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5 Reasons Why Lash Artists Should Attend Beauty Trade Shows

Life as a lash artist should not only revolve around your four-walled lash salon. Sometimes, learning requires you to step out of your comfort zone and meet other professionals. You may be incredibly busy doing all that needs to be done for your business from practicing and performing actual eyelash extension applications, marketing your business up to spending hours in the back office with a pile of records and documents. But attending beauty trade shows are quick getaway tours you shouldn’t miss in your lashing career.  

Beauty trade shows are a great avenue for lash technicians to acquire both learning and business opportunities. Industry leaders gather in these kinds of events to educate or collaborate with other professionals. Besides, meeting your own kind of people, doing the same endeavor as you and hearing familiar daily struggles is a rare fun and motivating experience. 

So, whether you’re going alone or putting up your booth there to introduce your brand, here are some of the reasons why your attendance to beauty trade shows and expos is beneficial to you:

  • Be Updated with Latest Trends, New Techs, New Products
  • A showcase of a variety of new products, new technologies or new techniques in beauty treatment can be expected in beauty expos making these kinds of events ideal to beauty professionals looking into advancing their craft and their business. Trials and tutorials are being done in trade shows and exhibits so one could really get the chance to see the actual performance of such a new technique or see and examine up close that new product. And as a lash artist, being equipped with the latest trends in eyelash enhancement takes you and your name to the next level of the lashing competition. If you don’t want to know or learn a trend only a year after it has really happened, then pack up and show up to these events!

  • Expand your Network, Be Part of a Community
  • As the adage goes, “Your network is your net worth.” It is the sense of belongingness to a community of people who share the same passion and expertise as you that makes beauty trade shows and expos really inspiring especially to those just making their way to the industry. Meeting people whom you can learn from or be your inspiration is a great deal in surviving your chosen career. Besides, having these kinds of connections comes in very handy especially when you have troubling questions about your craft or need insights from other eyelash extensions or other beauty  enhancement experts. 

  • Good Deals? Do Business!
  • As a business owner, it makes sense that you take your lash business with you wherever you go. If an opportunity of a good deal presents itself, grab it to invest or to earn. Fortunately, beauty trade shows produce a number of these business opportunities you wouldn’t want to miss. Some of the best eyelash extension products and supplies will be introduced and will be offered perfect for your plans of stocking up, not to mention the promos and special discounts on products you can enjoy during these kinds of events. 

    Likewise, beauty trade shows are not exclusive for the lash experts. In fact, these events accommodate beginners warmly, offering those just starting out the best eyelash extension products for beginners and helpful product and lashing technique tutorials

    On the other hand, beauty trade shows can also be your one big chance of introducing your name to the lashing industry. You can set up a booth and move your business all the way from your lash salon to directly in front of a massive number of potential lash clients. In trade shows, you’re doing business as well as promoting it, all at once. 

  • Learn and Upskill
  • Learning should not be restricted within your comfort zone, and you should seize any chance that presents additional knowledge that could be beneficial to you as a lash artist and as a business owner. 

    Often when you join in a beauty trade show, it comes with a lot of perks such as free classes you can take advantage of. Get a copy of the list of events to be held during the trade show and plan your schedule ahead. Attending free classes or seminars are a great way to educate and upskill yourself not only in eyelash enhancement but also in managing your business ventures. Take the most out of these learning chances, ask questions and never forget to note important and new information. 

  • Have Fun
  • Yes! Trade shows are sure fun. With a lot of things going on from classes to games to after parties, you will never run out of exciting things to do or witness in trade shows. These events are designed to be jam-packed with fun and educational activities for attendees to have that complete and memorable trade show experience. 

    And guess what? After all the hard work you pour into your lashing career and your lash business, YOU SURE DESERVE TO HAVE FUN!

    Beauty trade shows happen rarely in a year and often the cost in attending these kinds of events may be hindering you. There could be a hundred reasons more why you should attend beauty trade shows. But you will never encounter rare opportunities and have a once in a lifetime experience if you never try. 

    Remember, you as a lash artist are not limited to just enhancing eyelashes. Being a lash artist is and a business- it’s also a commitment.  And if you work hard for your commitment to prosper, you are entitled to any fulfilling experience in and outside of your lash salon.
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