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Hand and Wrist stretches for lash artist

Eyelash extension applications can be time-consuming. One session can last up to 2 hours depending on the lash style you are doing and how many clients you have. This means that if you have 3-5 clients a day, you need to spend up to 2 hours per client, that work can be 6 hrs to 10 hrs a day of total work. Which can be pretty tiring aside from experiencing body pain. 

One of the most essential and most used body parts of lash artists when lashing is the hands. A healthy hand is a big part of the success of your lashing application. Without this, you cannot perform your lash extension application set perfectly. That’s why it is important to be well informed about how you take care of your hands. Knowing simple stretches steps can help you prevent pain and hand injuries. These stretches could also strengthen your hand and keep it more flexible.  

Here are some hand stretches you can do to maintain efficiency and functionality. 

1. Stretching fingers individually 

By pulling each finger forward and backward simultaneously, you can stretch it. Using your other hand, pull one finger going forward than at the back of your hand. Do these to all your fingers in both hands. You may count up to 10 secs to each finger then do it to other hands and repeat twice. 

2. Stretch your arms and open your palm 

Stretching your arms forward like you are flexing or showing something on your finger is also one of the stretches you can do in order to feel relaxed during the application.  Do it at least five times for 5 seconds. This will not just relax your hand and wrist but also your arms. 

3. Fist and Release

Fist and release are simply opening and closing your hand exercise. Do a closed fist then open your hand wide then repeat. You can do it for 10 secs then shake your hand a little bit then repeat the process. After a couple of repetitions, on one hand, you can change hands by doing it on the other hand. You can also do both at the same time. This stretch can help you relax your hand from holding tweezers. 

4. Massage your palm with the other hand and vice versa

A pinch and little massage on your palm feel so much more relaxing. If you can get someone to do it for you, it would feel so much better, but you can do it for yourself as well. Pinch a little bit around your palm like you are gently massaging and do it with the other hand. 

Hand Massage

5. Interlocking fingers together

This stretch is a common stretch during any exercise routine. You will use both hands by interlocking those fingers together and pushing them forward, you can count up to 10 sec. Then release and repeat it again. You can also do it sideways - left and right or even up and down as long as the two hands' fingers are interlocked with each other.

6. Extending arms and pulling up/pulling down hands 

By extending your arm with your palm facing in your front, gently press it toward you with your free hand. Hold it for 10 to 20 seconds then repeat it to another hand. You can also do it in a downward position.  Extend your arm, palm must be facing in front of you but in a downward position. Stay still for up to 20 seconds. This stretch can definitely help your hands and wrist relax. 

Aside from the stretches, you need to know what you should be aware of in order to maintain healthy hands. 

  • Choosing the right tweezers

  • Tweezers should be a lash artist's best friend in lashing, having the right tweezer features is very essential. These tweezers should be lightweight, soft to open and close, not too long in size, and don't open too wide.

    • Do not grip too hard

    Gripping too hard can cause pain in the long run. You need to be careful especially when you're in the middle of lashing. Again, your hands are a very important factor in a successful lashing so too much pressure is not advisable at all. This can cause muscle strain in the wrist and hand pain. 

  • Avoiding too much cold exposure 

  • We all know that our hands will feel numb and in pain when touching or even just placed near somewhere too much cod. Too much cold restricts blood flow to the hand which can cause pain and hard to move. Avoiding working in a direct air conditioner area where your hands can be directly hit by the cold directly. 


    Eyelash extension application can be so tiring, that’s why hand placing while lashing is important too. It may be difficult at first, especially for beginners/starters to stay still and master lashing without experiencing pain but through practice, you will soon be able to adjust and be used to the right way of application without causing too much pain. 

    Your hands are so valuable in a lash application success and as lash artists, it is your priority to keep your hands healthy as possible. But if you experience constant pain, it is still best to consult a medical expert about it. Good thing is, you can always opt to do stretching before and after lashing. This will help you relax your hands and avoid any minor strains during your application.

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