Written texts colored as black and yellow and can be read as follows: Questions, Issues, Concerns?! Ask Forabeli. Forabeli Cares


If you’re a customer, you’ve probably experienced having some questions, issues, and/or concerns about the services and products you paid for. 

When you have questions, issues, and/or concerns, for sure you’ll be wanting some answers or solutions. 

In the eyelash extensions industry, it also happens. For example, as an eyelash extension client who has an appointment with another lash artist, you may have questions, issues, and/or concerns that may surface. In order to resolve these, a face-to-face conversation can occur. 

But on the other hand with eyelash extension products, it’s a different beauty game. Usually, as lash artists, when purchasing products from physical retail stores for the available lash products, we can immediately call out our questions, issues, and/or concerns to the customer service lounge or bring it to the manager. There can be a face-to-face conversation with them to resolve the issues based on their policies, but you cannot exactly reach out to the manufacturer of those products.

Landscape picture of beauty products with written labels on yellow font color uniformly branded as “BRAND X

Customer responses with their online purchase

Meanwhile, another means of purchase that we’ve been having are online stores where we make online purchases. We add items to our virtual cart, check them out to be purchased, and they will be delivered to us, door-to-door, by a shipping company. 


Once you receive your online order, you’ll have that expectation, based on the online product description and reviews, that will either be met, sometimes exceeded, or, in other cases, not and only lead you to disappointment. 
Collage of two photos. Photo on the left is the point-of-view of a guy wearing a blue shirt who seemed satisfied with his package. Photo on the right is the point-of-view of a lady wearing a striped collared shirt who seemed disappointed with her package.

If the product is received as advertised, for sure you’ll be left as a satisfied customer who’ll give 5 star reviews and even recommend the product to your colleagues, friends, and family!

But if the opposite happens, we have disappointment as an initial reaction, and the next step varies depending on the customer’s response. 

There are customers who want answers and satisfaction about their questions, issues, and/or concerns so what they do is check the product label and instruction manual or search the internet for some answers.

Others even go directly to the product brand’s website and get their answers from there. Or in cases such as the eyelash extension industry, they ask Facebook groups such as the Lash Community hoping to get some insights, answers, and solutions from fellow lash artists. 

In other cases, there are times where customers don’t get the answers nor the solution. They’ll just get back to the company and give a negative, sometimes angry, review.
But still, for some, they'll try to make the product work, and even reach out to the company’s online customer service just to get their questions, issues, and/or concerns catered. 

How about you? Have you experienced this before? Share your experience and your response in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you!

For those who’ve reached out to the companies hoping to get their questions, issues, and/or concerns catered, they’ll definitely see the difference of online customer services. Unlike services or retail stores, it’s kind of harder to bring one’s questions, issues, and/or concerns to the attention of some manufacturers or brand itself. Complaints may either be immediately resolved by the very company through product replacement, refund, or rebate. Other times, company responses get delayed, or worse, they would leave customers unattended. 

There are companies who attend to their customers’ questions, issues, and/or concerns but there are also those who don't.

As a company who loves our clients and who is concerned about their welfare, we want to be on the side where we attend and cater our customers, whether they present a query or a complaint. Hoping to be on the same page, kind and accommodating customer service, and in return, patient and understanding customers, or vise versa.


About providing Forabeli products

In Forabeli, our heart is to provide excellent products along with excellent customer service and in as much as we can, we do our part to achieve this. 

We regularly replenish our warehouses with newly manufactured and fresh products. These products are then properly stored and carefully delivered to arrive in excellent condition to its purchaser. 

We also provide clear and direct product descriptions and instructions which are included in the product insert cards and packages. These product descriptions and instructions are also detailed on our websites

We also try to communicate with customers by sending them detailed instructions to their email addresses once they’ve received their purchased products. This helps give reminders to customers and also opens communication for customers who have questions, issues, and/or concerns regarding their purchase. 

We also provide easy access to our customer service by being present in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Pinterest, Tiktok, and even Youtube. 

In receiving your Forabeli products

WIth these parameters, our customers receive their products at their best and excellent conditions giving quality and impressive results. This will lead to satisfied purchasers who eventually become our regular and loyal customers giving positive feedback and reviews, and also recommending us to other customers-to-be. 

