Diamond Clear Lash Glue

Diamond Clear Lash Glue

Hey, Lash Baes!

We've got some good news for you!

Clear the way for a newly added eyelash extension glue in Forabeli Beauty’s line of sought-after adhesives. After careful research and development, we’re proud to introduce our very first clear glue-the Diamond Clear Eyelash Extension Glue. 

We know what’s going on in your minds. To start off with what you probably already know, clear glues aren't always used as frequently as black pigment glues. Yet, it's always essential to have one stored on your cupboards-especially if you have clients that have experienced allergic reactions to black eyelash extension glues. Our aim is to bring satisfaction and delight to our clients after all. But this is just one of many reasons to pick clear glue over black glues.

Now let us narrow it down to what makes our Diamond Clear eyelash extension glue a real lash gem. Here are the top reasons why.      


This clear lash glue is used for different styling of eyelash extensions, suitable for natural black, brown, or colored lashes. Creative lash arts are possible, too!


Forabeli Diamond Clear lash glue is composed of a light liquid consistency with a moderate curing time of 2-3 seconds. It blends effortlessly with natural lashes. Flawless and traceless. How neat!


 This clear lash glue composition remains intact for up to 6 weeks! It is flexible to use with individual extensions or making volume fans. A real value for money! And for the optimum bond, it is best used with Forabeli Max Solution Accelerator and Bonder. It secures a strong bond for better retention. Lastly, 


The absence of black pigment in Diamond Clear lash glue reduces irritation which is highly suitable for clients with sensitive skin. 


You can definitely achieve a more natural-looking set because of its transparent color. This guarantees top-notch retention that doesn’t go flaky and results in flawlessly applied eyelash extensions. 

Go ahead and check this amazing product on Amazon. Now Available in the US and Canada!

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