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LASH POLICY BASICS: Why can't a lash artist accept infill from other lash artists' work?

Everyone’s lashes will naturally fall out because of the natural shedding cycle. After getting a full set of eyelash extensions, the lash artist recommends having infills be performed every two to three weeks to maintain the fullness of the set. 

Every two to three weeks is the ideal time to have your lash extensions infilled, however, when new customers with lashes made from other salons (or created by other by other lash techs) want to schedule infills, most lash artists would advise a removal and a new full set.

Eyelashes grow, mature, and fall out in a continual cycle. As lash extensions are placed to your natural lashes, lash extension newbie clients assume that lash loss is a direct result of having lash extensions. However, this is not the case; it is perfectly normal that people experience natural shedding and a few eyelashes falling off.

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What are lash infills? 

Lash infills are single lashes or fans that fill in the spaces left by your lash extensions after two to three weeks of normal shedding. Every two to three weeks is the ideal time to have your lash extensions infilled.

Lash artists will fill in any gaps in lash clients' eyelash extensions. Having infills can keep your lashes looking fuller every day without having to replace them or getting a new set of lash extensions. Getting infills could also reduce cost and application time.

You may not know but, how long eyelash extension lasts depends on how frequently lash clients might experience natural lashes fall out. So, sometimes, getting infills is also important especially if you want to maintain those lash extensions without hurting your budget. 

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But here is one of the most asked questions about getting infills? - Why can't a lash artist accept infill from other lash artists' work?

Throughout the years, these question is always asked by clients that already have an idea about getting infills, the answer is there are lash artists that accept infills from other lash artists but most of them just don’t want to, here’s why: 

Each eyelash extension salon is different, also with each lash technician within a salon. From the qualities of extensions, adhesive and method vary greatly. The skills and ability of lash artists vary from different salons as well. Sometimes, these lash artists have different specialties in doing lash extensions style and even the way they do it. Most lash salons also have their rules for “not accepting infills from other lash artists' work”.  As stated above, these considerations have a big impact on why most lash artists do not accept infills. 

The APPLICATION process: 

One of the struggles of numerous lash artists during lash application is poor isolation and application results in poor eyelash extension retentions. As a result, lash clients may not return for infills at their previous lash salon because of unsatisfactory experience from the process. But it doesn’t mean that if lash clients are not satisfied with the previous lash artist's work, they can just go to another lash salon and ask for infills. 

Some lash artists might consider it and do lash infill from other lash artists' work but it takes time and patience. If lash artists are familiar with the other artist's work and they know that they could be able to work with it, then they may proceed.


While most lash clients are unaware of this fact, most lash artists' styling can be very different from one artist to another. As long as the lash extensions are put correctly, it is not too difficult to match another artist's style with enough practice and skill. BUT... most lash artists feel constrained when doing another lash artist’s style. 

As a lash artist, it could be hard sometimes not being able to follow your own style or your way of doing the application because you are relying on the first application the first lash artist did. Yes, ensuring that a lash client is satisfied with the work is important, but as a lash artist, delivering the best work they could do is also crucial. So,  if you’re not comfortable working with other’s work styles then better not accept infills from other lash artists' work. 

The PRODUCT use: 

Different lash salons have different lash extension essentials, the good news is that the majority of adhesives on the market include comparable components. But still, the different lash artist uses different adhesives, different lash extensions, different shampoo, and other eyelash extension kits that are essential in the application. 

If lash artists have a vast selection of lash extension kits and products then it may be simple for them to complete another artist's work.  But not all lash salons have these various large selections, so if lash artists wouldn’t accept infills from another lash artist, expect that this is one of the reasons. So consider this carefully before agreeing to complete another artist's work.

In general, these are common problems most lash artists see why most of them prefer not to accept lash infills from other lash artists' work:

  •         Too much use of adhesives
  •         Multiple lashes are clumped together and not separated.
  •         The used synthetic lashes are extremely thick, lengthy, and coarse.
  •         The client's natural lashes are severely damaged and sparse or "gappy."
  •       The client believed they had received individual eyelash extensions, however, they were in fact cluster lashes.

Assessing the lash extensions from other clients takes time and patience, lash clients opted to do lash infills to save time, but it won’t work when a lash stylist found some of the problems above because they need to assess everything before starting the infill.

In cases where their eyelashes resemble any of the mentioned scenarios, it is quite impossible to execute an infill, perform the necessary repairs, and install an entirely new set in such a short period of time. 

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Final Thoughts… 

Although many lash clients believe that not accepting infills on lash extensions from other artists is simply a money-making scam, this is not true. There are numerous skilled and competent eyelash specialists who are able to make beautiful, clean sets of lashes, but there are also a large number of lash artists that take little care in their work and all they want is to have a client and forget to put their best for their work. This results in lash clients receiving less-than-satisfactory outcomes, that’s why they prefer looking for a new lash artist to do their infills rather than going back to their old lash artist.
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