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Mink Lash Extensions for First-Timers

An excellent choice for a woman who wants to look stunning without putting in a lot of effort is eyelash extensions. When attempting to differentiate between the many types of lashes, it might be difficult to know which one is best for somebody.

Mink lash extensions are one of the various types of lashes. These types of extensions are currently also the most popular type of lash extension in the lash market. 

REAL MINK LASHES and MINK LASHES - Are they the same? 

Real mink lashes are natural handmade fur taken from the animal’s tail, particularly Siberian or Chinese mink. It has a soft, feathered, fluttery, natural appearance. Manufacturers of these real mink lashes guarantee that there is no harm done to animals during the fur-extraction process. Real mink fur lashes become straight and wispy when they are wet, and you frequently need to use a curler to bring them back into shape.

But in today’s beauty industry, there are alternatives to use as real mink lashes - mink lashes.  These types of lash extensions are commonly requested by lash clients.  They are constructed from a synthetic substance called PBT. Due to its good shape and lack of post-processing deformation, PBT is the best material to use for eyelash extensions. It also has extraordinary heat and chemical resistance. 

Unsurprisingly, the origin of mink lashes is one of the most often asked questions. Many lash clients become confused when they hear the word "mink," and many of them think that mink is animal hair. 

Artificial fibers called faux-mink lashes are created to resemble real mink fur as well. They resemble actual fur in their fineness, softness, and silkiness. They have been enhanced, though, so that they will retain their curl even after being wet.

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Types of Mink Lashes

Depending on how dramatic a look you want for the upcoming few months, you can select from a choice of mink lash extensions. In general, here are the three major groups of mink lashes:

  • Individual minks -are chosen for individuals who want to look as natural as possible. They will make your eyes pop, but because of the soft nature of the mink hairs, you will still have a natural look. To give the eyes a fluffy, yet light and soft look, numerous real mink extensions can be applied per natural lash.
  • Strip mink lashes - which give off a natural appearance and blend in well with your real lashes. The hairs are comfortable to wear and are silky, ultra-fine, and lightweight while yet giving you the stunning appearance you've been imagining.
  • 3D mink lashes - cluster-style lashes for a sexier appearance. The vibrant, lustrous 3D lashes will make you stand out.

Any sort of mink lash extensions you select will be of excellent quality and last for a very long time. You also need to take good care of it if you want it to last longer. 

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How to identify lash extensions? 

The price is one way to tell if your mink lashes are real. You get what you paid for, as the phrase goes. If you pay a significantly lower price, it's possibly a fake or even not made of mink.

Perform a burn test to see whether your eyelashes are real. It is also one way to tell and identify mink lashes. Examine how the fibers burn and smell by holding a match to them. By the smell and the way it burns, you can determine if you have real or fake mink lashes. Real mink burns like actual hair. 

Why are mink lashes getting popularity in the lash industry? 

Mink sounds expensive, and it’s about quality when it comes to the lash extensions. If you’re looking for a more natural eyelash look and longer-lasting lash extensions, mink lashes would be your go-to. Mink lashes are made to match the texture of your real lashes.

There are a few options when it comes to mink lashes. All mink lash extension types serve a different purpose depending on the type of natural lashes you have, what kind of look you’re going for with your extensions, and how long you plan on wearing the lash extensions.


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Mink lashes give you a fluffy and soft feel, and the extensions tend to last longer because they’re very lightweight and you’re able to apply the mink lashes directly to your natural lashes. 

Pros and Cons of getting mink lashes: 


  • You can use fewer cosmetics. Since it is natural-looking lashes, no other mascara is required but your bottom lash.
  • They make you look fantastic and last for 4 weeks.
  • Compared to fake eyelashes, they are so much more pleasant.
  • Every day you'll feel more glamorous, and it'll be real.
  • They give you the appearance of having a full set of long, thick lashes, which makes you appear younger.


  • They are readily broken.
  • You get exactly what you see. Unlike synthetic eyelash extensions, mink eyelash extensions lack a distinctive or consistent curl.
  • They are a little bit more difficult to use, therefore unskilled lash technicians will struggle to apply them
  • The long waiting appointment 
  • You need to handle them carefully

Final thought: Knowing your options

Knowing which kind of lash extensions to select depends on one’s preference. Consider the kind of lash extension look you desire as well. Before selecting the sort of lash you'll use, it's also important to understand your lash type. For example, you must understand whether you have weaker lashes, thicker lashes, or even sensitive eyes that might react to the fibers used in the extensions. Looking for a professional lash artist is the key. 

Unless you prefer a more dramatic appearance, the purpose of lash extensions is to complement what you currently have. Lash extensions are a substantial investment regardless of the style you select and a great method to enhance your everyday makeup appearance or make your high-end makeup looks stand out even more. 

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