However, no matter how excellent a company prepares its products and services, there can always be unforeseen events and unexpected product condition issues, and problems that may occur. This may lead to an unsatisfied customer who seeks redemption for their purchase. 

As much as we can at the soonest possible time, we cater these questions, issues, and/or concerns by these clients. Our customer service representatives assist them to the best they can to give customers the product satisfaction.they seek. But sadly, this is not the case for every disappointed customer, there are still those that we don’t get the chance to help because there was no chance to communicate with them. And so with this blog, we are hopeful that that miscommunication or lack of communication will be resolved. 

Landscape photo. On the left part written is the statement “Questions, Issues, Concerns?! Ask Forabeli. Forabeli Cares”. On the right part is a picture of a woman looking confused and panicked with bubble text of customer service conversation.

In responding to received Forabeli products

If you’re a Forabeli customer who received your purchased Forabeli products and have tried them out but have occurring questions, issues, and/or concerns, here is a guide for you:

Step 1. Scan the QR code from the insert card from the product packaging, this will direct you to a live chat. If QR code won’t work for you, you may type forabeli.chat on your browser instead, this too will direct you to a live chat.

QR code of Forabeli

Search button icon for forabeli.chat

Step 2. On the direct link, there will be two (2) options. One option asks, “Do you have any lash queries?” with a clickable icon that says, “Chat us on Messenger”. Click on that icon. This will direct you to Messenger, then click on the “Continue” button. 

Clickable icon that says “Chat us on messenger”
Clickable message button from Messenger

Step 3. Once you’re on the Forabeli chat box, click “Talk to a Lash support”, an automated message will appear asking for your country. Choose which country you’re located in. Afterwards, another automated message will appear and will ask for your inquiry. Send us your inquiry and our Lash Support team will assist you shortly. 

Screenshot of Forabeli chatbox encircling an automated button saying “Talk to a lash support
Screenshot of Forabeli chatbox with an automated button which gives option to which country one is locatedScreenshot of Forabeli chatbox with an automated reply saying, “Send us your inquiry and our Lash Support team will assist you shortly.
Step 4. Communicate with our Lash Support for your questions, issues, and/or concerns. We will attend to your queries and complaints to achieve the product satisfaction you deserve, we just ask for your patience and understanding. 

A picture of a lady in yellow round neck shirt who’s holding a pink phone. Her face is confused. On her background is the statement “Questions, Issues, Concerns? Ask Forabeli. Forabeli Cares

To summarize these steps,
Ask Forabeli. Forabeli Cares. 

If you’re a Forabeli customer who received your purchased Forabeli products and were satisfied with your purchase, we’d also love to hear from you! You may also give us a message and share with us your thoughts through the live chat from the QR code or forabeli.chat, or you can also do these following steps:


Step 1. Take a picture of your eyelash extension set or Forabeli product.

2 Vector phones with pictures on their screens. On the left phone is a picture of a lady with eyelash extensions on, on the right phone is a captured picture of Forabeli Diamond Clear glue

Step 2. Kindly upload it on your social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram and tag us @ForabeliBeauty 

@Forabelibeauty username and Instagram and Facebook icons
Screenshot of Forabeli Beauty’s Instagram page showing 2 rows of photos Forabeli is tagged to

Step 3.  Kindly share your positive experience and give a generous 5 star rating on Forabeli.com | Forabeli.ca or on Amazon 

5 star product review on Forabeli Diamond Clear glue

Step 4. Tell other lash artists your positive experience. With your help, we can reach more eyelash extension artists, provide them quality eyelash extension products and excellent service. Recommend Forabeli 💛

In Forabeli, we believe that communication and listening ears are keys to a healthy conversation and relationship with our beloved customers. To wrap this up, we just want to again encourage you, if you have any questions, issues, and/or concerns, may they be positive or negative, we’d be happy to cater you. Ask Forabeli, Forabeli Cares. 

Written texts colored as black and yellow and can be read as follows: Questions, Issues, Concerns?! Ask Forabeli. Forabeli Cares

For additional information, we’ve provided a FAQs section on our website, Forabeli.com | Forabeli.ca, for you to check out. There are topics there that were thoroughly discussed, and we’ll be sure to add more in the future. The goal of the FAQs section is to also cater the questions, issues, and/concerns in a different means. 

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