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Common Mistakes Beginner Lash Artists are Guilty of

Nobody is perfect, as we always insist. Everyone is bound to make mistakes because then the journey would not be a fun and learning one. 

As a new lash artist making a name for the lash enhancement industry, recognizing and addressing mistakes in your process, in your lashing techniques and in your business is a significant stage in your career that will have a profound impact on the kind of expert you will become in the future. 

In this article, we will expose the most common mistakes new lash technicians are guilty of committing one point or two in their lash journey. 

Pre- treatment

  • Pricing incorrectly 

Do not undercharge. You are worth way more. Take into account the cost of your service- the thousands of dollars you spend to learn the skill, the capital cost of lash extension tools and products used and the utility cost of your lash studio. 

Besides, offering the cheapest service does your marketing more harm than good. Having lash extension is a luxury service and people usually associate shoddy quality to cheap prices. The buying mindset of customers has long shifted from looking into lower prices to prioritizing better service.

There are many factors that should be put into consideration when deciding how much you’re charging your lash clients. If you’re still a start-up business, staggering your price increase according to your level of expertise and size of business operation can be a good way to start. 

  • Not following the correct pre-treatment

In order to achieve that long- lasting and fabulous eyelash extension, you, as a lash artist, must be thorough in following the correct procedure before, during and after the lash extension application. You should be aware about the detrimental effects of eye make-up leftovers and dirt in the lashes to the retention and quality of the lash extension. 

Choose a good lash shampoo that cleanses built- up oil and dirt in the lashes. Other lash shampoos not only cleanse dirt but also repair damaged eyelashes and boost eyelid recovery from stressful stickies. For best results, adding lash primer to the routine can also set up good lash curls.

Lastly, it is also a huge time- saver to remind your lash clients to show up to their appointment   make-up free. 


  • Not using a map

Using a lashing map is not for beginner lash artists only. Even experts use maps to achieve that perfect symmetry in lash extension. Knowing what lash to put where gives the lash set a good balance when you start working with the layers. Through lash mapping, a lash artist is better able to determine the optimal length of the extensions and design a set that complements well with the lash clients eye shape. 

  • Taking too much time to isolate 

Trying to achieve perfect precision on every single lash is common to every lash artist who is just doing their first few applications. The aim is to put extensions on every single lash so rather than finding the textbook- perfect lash to work on, isolate on baby lashes and hard to isolate ones. This way, tiny lashes get more visible and controllable and thus, also gets easier to isolate.  Then move forward to easy-to-access lashes so you don’t waste time searching and isolating when you just have to do it all to them anyway. 

  • Using too much or too little glue 

Too much or too little of everything is always not advisable. Same is true in lashing particularly in the amount of lash extension glue to be applied on the lash extensions. Big globs of glue run the risk of weighing down and harming the natural lashes. On the other hand, too little glue may not be enough to create a strong bond between the false and natural lashes. 

Dip the lash or volume fan 1–2 mm into the glue for the correct quantity. End with a tiny bead. Wipe excess on tape and attach the base, not the full extension.

Whether you like it or not, whether it seems impossible or manageable, when it comes to the amount of lash glue, you have to master it to be just right. 

  • Not investing in good lash extension tools and products

Would you want cheap tweezers but none are comfortable to use and even hurt your fingers for the entire 2 hours you were lashing? Or do you prefer DIY lash shampoo but not even cleaning half as much dirt as there is?

Investing in high quality tools and premium lash extension products make a whole world of difference in the overall quality of your lash work and even to the kind of customer experience you provide. Cheap products but with substandard quality will even cost you more in the long run, even hurting your business’ name.

After treatment

  • Not explaining aftercare instructions

You were only there for your client’s lash extension for a maximum of 3 hours but your client will be dealing with it for almost the entirety of its life so explaining to your clients the importance of aftercare is of absolute imperative for long-lasting eyelash curls.

When you get a new client, assume they don't know anything about lashes. It is your responsibility as the professional to ensure that they understand and that they are fully aware of the consequences if they neglect doing aftercare maintenance of their eyelash extension.

  • Not setting a boundary

When you are just starting out your lash career and business, you tend to be the all-can-do strong independent woman. Aside from the fact that you need the money that you’re getting in accepting all bookings, you are also hungry for experience, learning and even recognition of your work. We get that. But hard truth as ever, this has always been most common but ironically, the most repeated mistake even in other professions. 

Doing 16 hours lashing, marketing, accomplishing back office files is exactly the scenario of a flight before the fall- the fastest road to burn out. The thing is, you shouldn’t be present every time but rather, be in full capacity whenever you are.

Final Thoughts...

The eyelashes may just be one part of the human body but the world of eyelash enhancement industry is like any other- sometimes learning can come in the form of mistakes. In fact, to get to the stardom of this profession, you must be prepared to face all confusions, doubts, ignorance and a handful of those haunting but equally educating mistakes. 

But rather than shunning these mistakes by not taking the leap to prosper, to enhance one’s knowledge, you should instead equip yourself with the answers, the skills, the training and the experience to address these mistakes. Because as a professional, you become good at what you do by knowing what you shouldn’t do. 

If experience is our greatest teacher, then a mistake could be the surprise quiz- you could have perfected it if you studied but nonetheless, you still learn. 

Just lash and lash, queens!

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