Lash primers have been around for quite some time already. 

As the eyelash extension industry evolves and new products are being developed and introduced, lash primers came out of the box. 

Lash Primer is a solution to an existing problem that has caused retention issues for some, if not all, of the lash artists. What problem might it be, you ask? Too much dirt and oil in one’s lashes and eyelids.

Lash cleansers/shampoos can help eliminate this problem of dirt and oil, but sometimes, there are lashes that need an even deeper cleansing and more delicate cleaning. Those lashes that are with too much make-up residue and/or oil, and cases alike, would need more than a friendly touch of lash cleansers/shampoos. This then introduced the development of lash primers into the picture. 

Lash Primers help with that deep cleansing and delicate cleaning to get those lashes properly treated and prepared for the eyelash extension glues to stick. 

So, if you’re having retention problems because of too much dirt residue and oil in one’s lashes and eyelids, and you’re not yet using any lash primer, keep reading and get convinced, you need a lash primer to partner with your lash cleanser/shampoo!

First of all, What is a lash primer? 

Just like how paint primer functions as a preparatory coating for painting and makes paint stick on the surface better, the lash primer does the same thing, it makes eyelash extension glues stick better for longer retention. 

Lash primer is a preparatory tool for your eyelash extensions, it is applied during pre-treatment, meaning before the application of eyelash extensions. 

For the Forabeli Lash Primer ingredients are are Distilled Water, Propylene Glycol, Alcohol, CI 16185, Rosa Damascena Extract, Allantoin, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Fragrance, Disodium EDTA.

Upon knowing what a lash primer is, the next question would be: 

What are the benefits of the Forabeli Lash Primer? 

  • REMOVES DIRT AND OILS – Forabeli Lash Primer is used to clean and disinfect clients natural lashes. It has a lash cleanser feature but for deeper cleansing and more delicate cleaning. With proper use, this product will remove dirt, oil and any make-up from the natural lashes that prevent the eyelashes extension glue and lash extensions from adhering properly.

  • HEALTHIER NATURAL LASHES  – As dirt residues, and oil were removed from the natural lash it’ll leave your lashes clean. Not only that, ingredients of the Forabeli Lash Primer, such as Rosa Damascena Extract, and Allantoin disinfect and suppress the growth of certain types of bacteria, while giving that sensitive friendly and irritation-free feature keeping your lashes healthy and safe. 

  • INCREASES GLUE RETENTION – Using the disinfectant formulation of the Forabeli Lash Primer ahead of semi-permanent eyelash extensions will help give the eyelash extensions glue a better hold of eyelash extensions (individual eyelashes to natural lashes) and will help avoid eyelash extension glue retention issues. With the lash primer, it’s a guarantee that retention of those lash extensions will be stronger and longer!


Next thing to know is:

Who is the best candidate for a lash primer?

The best candidate would be the typical client who has (1) natural oily skin/eyelids or lashes, (2) client with dirt and make up residues on their lashes, and (3) as well as any client that experiences retention issues due to factors alike. 

And we’re down to the Application Process


Step 1 is to lash bath your client’s lashes with Forabeli Lash Shampoo. Pump the lash shampoo on the lash brush and gently brush those lashes clean. Rinse the foam off and let the lashes sit and dry for a moment. 

Step 2 is to prime those lashes with Forabeli Lash Primer. Use two micro swabs with a drop of the lash primer, one micro swab goes over the lashes, the other under the lashes, and let them gently touch in between the lashes. 

Step 3 is to apply the lash extensions. Prepare the lashes and the Forabeli Lash Glue of your choice. Dip the lashes properly, and perfectly apply those extensions on the natural lash. Repeat the process until set is well done. 

Step 4 is to use the Forabeli Max Solution as a bonder. Dip a micro swab in the Max Solution bottle then lightly press onto the lash base and in between the lashes where the adhesive is on. Let it sit for at least 3 minutes until completely dry. 

And finally upon making use of your Lash Primer, you’re up for results of using lash primer

Clients will have clean and healthier natural lashes that will leave the glues to adhere better.

And you know what happens when glues better adhere to the extensions and natural lashes, right?

This results in an awesome, stronger and longer retention!

So what are you waiting for? Use some lash primer, and not just any lash primer, use Forabeli Lash Primer!

Forabeli lash primer, a deeper cleansing for a stronger and longer retention 💛

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