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Cluster Lashes vs Individual Lash Extension: Which One to Choose?

Just like any other breakthroughs, the eyelash extension industry has also gained significant improvements and discoveries to achieve more alluring lash curls and more specialized styles according to client’s preference and suitability.

Learning how to properly apply false lashes can be a daunting task in and of itself, and may deter you from ever trying them on. But advancements have presented varied options to choose from. As a lash artist, it goes exactly with your profession which of the options you should recommend to your lash clients considering not only the look they’ll get after the treatment but most importantly, the health, safety and the long term effects of each treatment.

So between cluster lashes and individual eyelash extensions, which one should you recommend to your lash clients? We bet you already knew the winning choice but here’s why!

What Are Cluster Lashes?

Cluster lashes are made up of several individual lashes or a small number of individual lashes adhered together to form a thicker base. Cluster lashes are a type of fake eyelash that was developed after the strip lash was modified to adhere directly to the skin rather than the natural eyelash.

The outer corner of your eye, for example, could benefit from an increase in thickness, volume, and length with cluster lashes. Like any other fake eyelash, these can be attached using tweezers and lash glue. Because the individual hairs are clumped together, lashes are applied in sections rather than all at once.

Cluster lashes were really popular several years ago but have been gradually eliminated by other styles like individual eyelash extensions mainly because of the damage these lashes cause to the natural lashes, to the eyelids and even to the eyes.

So between cluster lashes and individual lash extension, which would you recommend to your lash clients? We bet you have a definite answer but here’s more supporting ideas for you!

Why not Cluster Lashes?

  1. Cluster lashes can be pretty heavy for the natural lashes to carry. They require more glue than individual lash extensions since they are applied to several lashes at once. The weight causes too much strain to your natural lashes and they may cause damage to your natural lashes by tugging them out prematurely.
  2. Cluster lashes can be pretty damaging to the natural lashes. Excessive use of cluster lashes might lead to a loss of natural eyelashes because the loss of a cluster could mean the loss of many of your own natural lashes that were attached to that cluster. This makes getting new lash extensions or getting fills to maintain a look more challenging.
  3. Cluster lashes increase the risk of infection. The amount of glue and clusters' weight can combine to create matted lashes which hinders normal shedding, preventing new eyelashes from growing out and leading to ingrown lashes, styes, and more
  4. Cluster lashes are just a temporary solution. They are not designed to be worn for more than a week. In fact, some lash professionals discourage sleeping with cluster extensions due to the fact that they harm your eyelashes and eyelids.

What are individual lashes?

Individual lashes are exactly what they sound like: single lash hairs that you may use to add thickness and length to your fringe. They're applied one by one with lash adhesive and tweezers. While these can be time-consuming to apply, they frequently provide the most natural-looking artificial lash effect due to their ability to be precisely placed where desired. Individual eyelashes are ideal for everyday use or for those who prefer more modest fake lashes. Synthetic fibers are used to create individual lashes, which can be purchased alone or in clusters (called "fans") of several lashes. In individual eyelash extension, lashes are mapped out carefully to ensure that lash artists create a perfect and symmetrical look for their clients.

Why do lash technicians prefer individual eyelash extension?

If you only need to wear lashes for a special occasion or an event then cluster lashes can be a go-to option. Since very few salons offer this service anymore, cluster lashes are chosen only by those who were adept in its application.

However, cluster lashes can do the trick for a short period of time but the underlying consequences can be long- lasting. That’s why if your client really wants to get beautiful long eyelashes, individual eyelash extensions are worth every penny. Here’s more why:

  1. They are applied by lash professionals. During the application, the lash artist will isolate each individual natural lash and apply an extension to it. This allows the natural lashes to shed and grow back as they normally would, resulting in damage-free lash extensions. This knowledge and many more are very critical to the health of one’s natural lashes. Blending beauty with safety is not something one can take for granted.
  2. Individual eyelash extensions do not risk damaging the natural lashes. Because the individual lashes are attached to the natural lash strand rather than the eyelids, they still promote the occurrence of the natural lashes’ growth cycle and do not block the eyelids. In addition, individual eyelash extensions use very minimal lash extension adhesive thus almost eliminating client irritation. Lastly, the strain of the weight that natural lashes undergo in clustered lashes is not experienced in individual eyelash extension due to the fact that each natural lashes carry only one strand of synthetic lashes in individual eyelash extension.
  3. Individual lash extensions can be customized according to what suits and looks good to a client. You can acquire the perfect frame for your client’s eyes, make a bold statement, embrace natural softness, or flirt with confidence. Lashes can be purchased separately to create a more personalized style for your client. This makes the final look more unique and stunning because it’s designed for an individual.
  4. Individual eyelash extensions are for longer terms. Because individual eyelash extensions can last for more than a month, the convenience of having to enjoy such a glam look without the hassle of daily reapplication is so much of an edge why eyelash extension is the way to go.

 Final thoughts…

There’s no question here now. Cluster lashes have long been eradicated because simply, their benefit never outweighed the horror of damage they can cause to one’s natural lashes. Fortunately, we are presented with a better and healthier option such as the individual eyelash extension.

Lash artistry is not just about beauty- actually, never just about beauty. Your responsibility to educate lash clients that not all options available in the market and in the mainstream media is good for them is crucial and should be upheld above all.

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