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Lash Extension Decals and How to Apply It 

One of the largest innovations in the beauty sector is eyelash extensions and it's getting more innovative day by day. It's an evolving trend that is quickly gaining popularity among people all over the world. As it is gaining popularity, it is also upgrading and creative lash artists continue to give additional vibes starting from the classic natural lash extension, colored lash extensions, and now with these perfect little trinkets called lash decals. 

What are Lash Decals

Aside from colored lash extension, one of the attractive additional features of eyelash extension are lash decals. The most recent lash decor that every lash artist would need in their kit. Lash Decals are some cute little stickers-like touch up to eyelash extensions that are made from either vinyl or hologram vinyl material. It can be in any design like letters forming small words, butterflies, hearts, stars, moon, or just basic shapes like circles. These cute little additions also come in many different colors too. It is very lightweight and easy to apply. Lash decals are pretty cheap as well. 

How do you apply Lash Decals

Applying them is as easy as smearing a small amount of glue onto the back of a decal and sticking it to, or some lash artists use tweezers to do it. But it takes great skills of concentration and hand technique to stick that lash decal perfectly to lash clients' lash extensions. Why? Because these decals are so tiny that they may move easily when placed. 

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The quantity and weight of each application can differ based on the style or client's preference. Some may put just two pieces of heart shapes with two different colors, some may love to spell out words, and some may put up to four pieces all together on each fan. 

These additions may spice up and get the instant attraction to the eyelash extensions more often. Lash clients should brush the area surrounding the lash decals for best hold during aftercare. Depending on aftercare and placement, lash decals can last up to two weeks.

Important Things to Consider Before Applying Lash Decals

Because lash decals are getting more trendy nowadays, many lash artists offer them as an additional cutesy touch to their client's lash extension sets. But before applying lash decals, here are the things you should tell and explain to lash clients if you are a lash artist. 

  • Lash artists much explain that lash decals aren’t brushable with the lash set
  • It’s best to avoid brushing the lash sets all throughout and important that lash clients will be reminded of these to avoid ruining their lash extension and lash decals. It is still possible to brush the lash extensions gently and carefully by avoiding the strands to which the lash decals are attached.
  • Aftercare is STILL important. If lash clients want their lash decals to stay longer then they need to be careful with it. 

Trendy Lash Decals Style for 2022 

There are hundreds of different lash decal styles that a lash client can choose from. But some lash clients may still be undecidable about it, here are some of the trendy lash decals suggestions they can choose from Go on and suggest. 

  1. Word spell-out decals: As the name said, placing letters of the favorite words on the sets of your lash clients is definitely a go-to option. 
  2. Hologram heart decals: sweet heart-shaped trinkets will never run out of style. It looks elegant and cute at the same time. 
  3. Hologram starts decals: aside from heart shape, one of the in-demand lash decals decors is a star shape design. Attractive and gives a starry emphasis to the eyes. 
  4. Mix- and match-colored decals: if you can mix and match colored lashes, why not do it with lash decals? Create that playful impact by suggesting vast colored decal designs on your lash menu! 
  5. Glow-in-the-dark lash decals: even lash decals can get a little crazier for clients who love to party! Having, this kind of decal is a real hype flexible to be subtle during the day while getting that “so fun” attention at night. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Lash Decals

Will they last long? 

Lash Decals will last longer depending on how lash clients take care of these lash decals, as mentioned above, they can last up to two weeks. 

What’s best about adding lash decals to your lash extensions? 

Aside from being easy to apply, lash decals can offer a wide variety of all shapes, styles, lengths, colors, and clients’ preferences. Lash clients can have lash decals on whatever lash set they choose to have whether classic, volume lashes, or mega volume lashes. These lash decals come in hundreds of different styles and colors to choose from as well. 

Can lash decals be attached to natural lashes directly? 

Yes, it can be. But lash artists will consider if their lash clients have healthy lashes that can hold lash decals. Eventually, lash decals will fall together with the natural lash when the natural shedding cycle happens. 

Lash decals and lash extension kits

Final thoughts… 

Lash extensions fans are getting more interested in adding lash decals to their sets, it’s been gaining popularity in the lash world. By incorporating some adorable decals, you can take your sets to the next level. Perfect for strip lash looks and wispy lash sets. Lash decals can go from cozy, simple, light, and elegant to eccentric, out-of-this-world stylish designs that would always depend on the client's preferences. 

Lash clients can express their personality through these additions and many are becoming more open about being extra about it - and it will always help to have decals readily available for your lash business

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