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Nano Mister and Bonder: Understanding their Benefits in Eyelash Extension Application

Who does not have an obsession of bringing wonderful and relaxing lash experience to their lash clients while achieving quality eyelash extension? I can almost certainly hear a deafening silence if this is asked to a crowd of lash professionals. Good client experience and quality eyelash extension are a dream duo in the lashing industry. 

Thanks to the continuing advancements of beauty technology, this dream duo can now be made into reality with the help of breakthrough equipment and products such as a nano mister and a bonder. 


Moisture or a bit of water is required in order to cure the lash adhesive used in the eyelash extension process and a nano mister is just up for the job. A nano mister is a lightweight facial sprayer that delivers controlled mist of water, so you won’t splash water all over those nicely done lashes.

There are many known benefits of using a nano mister in spraying controlled moisture to the finished lash extension. The mist locks in glue fumes and gives a soothing feeling and cooling effect to the eyes after the treatment. This effect relieves lash clients of the possible irritation and any feeling of discomfort. 

However, no matter how advanced a nano mister is, its success in aiding lash extension applications depends entirely on the usage technique of the lash technician. If misting gets uncontrolled, too much water initiates what is called shock polymerization wherein the lash adhesive cures or solidifies too fast making it brittle and has a higher tendency of breaking causing lashes to fall off prematurely. Moreover, when lash adhesive is cured too fast, false lashes become stiff making it look unnatural and losing its curl. Either way, none of these experiences are pleasant for you and your lash clients so using a nano mister requires some level of expertise and experience. 


Another revolutionary formulation in the eyelash extension services is the bonder. A bonder is a chemical agent formulated to cure the lash adhesive from the outside to the inside. While water speeds up curing time of lash adhesive, a bonder cures it almost instantly without undergoing shock polymerization. It adds elasticity to the glue and prevents it from becoming brittle thus promoting better eyelash extension retention. And because curing is immediate, lashes are also instantaneously safe from the effects of getting wet unintentionally. 

In addition, a bonder also seals the fumes of an adhesive thereby reducing the risk for your clients to experience irritation. Some bonders, like the Forabeli Max Solution, has added feature of being able to rebalance the condition of the working environment, whether the air in the work area is too dry, the humidity is very low, or the room temperature drops to compensate for the required environment condition a lash adhesive was designed for.


There is nothing in the world you want more for your dear lash clients than the best- the best lashing experience and the best quality eyelash extension. So as a professional, you will always be faced with challenges in choosing the better option that will yield the best results.  

Many lash professionals would claim, without second thoughts, that a bonder serves better and delivers more efficiently the needed outcome in lash extension application than what misting water using a nano mister does. This is justifiable in the sense that using a bonder eliminates the stage of shock polymerization which is detrimental to retention and the overall quality of the lash extension application, and which unfortunately is likely to happen in spraying water to the lashes.  

However, the choice between which to use, whether a bonder or a nano mister, entirely depends still on which advantage a lash artist prioritizes and side effects she can control. If you are confident that you have the technique in handling a nano mister to avoid its downside and to fully utilize its benefits of not having to spend repeatedly on buying new bottles of bonder, then a nano mister perhaps is the better choice. Otherwise, there is no point risking your lash work and not trying out a good bonder in the market. 


If you’ve had your nano mister for quite some time now but you also want to see how a bonder can level up your lashing game, then you might be in a lucky day since none will go to waste. Using a bonder and misting with water can be used together for your post lash extension services. Yes! You read it right. There is no harm in using these two superpowers in your lash work. 

A bonder will cure your lash adhesive well while misting the lashes with water a little bit will provide that soothing and cooling effect every lash client loves to experience after the treatment. 

Final Thoughts…

You, as a lash artist, will always be confronted with the challenges of selecting which eyelash extension products serve you better and which harms your output. Whether you choose a bonder, a nano mister or both, just be sure you did your research or had first- hand experiences to support your choices. Taking risks is only good when the risk is calculated. 

Truly, you will go above and beyond to ensure that you are providing the best of your craft while pampering your lash clients without fail. That’s just the commitment every lash artist strives to live by day by day. The good thing is that the beauty industry, and advancement in general, never stops to seek new ways, create new products and equipment and develop or enhance processes to provide utmost human experience and make your lashing career smooth and rewarding. 

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