Lash Cleansers: Should You Make One Yourself (DIY), or Buy from The Experts?

Lash Cleansers: Should You Make One Yourself (DIY), or Buy from The Experts?

As a manager and moderator of Facebook’s Lash Community, we regularly see posts from our members asking whether lash cleanser is something that they should do themselves (DIY), or they should leave to the experts. 

Allow us to begin with this statement “eyes are a delicate organ of sight”. Thus, it is so important to take great care of them. Most people don’t realize that eyelashes are just as important to your overall eye health as your eyebrows. The eyelashes protect the eye from dust and other objects which may enter the eye. Unfortunately, the eyelashes can also trap bacteria and other particles that can cause a serious infection. 

This is where cleansing comes in. Many of us take this process lightly that we often just grab whatever is within our reach, apply some around our eyes to take the dirt off, and then we think that it is good to go. 

Would you agree if we tell you that every day, we are faced with the daunting task of deciding between doing a task ourselves or paying someone else to do it? Lash cleansers are a great example. You could either go to Amazon and buy a ready to use lash cleanser, or you can get ingredients from your local store and start a do-it-yourself project.

 The truth is there is a right choice for everyone. And since you are still reading on, we would guess you haven’t made that choice yet. So, allow us to provide you more context by sharing these considerations you have to weigh in order to make a sound decision: 

   1. Health and Safety

Many of the comments left in posts about this topic recommend the use of a Baby Shampoo. Some would even suggest mixing it up with distilled water and baking soda among many other ingredients that you can normally find at the comfort of your home. We did a research and we were surprised to see that there are so many DIY Lash Cleanser Recipes posted online. In Pinterest alone, results are aplenty. The ingredients are pretty basic. However, keep in mind that the DIY formula has not been scientifically tested so you might want to consider erring to the side of caution when it comes to using this.

Also, if you think that baby shampoo is a one size fits all solution then you are being blindsided. A study conducted by the researchers at the University of Iowa College of Public Health has revealed that some shampoos, though gentle, may put your health at risk.

When you use baby shampoo and/or regular cleansing products (those that are not specifically designed for your eyes) on your client’s lashes, it removes excess oil from the skin around their eyes, especially along the lash line. Every time this happens, the skin reacts by producing more oil to balance those that were taken away from cleansing. Regular use of these products can result in our skin around the eyes overproducing oil that may eventually result in blepharitis, clogged follicles, and over gumming up of the extensions. And we know, and we are sure that most lash technicians would agree, this is one of the worst conditions to do lash work with.

Furthermore, cleansing products that are not specific for eyelash used may have chemicals that are not suitable for the adhesives and may affect the retention and quality of your lash work. Does immediate fallout post lash application ring a bell?

Professional Lash Cleansers, on the other hand, were specifically crafted to be used for our eyes. They come in essential formulas that are hypoallergenic and dermatologically-tested that promotes the PH balance around your eyes. As a result, you can confidently use them as frequently as you want without the fear of damaging your eyes and the skin around them keeping them healthy and less vulnerable to skin infections and irritations.

More importantly, the ingredients used were carefully selected to make sure that the bond between your lashes and the extensions will not be adversely affected. Instead, it even promotes longer retention leaving you with more satisfied clients.

TIP! There are lash cleansers in the market that are proven safe. Here is our favorite.


2. Get a Run for your Money

We get you. Times are hard. Money does not grow on trees. And surely, you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket. Thus, many lash technicians resort to DIY lash cleansers to use, at times, even sell to their clients.

While it is true that you may save some buck getting household stuff and mixing them all together, the risk involved in doing your own is at a premium. Imagine this, since the formula is not dermatologically-tested and practically homemade, proper sanitation is not as strictly followed compared to having the lash cleansers professionally manufactured. Thus, we do not know exactly what kind of impurities and contamination may get mixed with our solution and develop along the way. Once your client gets exposed to them, it can trigger allergic reactions on them. And if this happens, are you ready to take accountability for the situation?

That’s why, in this aspect, professional lash cleansers are a way better option. Yes, you may add a little bit more in terms of cost, but you are guaranteed your clients’ and your business’ safety.

TIP! Premium quality can be dirt cheap, too. You just have to look around. Try this one.


3.  Building your Reputation

What kind of brand are you building? Do you want to be known as a million-dollar brand, or some flat broke, start-up company? Regardless of your answer, the items and products that you use say it all.

It is true that you can get a posh bottle and transfer your DIY cleanser in it to make it look nice, but the truth is you cannot mask the quality of your product. Your DIY will always have a significant difference from a professional lash cleanser.

Why does this even matter, right? Remember, your pricing will always be directly proportional to your product and services’ quality.

TIP! There are brands that allow private/white label so you do not have to manually create cleansers and transfer to retail bottles. Let these brands do it for you.

With all these said, Forabeli always recommends the use of professional lash cleansers. It is the same response we give in posts asking which route to go.

While we are one with all the lash technicians out there, we firmly believe that health and safety are things that should never be compromised.

In the beauty industry, we are what we use. We are represented by the brands that we choose to stash our studio with. Therefore, consider getting something that is formulated specifically for the eyes so that it is safe and healthy. And of course, be wise and choose a cost-effective product that will not hurt your pocket, but instead will help you gain more profit. We recommend using Forabeli’s Eyelash Extension Shampoo Foam Cleanser that comes with a brush and wand. Ultimately, we are sure you want to succeed in your lash journey all for a beautiful life.

So, what cleanser will you stock up today?


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