Professional Eyelash Glue for Professional Lash Artists | Forabeli Procare

Professional Eyelash Glue for Professional Lash Artists | Forabeli Procare

The secret weapon in the toolkit of professional lash artists. In the world of lash extensions, finding the right adhesive is crucial, and Forabeli Procare has become the trusted choice for those who demand precision and perfection. Let's take a closer look at what makes this eyelash glue the go-to for lash artists committed to creating stunning and enduring lash masterpieces. Welcome to the artistry of lashes, elevated by Forabeli Procare.


What is Forabeli Pro Care?

Pro Care, brought to you by Forabeli, is an exceptional eyelash extension glue meticulously crafted for professional use by certified lash extension technicians. This specialized adhesive is designed to elevate the performance and precision of lash artists, offering a range of features that make it a standout choice in the world of eyelash extensions.

Key Features of Pro Care:

Ultra-Fast Drying Time (1-2 seconds): Discover how this quick-drying formula revolutionizes your lash application, saving you time without compromising quality.

🌟 Exceptional Retention (Up to 8 weeks): Explore the secret behind the Pro Care Glue's long-lasting bonds, ensuring your artistry stands the test of time.

💨 Moderate Fume Level: Learn how the Pro Care Glue keeps things comfortable with its moderate fume level, enhancing the experience for both technicians and clients.

💧 Thin Viscosity for a Natural Look: Dive into the world of natural beauty as the thin viscosity of the Pro Care Glue delivers seamless and stunning lash enhancements.

🌥 Ideal for 40-70% RH and 70-74°F (21-23°C): Understand the importance of environmental compatibility and how the Pro Care Glue thrives in various conditions.

🖤 Classic Black Color: Explore how the classic black color adds a touch of sophistication to your lash creations, making every set a work of art.

🎓 Designed for Certified Lash Technicians: Discover the exclusivity of the Pro Care Glue, tailored specifically for professional use by certified lash extension technicians who demand the best in their craft.

💦 Water & Sweat-Resistant: Uncover the resilience of the Pro Care Glue, ensuring your clients enjoy lashes that withstand water and sweat without compromising beauty.

🚫 Latex, Cruelty, and Formaldehyde-Free: Embrace conscious beauty as we explore how the Pro Care Glue meets rigorous standards for safety and ethical practices.

The Advanced Formulation of Pro Care:

This glue is not just an adhesive; it represents a carefully formulated solution tailored for lash extension technicians holding certifications in the field. The advanced formulation includes:

Ultra-Fast Drying Glue for Long-Lasting Bonds: With a quick drying time of 1-2 seconds, Pro Care creates a strong and enduring connection between the extensions and natural lashes, ensuring durability.

Versatile Application: Pro Care is versatile, catering to both Volume and Classic lashing techniques. Its remarkable flexibility allows for adaptation to various lash styles.

Optimal Environmental Compatibility: Pro Care thrives within the optimal range of humidity (40-70%) and temperature (70-74°F or 21-23°C), ensuring consistent and reliable performance in different workspaces.

Free of Harmful Substances: Pro Care adheres to stringent safety standards, being devoid of formaldehyde and latex. It meets ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ITQA standards, while also complying with safety regulations governing hazardous chemicals.

In essence, Forabeli's Pro Care is not just a glue; it's a commitment to excellence, providing lash technicians with a premium tool to achieve outstanding results in their craft.

Step-by-Step Guide with Forabeli Pro Care Lash Glue

During the summer season, our lashes tend to become oilier due to the natural oils produced by sweat, which can reach our eyes and impact lash retention. It's crucial to care for your lashes to keep them strong, healthy, and fabulous, ensuring the longevity of your extensions. This applies not only to your lashes but also to those of your clients. Here, we present an application process that will maintain the strength, health, and fabulousness of their lashes while ensuring the durability of the extensions.




Let's break down the process for achieving fabulous lashes with Forabeli's expert care:

Step 1: Cleanse with Forabeli Lash Shampoo

Begin by giving your client's lashes a refreshing bath using Forabeli Lash Shampoo. Pump the shampoo onto a lash brush and delicately cleanse those lashes. Rinse off the foam and allow the lashes to rest until completely dry.

Step 2: Prime with Forabeli Lash Primer

Next, prime the lashes with Forabeli Lash Primer. Take two micro swabs, each with a drop of lash primer. Glide one swab over the lashes and the other under, ensuring they gently touch between the lashes to remove any dirt and oil. Rinse thoroughly and let the lashes air dry.

Step 3: Apply Forabeli Pro Care Glue for Extensions

Now, it's time to work your magic with Forabeli Pro Care. Prepare the lashes and the Pro Care glue. Dip the lashes correctly, ensuring the perfect amount of glue, and skillfully apply the extensions to the natural lash. Repeat this process until your lash set is flawlessly done.

Step 4: Seal the Deal with Forabeli Max Solution

Enhance the bond with Forabeli Max Solution as a bonder. Dip a micro swab into the Max Solution bottle and lightly press it onto the lash base and between the lashes where the adhesive is applied. Allow it to sit for at least 3 minutes until completely dry.

With these carefully curated steps and your expert touch, anticipate remarkable retention and impressively long-lasting lashes! Your clients are sure to love the results.


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