A lash artist's new year resolution

A Lash Artist’s New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of the year again when we shake the dust and glitters of the current year and welcome the incoming one with a bang.  It’s time to put the current year in review in order to assess what went well and what taught you a lesson the hard way. And hey! That’s the beauty of it, right? The obstacle before the finish line, the downfall before the triumph, and the chaos before peace- that all were parts of a greater and better scheme. So cheers to that!  

The New Year hints us to stock up on what’s truly important for us. As a lash artist, you may already have it listed in your journals to perhaps improve your lashing skills, work on your marketing or to put boundaries and prioritize your physical and mental health. So whether you have a list of a hundred resolutions or just one, it is for you to decide.

Hoping to spark positive change, we list down some noteworthy aspirations, goals and resolutions to live by and achieve within your next 365 days of hustle-break-make-and-repeat cycle.

  1. Scale up and master your skills!

Becoming an expert is not on the length of time doing something but on the efforts to do better that comes with years. Strive to ensure that you are propelling your professional growth and that you do not stop learning, ever. Perhaps practice more on lash techniques to improve your speed and the quality of your eyelash extensions. Attend seminars, trainings and trade shows to enhance your knowledge of the new trends of lash enhancement and even in scaling up your business. Meet with a mentor. Stick to a schedule to practice. Do research. Whatever it is that you perceive you need to master the skill or learn new ones, don’t hesitate and do it!

Creating gorgeous and quality lash extension curls is your source of income and the one thing that keeps you in the league is to be able to keep up and get ahead of the game so master it.


  1. Invest in Quality Products

Your skills as a lash technician is exactly the business that mounts income for you. And it is an indirect but equally important skill to know exactly the line of eyelash extension products that give superb quality. Encountering recurring issues with the eyelash extension glue you use is a total waste of time, money and can come back as a bad review from your lash clients who did not have good retention or who have experienced discomfort with the eyelash extensions you did for them.

Investing in premium quality eyelash extension supplies and tools for your service is a top tip to achieving a successful lash business and should also be top in your New Year’s resolution checklist. And mind you, premium lash extension products don’t have to be top- ceiling expensive. The market has a vast collection of brands and if you do your research, you’ll definitely find the good ones. 


  1. Work on growing your community

It is crucial that you go out there and establish a presence, whether in personal or in social media, to strengthen your relationships with your existing lash clients and meet new ones, connect with other lash artists and discover people with similar interests. Work on your social media platforms to reach a wider audience and engage with them.

Growing your network is not just expanding your clientele but most importantly, it is stepping to the next level of giving value and leaving an impact on people with the service and passion you work for. After all, the best way to retain and acquire clients is showing it’s not just about money but for the purpose you serve in other’s fulfillment of them feeling their most beautiful selves.

  1. Give more time for yourself

You may have realized by now that working all- around doing lashes, doing marketing, and everything to be done all by yourself did only half of the actual job because at the end of every exhausting day, you can’t even find the time to appreciate the fruits of your labor. So what’s the point of working hard if you only see a glimpse and not a sufficient time to savor it?

Taking care of yourself, prioritizing self- care in your schedules and taking much needed breaks are not privileges but your responsibilities to your well- being. You can only give as much as what you have and you can’t give your 100% to your lash clients if you’re not even 100% yourself to begin with.

Final thoughts…

New Year’s resolutions are not obligatory because in reality, you can make a change happen any day or any month of the year- you just need to decide to begin to change and you can achieve things even in a few hours.

While it’s nice to receive recommendations and external support, set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time- bounded) goals that motivates your passion in lashing and motivates you as a person.

Lastly, commit to achieving that list while still being kind to yourself you’re not progressing as much or as fast as you had hoped at the beginning of the year. If you fall off track, get back on it quickly. The league is not about speed or number, but consistency and persistence.

Cheers to a beautiful 2022 and for a more beautiful 2023!

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