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What is Lash Bonder for Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a game-changer, but let's be honest, the struggle is real when it comes to keeping them looking fierce and fabulous. They seem to shed like crazy, and who wants to spend hours glued to the lash bed waiting for the adhesive to dry?

As lash artists, our goal is to meticulously design and craft stunning, long-lasting eyelash extensions that not only enhance our clients' physical appearance but also boost their confidence and self-esteem. We take great pride in our ability to create customized looks that reflect each client's unique beauty and individuality.

But what if there was a secret weapon to take your lash extension game to the next level? A lash bonder.

Lash bonder is essential in the eyelash extension process, but its full potential and applications are often overlooked. In this article, we explore the uses of lash bonder, its benefits, and effective techniques for maximizing results with your eyelash extensions.

What is the purpose of a lash bonder?

Eyelash extensions got a major upgrade with the invention of the lash bonder. This special product is like a curing agent that works on the lash adhesive, making it set from the outside in. Unlike water, which speeds up drying time but can be a bit harsh, bonder cures the adhesive almost instantly and is much gentler. 

This makes the glue more flexible and prevents it from becoming brittle, so your eyelash extensions last longer. Plus, since the curing is so fast, your lashes won't be affected even if they accidentally get wet right after application. Bonder also offers another benefit: it seals the fumes from the adhesive, reducing any irritation your clients might experience. 

Some bonders, like Forabeli Max Solution, go a step further. They can adjust the working environment to match what the adhesive needs. So, if the air is too dry, too humid, or even a bit chilly, the bonder can compensate and create the perfect conditions for flawless eyelash extensions.

What is Forabeli Max Solution?

Forabeli Max Solution is an innovative product specifically formulated for use with eyelash extensions. It functions as a lash bonder and sealer, delivering multiple advantages to improve the longevity and quality of the eyelash extension application

Forabeli Max Solution offers a faster curing time for lash glue, leading to quicker appointments and happier clients. It also creates a stronger bond between your natural and artificial lashes, potentially making them last longer. This versatile product works with classic, hybrid, and volume lashes, making it a valuable tool for lash technicians. By accelerating the process and improving retention, Max Solution helps achieve the best possible eyelash extension results, even in low-humidity environments.

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What does bonder do for lashes?

  • Enhanced Curing: Regular lash adhesive cures through exposure to air. Lash bonder expedites this process, resulting in a stronger bond faster. This can dramatically minimize drying time, letting your clients resume their normal activities without fear of smudging or irritation from uncured odors.

Faster drying times also mean a more comfortable experience for your clients. They no longer have to keep their eyes closed for long amounts of time, resulting in a more relaxing and enjoyable lash extension experience. This can result in better reviews and higher customer satisfaction.

    • Improved Retention: The stronger bond formed by the lash bonder results in longer-lasting extensions. By forming a stronger bond between the natural lash and the extension, the lash bonder allows them to survive daily wear and tear, minimizing shedding and keeping those lashes looking amazing for weeks.
  • Reduced Fumes: Some lash adhesives can emit strong fumes, causing discomfort or irritation for clients, especially those with sensitive eyes. Lash bonders, particularly those formulated to minimize fumes, can help mitigate this issue, making the application process more pleasant and reducing the risk of irritation.
    • Potentially Stronger Bond for More Durable Lashes: Consider the lash bonder a reinforcement for the adhesive. The lash bonder may be able to strengthen the bond between the natural lash and the extension by adding an additional layer of security. This can make the lashes stronger and less prone to breakage from normal wear and strain.

    Stronger bonding also let your clients participate in a broader range of activities without worrying about damaging their lashes. Whether they're sleeping on their side, brushing their lashes, or even wearing mascara (with proper maintenance), lash bonder can help guarantee their extensions stay in place.

    Is Lash Bonder Safe? 

    A lash bonder can be a valuable tool for improving your lash extension services, but safety should always be a priority. Let's address some common issues and look at how to use lash bonders safely and effectively.

    1. Safety Concerns and Proper Use:

    The main safety risk with lash bonders is eye discomfort. As previously stated, the curing process can emit fumes that may irritate some customers, particularly those with sensitivity. In addition, poor application can cause bonder to migrate into the eye, causing pain and serious damage.

    Here's how to prioritize safety during lash bonder application:

    • Licensed Professionals Only: Lash bonder is a professional-use product. Its safe and effective application requires a strong understanding of lash extension techniques and proper handling procedures. Recommend clients to seek out lash artists with proper training and certifications.
    • Precise Application is Key: Meticulous application minimizes the risk of bonder fumes reaching the eye or causing clumping. Use a microbrush to apply a small amount directly to the lash bond, avoiding contact with the natural lash or the client's eye. 
    • Eye Irritation: While lash bonders are designed to reduce fumes, some clients, especially those with extremely sensitive eyes, may still feel mild irritation. This is when good ventilation becomes important.

    Open a window or use a modest fan to ensure that there is adequate air circulation in your lash room. In addition, having a nano mist on hand can assist in relieving any discomfort.

    • Bonder is a Boost, Not a Replacement: While investing in a lash bonder can greatly enhance lash retention, it's equally crucial to educate your clients on proper aftercare.
    Emphasize the importance of avoiding oil-based products around the eyes, gently washing lash extensions with a mild cleanser like Forabeli Lash Shampoo, and sleeping on their backs to minimize friction can help them make their lash extension last longer.
    Image demonstrating the process of applying lash bonder.

    How to apply lash bonder?

    Lash bonder can help you achieve eyelash extensions that last longer and resist water. Here's a quick guide on how to apply it safely and effectively:

    1. Dip a microwand into the solution

    2. Lightly press onto the base where the adhesive is and in between lashes.

    3. Repeat the process for the other eye using a new micro wand.

    4. Leave the solution for 3 minutes to completely dry.

      Note: Avoid getting the solution onto the skin or eyes.

    Tips for Choosing the Right Lash Bonder

    When selecting a lash bonder, it's important to consider several factors to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

    1. Ingredient quality: When choosing a lash bonder, prioritizing gentle and safe ingredients is crucial for your client's comfort. Look for products formulated with high-quality, eye-friendly components that are free from potentially harmful substances. 
    2. Formulation: Take into account your lash type and sensitivity when choosing a lash bonder. Different formulations are designed for specific lash types, so consider whether you have natural or synthetic lashes and whether you have any sensitive or allergic reactions.

    Final thoughts…

    Lash bonder is a new product that has revolutionized the way we do eyelash extensions. It helps lashes dry faster, last longer and creates a stronger bond. However, it's crucial to use it safely. Only properly trained lash technicians should use these products, and applying it correctly is vital to ensure your clients' comfort and satisfaction with their lashes. By maximizing the use of lash bonder while prioritizing safety, you can enhance your skills and provide your clients with stunning, long-lasting eyelash extensions that will make them feel fantastic.

    By including Forabeli Max Solution in your lash extension practice, you can enhance your skills and offer clients stunning, long-lasting lashes to your clients. Remember, safe application by a certified lash technician is crucial!

    Discover the amazing effects of Forabeli Max Solution today and see improved client satisfaction and business success with your lash extensions! Visit our store now!

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