Do's and Don't

Do's and Don't


  • It is very important to follow the instructions when you work with lash glues.
  • The best room condition for Forabeli eyelash extensions adhesives is temperature 19-23C(66-73F) with humidity of RH 40-70%.
  • It is important to make sure the lashes are well-cleansed, free from any oil, dirt, or dust which can break the bonding.
  • A thin application of glue helps to dry faster and to reduce the risk of irritation. 
  • Make sure the cap is tightly closed after use. Do not let the glue exposed to air for more than 2 minutes. You can utilize the red pin to temporarily use it as a stopper if you need to use the adhesive frequently. 
  • Glues are recommended to store in a dark cool place with no frequent change in temperature or humidity. If the glue is stored in a fridge, take it out and let it stay at room temperature for an hour before use. 


  • The first 24 hours: Avoid getting your lashes wet to allow the adhesive to fully cure. Refrain from excessively touching your lashes.
  • The first 48 hours: Avoid any hot steam from showers or saunas as well as tanning salons or swimming.
  • Always avoid sleeping on your lashes.
  • Brush your lashes morning and night. Brush only when the lashes are dry. 
  • Do not use mechanical eyelash curlers. 
  • Do not use any waterproof or 24 hours long-lasting makeup, eyeliner, eye shadow, or mascaras.
  • Use only oil-free cleansers around the eye. Never use makeup removing wipes or pads even if oil-free.
  •  Wash your extensions with warm water and lash cleanser.
  • Finally, blow-dry on a cool setting after cleansing.
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