What is a patch test?

Patch test is a trial version for lash extension. This is not the official full set application. Patch test is done at least a day before the official lash application to see if your client has any allergic reaction to the glue or other lash supplies you’ll be using. The appointment itself can last at just around 15 to 20 minutes.

Why patch test?

Some clients have tendencies to react on eyelash extension products, sometimes it’s the eyepatch, or the lash extensions, other times it’s the lash glue. That’s why a short trial or best known as a Patch test, is a necessity to do before the official eyelash extension full set application. This will benefit your client, as to avoid any unwanted reaction. And this too will benefit you, you will save time, to avoid doing a full set that you’ll later be removing because of a reaction, and if cases come to worst, it will also avoid any unwanted legal problems, Yikes!


Forabeli Eyelash Extension Adhesive       Courtesy to @inkandblinkstudio


Who to patch test? 

The best candidate for patch tests are first time clients, pregnant clients, or clients who’ve had reactions before. 

First time clients may be categorized to two, those who’ll be having their lash application for the very first time ever, and those who had it before but will be the first time having it with you.

Pregnant clients also become more sensitive during the pregnancy, and it’s always best to patch test them as well to avoid any inconvenience in their pregnancy.

Clients who had previous reactions might be coming back from a lash break, we know how much these ladies want their extensions back, but for safety purposes, you should still patch test them to see if there are still any reactions even after a lash break.

Also another tip, in events where you’ve changed your products, you may also perform patch tests on your clients, just to be sure that your new products won’t give them any reaction, this applies even to your regular clients. 


How to patch test?

Pre application. Test if there will be any reaction on your eyepatch. On one eye, use your eyelash extension tape for the lower lashes, while on the other use your eyepatch.

Perform your pre application rituals such as lash bath and lash priming. Use the Forabeli lash shampoo
for the lash bath and Forabeli lash primer for the lash priming. 

During application. Pop on around 5 to 10 lash extensions on each eye using your chosen Forabeli glue
. You may apply on the outer part of the lashes of both eyes. Don’t perform a full set yet. 

Forabeli Eyelash ExtensionsPost application. Advise your client to observe her eyes, note if there are any signs of itching, stinging, burning, or swelling in the next twenty-four hours. If there is any, troubleshoot what and which product might’ve caused the reaction. If there is none, you may proceed to booking her the schedule for a full set.

With all that done, you’re up to a happy and safe lashing!

So again, a friendly reminder Patch test, for a beautiful life.

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