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Pro Care Eyelash Extension Glue

Pro Care Eyelash Extension Glue

Forabeli's Pro Care Eyelash Extension Glue is designed for certified technicians. It dries in 1-2 seconds, lasting 8 weeks. Suitable for different lash styles, it works in 40-70% humidity and 21-23 °C. Formulated without harmful substances, it meets ISO standards.

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  • Advanced Formulation: The meticulously formulated Pro Care Eyelash Extension Glue by Forabeli is designed to provide outstanding performance, tailored specifically for lash extension technicians who hold certifications in the field.
  • Ultra-Fast Drying Glue for Long-Lasting BondsWith a quick drying period of around 1-2 seconds, this glue creates a strong connection that can last for up to 8 weeks when applied correctly and taken care of after application.
  • Versatile Application:
    Ideal for both Volume and Classic lashing techniques, the Pro Care Eyelash Extension Glue Forabeli exhibits remarkable flexibility, adapting to various lash styles.
  • Optimal Environmental Compatibility:When selecting a lash adhesive, the humidity of your workspace is crucial. Pro Care Eyelash Extension Glue Forabeli thrives within the 40-70% RH range and temperatures of 21-23 °C (70-73 °F).
  • Free of Harmful Substances:Pro Care Eyelash Extension Glue Forabeli is devoid of formaldehyde and latex, meeting rigorous testing criteria such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ITQA standards. It also complies with safety regulations governing hazardous chemicals, as mandated by S.I. C-A08B-D00030001-A170.

Eyelash Extension Procedurekeyboard_arrow_down

  • Control Room Conditions: Ensure the room temperature is set between 21-23°C and maintain humidity levels within 40-70%. These conditions optimize the performance of the glue and result in better lash retention.
  • Gather Supplies:Collect all the necessary eyelash extension supplies before you begin. This will save you time and ensure a smooth process.
  • Cleanse Lashes:Start by washing the client's natural lashes using Forabeli Eyelash Shampoo. This step removes any dirt, oils, or makeup residue that could affect the adhesive's bonding capability.
  • Apply Lash Primer: Use Forabeli Lash Primer to enhance the bond between the natural lashes and the extensions. This additional layer of preparation ensures a secure and long-lasting hold.
  • Adhesive Application:Now it's time to apply the eyelash extensions. Remember to follow the specific drying time of the glue you're using. Given the quick drying time of Eyelash Extension Glue, work swiftly to attach the extensions to the natural lashes.

Proper Storage of Adhesivekeyboard_arrow_down

  • Storing Unopened Lash Adhesive:
    • When storing unopened lash adhesive, ensure it is kept separately from other products. Other items might contain ingredients that could compromise the adhesive's quality.
    • Prevent exposure to high temperatures , so choose a storage spot away from heat sources.
    • Shield the adhesive from direct sunlight by placing it in a drawer or cupboard until it's ready for use.
    • Apply the "First in, first out" (FIFO) principle when stocking up on eyelash extension glues. This ensures that older adhesive is used before newer ones, maintaining freshness and effectiveness.
  • Opened Lash Adhesive
    • Keep the opened lash adhesive in a compact , airtight container alongside silica gel packets or dry rice. This safeguards its quality by preventing excess moisture.
    • Protect the adhesive from exposure to high temperatures to maintain its effectiveness over time.
    • After each use, ensure the adhesive container's lid is both clean and securely fastened . Utilizing Adhesive Wipes is a smart approach to keep the nozzle clean and free from blockages.
    • Avoid storing the adhesive alongside other products , as these items often contain components that can trigger premature polymerization of the lash adhesive.

Maintenance Tipskeyboard_arrow_down

  • To ensure optimal strength and performance, consider replacing your lash adhesive every 30 days. This practice guarantees the highest quality results, regardless of how frequently the adhesive has been used.
  • Maintain a reserve of unopened lash adhesive for emergency situations. Preparedness can prevent disruptions in your lash application services.
  • It's vital not to attempt to extend the adhesive's shelf life to save costs. This short-term gain could result in long-term losses, including dissatisfied clients, free touch-ups, and more.

Investing in proper care and timely replacement of your lash adhesive is a strategic move that safeguards your business and client satisfaction in the long run.