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Have you thought of your company’s uniform as one of the identity of your brand? If you are still in the process of thinking of brand representation through clothing, here are seven uniform options for your employees. 

  • The first on the list is the no prescribed uniform at all. This means that there is liberty on the manner of dressing to all the staff plus there is no cost for the company on providing uniforms since the employees can wear anything according to their style. This is a good scenario since employees are all unique individuals, and every person has a personal choice of clothing. Some employees prefer to dress up every day, whilst some opt to dress casually.

    Clients sometimes like this because clothing may reveal a lot about a person's personality. Clients may prefer to work with a stylist who has a similar fashion taste to them, believing that this person is more likely to appreciate their demands.

    Allowing employees to be themselves and dress as they want always functions for everyone and it works because they are not forced to wear things they don’t really like. Fortunately, it appears that this is also the most preferred option among the salon and spa employees. With no prescribed attire, love what you wear and wear what you love!

  • If it's in the midst of summer and the location of the salon is somewhere hot and humid, shorts are a terrific alternative! Shorts give off a more relaxed atmosphere as it is not very formal looking. With shorts, employees are given more wardrobe options than pants, allowing employees to show their distinctive style in more ways.

    Shorts that are overly short, on the other hand, should never be worn in the establishment. In addition, they should not be too tight. They don't have to be baggy, but anything that isn't form-fitting is usually frowned upon. Though laid back theme has a certain freedom, plunging necklines, crop tops, tiny miniskirts and other skin-revealing attire may also be unsuitable.

    Aside from that, another option is to skirt which are comfortable in many ways but when it comes to wearing a long skirt, one should be cautious – or better yet, avoid it totally. Since long, flowy skirts can drag over the ground, catching loose hair, dust, debris, and wet floors, making an employee look less than presentable. Not to mention the fact that it can cause tripping if the hem was accidentally stepped on. The best options for skirt length include knee-length or the knee skirt. In that way, one will feel comfortable working the whole day as it is easier to wear than pants. With comfortable attire, working hard had never felt better. 

  • Protective, attractive, and useful! Salon aprons may function as uniforms, and utility and serve as much-needed protection. Imagine spills, stains, and spots ruining the personal attire. This is in no way acceptable. With aprons, employees can stay clean and presentable even after a long day of rigid work at the spa or salon.


    Aprons are distinguished from white coats and other uniforms. Salon aprons are a practical need because spa uniforms are constantly exposed to dirt particles, treatment spillages, and other stains that can be permanent. Aprons protect and serve as professional gear and prepare for the job at hand without having to worry about ruining personal clothing.

    There are a variety of aprons like waist apron, bistro, waterproof, disposable and cobbler, but the most advisable for salon workers is the bib apron. It covers the chest and the lap area catching the spills and dirt and preventing the stains from coming into the personal wardrobe. Aprons can also be practically designed with pockets to store and carry on necessary tools and essentials solutions for client’s beauty service.

    Bib aprons are very much affordable and there are a lot of color choices and styles in the market. It is comfortable to wear and can be washed anytime. 


  • A dress code means that there is a certain style that must be worn, for example, for Monday, all employees must wear smart casual, for Tuesday, everyone must wear a knee length dress while in terms of color coding allows employees to wear whatever they like but shall follow an assigned color daily.

    A dress code is a set of rules that staff can follow to establish what is proper to wear to the salon. It can also assist salons in ensuring that personnel are well-presented in interactions with the clients.

    A dress code that stipulates a certain theme, such as  white smocks, black trousers or skirts, and white blouses or shirts, as well as a regulation that bans visible piercings or mandates that sleeve tattoos be covered, may be required for an upmarket style studio in an elite retail district. 

    A lenient dress code that prohibits unsuitable clothes, such as flip-flops and other open shoes, but does not prohibit body piercings or tattoos may benefit a hippie salon that caters to a varied clientele drawn from the ranks of artists, performers and musicians. 

    Would this be your choice? Remember, bright uniforms bring a bright brand future.

  • The industrial uniform is a type of uniform that is known for its nature of work. For the beauty industry, it would depend on the type of services, but if we are talking about a salon that offers a variety of beauty services, a functional uniform that may work for all the staff would be a scrub suit while for licensed aestheticians is a laboratory vest gown. The salon uniform is one of the most significant elements from the customer's perspective, as spa or salon uniforms are a fundamental part of the décor and ambiance. It expresses the establishment’s style, service, and character while also reinforcing the brand image. For challenging work, an employee must wear the best.

  • In the beauty profession, cosmetologists or aestheticians are expected to dress in black, but why? And, more significantly, how do they maintain such a trendy appearance while adhering to such rigorous wardrobe restrictions?

    Cosmetologists' best black attire looks professional yet fashionable. Cosmetologists can look smart while expressing themselves. Thanks to the range of black clothing widely available.

    To begin with, black never goes out of style. Given the beauty industry's emphasis on appearance, it's critical to always look the best and keep up with current trends.

    Black, thankfully, is always a classic! That means you never have to worry about replacing your clothing every time.

    Due to its slimming properties, black is ideal for almost all body types. However, it flatters not just most body forms, but also most hair colors, face shapes, makeup, lashes and everything that needs to be highlighted on the beauty of the wearer. Stylists won't have to worry about their uniform clashing whether a vibrant blonde or a brunette who loves red lipstick!

    Fortunately, stains are not much visible on black clothing. So, if there is a spill of a large glob of auburn-colored hair dye or lash extension glue, what is needed to do is wipe it up and no one will notice! Even if there is spilled bleach, which is the only thing that would show up, it can be easily covered with a black fabric marker. Black is a special dress for hardworking people.

