these steps and watch the magic happen!


SEALER / BONDER. As a sealer/bonder, it is placed on the part where your natural lashes and your extensions meet so that it tightens the bond of the two that results in better retention. Our product can be used as a capper for your lash application to increase the retention of your lash sets. Amazing, isn’t it?

How do we use Forabeli’s Max Solution as a sealer/bonder? Here are the steps below: 


Here we will emphasize that one amazing fact about Max Solution that you’ll surely love is its lock-fume technology. This is very ideal for your clients who are highly sensitive when it comes to adhesives. Have this a try because it works wonders. Expect more bookings coming in!


I know you may be wondering what’s the secret behind our Max Solution -- it’s in the ingredients. This will make you understand what makes Max Solution the best product. There could be a lot of lash products out there and marketing does a pretty good job in muddying the waters!  

With these ingredients, we are 100% sure of its quality and effectiveness. Well, it’s a fact that our skin is porous and whatever you apply onto the skin will be absorbed by it greatly. So, always do some research about the product’s ingredients before you use them.  

Still not convinced? Why not check some of our reviews. Click here. You may also check our IG announcement on how to get a rebate. 

Didn't we say that Forabeli Max Solution is everything you need in one tube? We live by our word! Trust us. 😉 

This will give you an entirely new experience. Imagine having a 2-in-1 product? This is an ultimate must-have for every lash technician who wants nothing but speed and accuracy in their lash sets. 

I hope you’ll give our product a try. Visit our Amazon store to place your order.


Happy Lashing! 

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