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Different Storage Methods for Lash Glues

Being a lash artist comes with responsibility with the things you use in lashing. You want to make sure that everything is in good shape when you are doing lash extensions. After all, your client's satisfaction through a successful lash application is very important.

One of the valued items in your lash salon is probably your lash glue because it plays a big part in successful lashing. It is very important to take care of its shelf life as much as possible. The question is: Are you storing it properly? 

If you want to have long-life adhesives, appropriate care is very important. To show that you care about your lash glue, you need to opt for proper storing. Proper storing includes factors that can extend your lash glue shelf life such as storing methods, placement, and equipment to use. 


In running a successful lash business, one component is having fresh adhesives. Clients will surely love it if they see that everything you use is in good shape. As a lash artist, you should know how to store your lash glue properly for both opened/used lash glue and unopened lash glue. 

Opened/Used Lash Glue: 

  • After each use, check that the lid is tidy and securely fastened. Always check the nozzle if it is clean and clear to prevent clogging. 
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. 
  • Avoid storing primer, cleanser, and other items stored together with eyelash extension glues. This contains elements that can polymerize lash glues. 
  • Keep lash glues in an airtight container with silica/oxygen absorbers. Store it in a cool, dark drawer/cabinet. 

Unopened Lash Glue: 

  • You have the option to keep the unopened lash glue bottles in the refrigerator for up to three months after buying them. (Never put it in the freezer)
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • Avoid storing primer, cleanser, and other items together with eyelash extension glues. 
  • Avoid your lash glue from direct sun rays. 

Note: Always keep a fresh unopened/backup bottle on hand in case the opened bottle won’t work. But don’t overstock. You don’t want to cause delays or even cancel sessions because of this reason. 


If properly stored, your adhesive can be stored to remain unopened for up to three months. For opened adhesive, the shelf life, or expiration date, is four to five weeks. It's time to let go of your lash extension glue and get a new bottle if it starts to get stringy or thick.

But you have the chance to extend your lash glue and still be usable if you know where to place it properly.  Always keep your glue upright and in a room that's cool, dark, and dry. Maintaining it regularly at a low temperature (less than 75 degrees) and low humidity are the keys to keeping it fresh.

A place that is dry, cool, and dark is the best environment in which to store your lash glues.

This is why:

  • Dry

Your lash adhesive starts to solidify when it comes into contact with water droplets.

  • Cool

The adhesive's composition changes when exposed to high temperatures. That implies that the glue will no longer function as it should.

  • Dark

The temperature rises with direct sunshine exposure changing the chemical components once more.


As long as you meet the proper area/environment requirement of lash glue, there are numerous options as to what kind of storage equipment you can use in storing them. 

Airtight Eyelash Extension Glue Container

Helping you keep your lash glue in keeping its shelf life longer is what an airtight eyelash extension glue container does. This container ensures humidity-controlled storage and the most used lash glue storage. This storage can allow you to store both opened and closed lash bottles, which are pretty ideal and the best option to choose when lashing. This container is also the best and most accessible option in stores since it is very handy and easy to use. 

Image of an airtight container


Cabinets are used to store so many things including lash extensions kit and lash glues. As long as the area is dry, clean, and sun rays free, cabinets can be used for storing lash glues.

Image of a cabinet storage


Like cabinets, cupboards are also used in storing lash glues. This storage is freestanding storage you can commonly see in lash salons. 


Shelves are open storage used to display and keep things in place. You can commonly see shelves used in most salons and other businesses because they save space and are very accessible- a good option as well. 

Image of shelf storage


Drawers in cabinets can d used as storage for lash glues. This storage is very easily accessible to use. Tweezers and other lash extensions kit can be also stored in separate drawers as well. 

Bonus Pro-Tip

Lash glue fridge storing: 

Probably the most asked question about lash glue storing is that “can you store your lash glue in the fridge?” Well, it is not necessary to store your lash glue in the fridge, however, during summertime, or with extremely hot temperatures, you may keep them in the fridge(not in the freezer). Then let the glue return to its room temperature before using it. 

Final Thought… 

Your lash glue is your best friend in lashing. Every lash artist always looks for their perfect lash glue. In choosing the perfect match glue for you and for your client, many factors come into play such as its flexibility in changing humidity and temperature. If the lash adhesives are not suitable for the humidity and temperature, you will either have fast-drying glue or slow-drying glue, not good for retention. 

Image of lash glues

Choosing the best storage you need can be confusing because of the numerous options you have, but it is not actually a problem at all with whatever storage option you chose. You can choose your best storage easier if you find the right lash glue that is very flexible which can help you utilize the storage equipment you have or you are planning to invest in. 

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