  • Make all heads turn with professional attire-yet fashion-forward uniform. This is the most recent development in the workforce. Following the latest fashion trend by designing a uniform according to the latest trend is a wise move. This involves drafting a design and coordinating with a tailor to pull off this plan. 

    Having a custom-made fashionable uniform also allows the company to be more creative with the design. These stylish uniforms can be tailored to meet any individual size, brand, or business, regardless of their exact needs. 

    To achieve this, lighter fabrics can be used for maximum comfort if the employees work in a warmer area while heavyweight fabrics or those with a tight weave or blend may be preferable in colder areas. With bespoke fitted uniforms, a company may make decisions that are ideal for the employees and the company. This also allows the company to assure that the materials used are not from mass-produced uniforms because the option is not to utilize the off-the-shelf selections. With properly designed uniforms, you may expect a lot of client compliments.



    Shoes that are comfortable to stand in all day are essential, as heels, while attractive, are difficult to stand in all day. From a personal experience of ladies, a whole day in heels is significantly more exhausting than a full day in flats!

    Consider the future health; many stylists develop ugly and sometimes painful thread or varicose veins as a result of being on their feet all day, which heels will not relieve.

    Wearing flip flops or other open toed shoes is also not a good idea from a health and safety standpoint, as it risks not only dropping objects and solutions on the feet. Plus, wearing such looks is unprofessional in the beauty industry.

    If an employee wants to invest in a pair of high-quality, comfy work shoes, black is the color to go with because it matches with any outfit. With comfortable footwear, your feet will love every step.


    The most vital component of any dress code, and something that is always required at any salon, is that an employee must have fresh, clean combed hair. An employee must ensure that they are styling their own hair every day; after all, few clients will not want someone with untidy, unkempt hair to fix theirs; if an employee can't even look after their own hair, clients will most likely assume they aren't a very skilled stylist and they may seek out someone else.

    Stylists experiment with various looks to keep it interesting, such as style and color changes on a regular basis - although it is not required to have to go that far, it's critical to have hair looking its best every day.

    Having the edgy look serves as a "nice advertisement" for a stylist as well as for the business. Some clients are curious and may ask how the stylist achieves that particular style and the clients would also want it for themselves.

    If an employee is into smelling good, consider that some clients have some allergies and asthma that can be made worse by wearing a perfume or other aromatic scent.

    It is a fact that the clients come to the salon for grooming. Assume that every employee is a beauty professional with their appearance being the most noticeable asset and advertisement. How an employee dresses on a daily basis can have a significant impact on how clients and coworkers see them.

    Even so, getting ready for work in the morning shouldn't be a fashion statement masterclass. Workwear should be spotless, clean, and comfortable regardless of the salon atmosphere. 


    Makeup has practically become a requirement for the typical lady in today's culture. Most women can't leave the home without putting on some cosmetics.

    A daily makeup routine should be tailored to the work environment. If an employee works at a spa, the makeup should be calmer and gentle. There's also undoubtedly a look if the products focus on lip fillers,lip masks and lip augmentation. For employees working in a lash salon, it is a must to have a lash extension which should be accentuated with a subtle eye palette that will make the eyes pop out. The employees are the model of their offered beauty services. With this, the clients will have an idea how the effect of makeup will influence the totality of the final look.


    Big companies that have large built clients and have established their name in the industry, have come up with certain standards. It’s a dress to impress. This is a strict rule in order not to compromise their reputation that they have built in the long run. With edgy looking uniforms for employees, clients will feel that they are also paying for a premium service.

    The following is not allowed in most of the said companies: poorly fitted clothes, tank tops, undershirts, mini-skirts, shorts, athletic shoes, long pants that drag on the ground, sweatshirts including those with hoods. No midriffs or excessive cleavage. No short shorts, cut offs, no denim with tennis shoes, no excessive skin showing, no  visible underwear and no offensive writing or images. Also, it is not permitted to wear clothing with rude or unsuitable designs or stamps. Establishing such standards also upholds the values of the company.

    With such rules, the managers or someone in the company that monitors or takes the account of handling dress violations, if any. If someone is inappropriately dressed, they would get reprimanded or will be sent home and changed into proper attire. In the event that the company had already established the system of wearing a uniform for the long run, employees will find that it's really second nature and employers don't have to enforce it that often. A small daily improvement on the image makes a staggering long-term result.


    The beauty spa and salon industry is a service and aesthetics industry. This is concerned with people's appearance and well-being. As a result, it's critical that the spa or salon uniform meets the same high standards as the rest of the company. If a salon implements a dress code, it is a must to establish a clear policy and enforce it across the board, regardless of how the company aligns personnel appearance codes with the salon brand.

    Because of the creative nature of the employment, salon personnel may consider themselves to be artists. Employees may utilize their look like a canvas for experimenting with style, dyeing, braiding, and other techniques that can show their individuality and demonstrate their breadth of skills.

    The important features of how the spa uniforms should be are comfort, functionality, and breathability. Employees feel more confident in their own attire and it also gives them the feeling that they belong at the spa and contribute to the facility's identity.

    In terms of textile choice, moisture-wicking fabric consisting of a stain-resistant blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex should be used for spa uniforms. When picking spa uniforms, washability and breathability should always be taken into account. Following the selection of the appropriate fabric for your salon uniform should be carefully considered in order to achieve the goal of the best uniform design for your spa and salon business.

    The bottom line of all of these things is that the employee's image is a representation of the brand while their uniform represents the unity of the company. Uniform matters for success.


    We would love to hear your thoughts! Let us know your comments, suggestions or possibly ideas that you want to include on this list.  Send us a message in the comment section and we’ll keep in touch with you! We look forward to an engaging conversation!

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